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Orleans Casino, NV

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  • Orleans Casino, NV

    Long day for someone recovering from a kidney stone bout and an undisclosed stomach viral condition and bad back, but 5 hours in the air on Southwest Airlines makes you appreciate a king bed awaiting me in Vegas.

    Checkin fine, casino bustling on a holiday weekend in America. After unpacking, I let the wife catch a nap as I coordinated with the catering department and the poker room.

    All set on both fronts. Be sure to view the itinerary link and be at the Pub (those in town) on Tuesday evening at 8pm for Those who haven't arrived will receive theirs at registration
    between 8-9:15am on Wednesday, upstairs in the Salon J.
    Coffee, juice, pastries, etc await you. Lunch served (same room) at 1pm, then down to the cardroom by 2:30pm for signup ($75 remaining of your entry fee, you pd $50 up front).
    Championship starts promptly at 3pm, one pro per table, until we run out of pros, have 7 signed up.

    Top 10, final table will get paid. (Tournament length approx 5.5 hours)

    Orleans has recently had a software change, structure giving more time at lower rounds, and ante's coming in later, says Bryan, the cardroom manager. I know, some will want more starting chips, however, this is what you should be thinking about with strategy for this size field. The Grand Finale participants will play the same structure at 8am Thursday morning, and because of a smaller field, will get additional starting chips.

    20 minute rounds

    3000 chips to start (got them to give us 3500)

    100 x 3000 = 350,000 in play approx.


    break 15

    150/300 25 ante
    200/400 50 ante

    break 10

    300/600 75 ante
    400/800 100ante
    600/1200 150 ante

    Race off chips $25

    800/1600 200 ante
    1000/2000 300 ante
    1500/3000 400 ante

    10 min break

    2000/4000 600 ante
    3000/6000 800 ante

    Race off $100 chips

    5/000/10000 1000 ante
    7000/15000 1500 ante

    Race off $500 chips

    10000/20000 2000 ante

    I'll post later on any poker I played and the "hand of the day."

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    NL tables full of tourists in later afternoon, but got on the list, and while waiting, first played 2/4 Limit and then 4/8 limit with a kill on both.

    In the 2/4 game, first hand, one guy and one lady duke it out, he had KK and she had AQ, board was KKQ JJ, missed the jackpot by a Q on board.

    Later in nl game, this one dedicated to Lil Lisa, on the button with 54s, 6 callers, flop is 654 rainbow. I bet to protect hand, got two loose callers. Turn a K matching suit of the 6. I bet again 35, two callers. River another 4 matching the suit of the K and putting 3 flush on board. I bet, one caller, boat sinks his flush (72s).

    Moral of story, Lil Lisa's fav hand can win, especially when played cheaply pre-flop and when it fills. wink! Your turn Lisa.


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      Got several short sessions in at tables, still battling to stay well, but best hand of day.

      pocket 8's, three limpers, me and a raise to 10 (SB) only action player at the 1/2 nl tables. two callers including me.

      flop AcKc8 . SB who raised makes it 25. fold, I make it 65 total, 40 to him. He just calls, turn is 4d, he checks, I go all in for remainder of my stack, he thinks, studies, shows his posse, the guys next to him and says, you got "chit" call. Turns over his Ace/ten. River a 6 of clubs.

      thank you, next!


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        Wow day 2 and I'm not even there yet. I'm missing out!

        He had 'chit' but he didn't consider he was up against

        AL 'The Dean' Spath 8)


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          Good going there Al....Your really showing the tourists why your "The Teach"

          By the way I got your book and took a brief look in it. It looked really useful. All I ned now is to get build some bankroll to actually use it for.


          • #6
            Glad you got it..... I've been under the weather and help running the convention and did not get to play much poker.
            Going to be home Sunday evening, if all goes well.

            Most of the members attending seem to really have had a great time.

            I look forward to their trip reports.

            I can tell you this: both TJ and the cardroom manager could not believer the level of play exhibited by pso members. In one tournament, no one was eliminated far into the first hour and the cardroom manager stated at least 12 of his regulars would have hit the bricks earlier.

            People took notice of the excellent play by all.


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              That guy didn't know who he was messing with, Al! 8O You all are really missed around here....HOpe you're feeling much better!



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