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East Coast Championship Event

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  • East Coast Championship Event

    First I want to thank PSO for the sponsorship into the East coast Championship $500.00 Event. May 11th.
    It was one of the most exciting days of my life.
    When I first started the event I had my eye on getting into the money. After the second break I was stalled at the same chip count as I had at the first break. By the third break I had increased a little and started to believe that I could make the money If I could just collect enough chips to stay ahead of the increasing blinds. I am not sure when I realized that if I stayed out of the way of the large stacks I had a chance to make it deep into the money but I think it was about the time we were down to three tables. I would love to say It was all good play but we all know a little good luck goes a long way in any tournament showing.
    I had one critical hand. I tried to steal the blinds ( yes this nice lady tried to make a steal) I had Q 10 suited. One player came over the top to go all in and a second called all in.
    His chip count did not cover my first raise. I knew I was in trouble but pot committed it was not much to call the first all in raise. It turned out that both had AK I had Q 10.
    Here is were the luck comes in. I hit a 10 on the river to take out two players,
    This was a critical hand it made me second chip leader but could just as easily have put a big dent in the chips I had worked so hard to gather in the first 5 hours.
    This is the luck I am referring to a bad play gone good.
    I was a well loved by the table for a few moments becouse I had moved every one up two places in the money . Then a moment later it was back to war every man ( woman) for them selves).

    I want to say that I was so proud to be part of the PSO team that was playing. We were so assume. What a wonder full and skilled group of players,
    It could have been any one of the 8 of us that ended up second or maybe a better player among us could have taken first once they hit the heads up situation.
    It was the luck of the cards that put me ahead of the other players in out PSO group. It was the wonderful skills we have all learned at PSO that made us all shine on Friday.

    I want to give a special thanks to my husband George ( old hatter) any one who has played with him knows that
    he is twice the player I am. He was so supportive and having been on the rail many times watching him play
    I know it is harder on the watcher than the player. It was knowing that he was proud of me no matter how well
    I did or didn't do and wanting more than anything to make him proud that keep me grounded and my eye on the prize.
    I could not have done it with out him.

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    It's just so much fun to hear about your great success. There is nothing in poker like the feeling of making that final table, then doing well and finishing near the top of the money!

    I am so looking forward to finally meeting you and Old Hatter at convention!

    PSO members are simply the best. Best players, best people, best all round humans


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      Keep these type of reports coming! I love reading them.

      and congrats!!!



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