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Sucking out in AC

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  • Sucking out in AC

    Sucking out in AC

    Today, I went to Atlantic City to play a little poker... I have a few days in Delaware and I almost always do this when I get a chance.

    I drove into the Taj about 11:00 AM, got a primo parking spot in 3H, grabbed a piece of pizza at Sbaro’s for lunch and then descended onto the poker room. Action was light today… not too many tables operating. But I signed up for a 10/20 LHE Cash table and then went and bought my chips. There were 8 players signed up for a 10/20 so I did not think it would be long until we had a table call. In the meantime, I watch the action on a 20/40 table. There were no seats or I would have played in that game.

    About 10 minutes later, I got the table call as they were starting a new table for 10/20. I sat down in seat 2 and looked around at my opponents. It was the usual suspects: a couple oriental fellows and the rest were old men. (Hell, I am old!) I did not recognize any regulars but I am certain they were there.

    I don’t know why but the orientals are almost always loose aggressive and these two did not disappoint. But on this table, they both busted out in about an hour. The table initially played loose but then settled down to being real business like. It wasn’t long until I was more than $100 down… I could not recognize the winning hands from the losing ones. The plot for the table was either ppK or diamond flushes. Four different players won with Ppk during the first hour. And diamond flushes were also very common.

    2nd Hour: I went down another couple hundred… who was the fish on this table? These old men were good and lucky. But I was too dumb to give up and stayed. One old guy in seat 4 was going on tilt: and he was doing better than I was. We had a player in seat 10 raising every hand preflop. Twice I hit AQ and reraised him. The first time, he had 89s and won the pot at showdown with a straight. The second time, he folded to me on the river. I tried to stay out that silliness with him… he did bust out. When he left the table I requested a seat change for seat 10. The reason: I wanted to follow two players who were really building chips stacks (not a few from me.) Besides, my neck was killing me.

    3rd Hour: Now I am down $500 overall but moving to the new seat was good and I started turning things around. A ppQ hand really helped. Then my favorite hand KJ scored a big two pair for me. In the meantime, the table character had changes a bit. Down in seats 1, 2,3, and 4, the new players tended to be loose limpers. There was a weak player in seat 5 that was a calling station. In seat 6, was a tight but very aggressive and very good player. Seat 7 was a good player but not as skilled as seat 6. In the meantime, the tilted player had moved to seat 8 (and he was still on tilt!) Seat 9 was a very knowable players who would comment afterwards on the hands played. (I learned a lot from him as I was not nearly as observant as he was.)

    4th hour: Now things really started breaking my way. I took a couple of real nice hands off of the calling station in seat 5. I intentionally tried to be in his hands as I knew that if I hit, he would pay me off.

    Then came a hand with the BB in seat 2. Seat 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 limp in. I am holding 54o on the button. Typically, this gets chucked… but with these pot odds! I decided to play it. The flop is K67. Everyone checks to seat 7 who bets. I call. Seat 1 and 2 fold, seat 3 raises, 4, 5, and 6 fold. Seat 7 calls. Seat 8 folds. I call.

    The turn is a K. Seat 7 bets, I call and seat 3 folds. The river is a 3. Seat 7 bets. I raise and he reraises. I cap. He has three K’s and I take the pot. I took more than $300 from that pot. And Seat 7 was still on tilt. As I explained to him why I played, he said that he did not want to hear but after a couple of minutes, said "You playued that very well." I told him, "Thank you, but it was a suckout that I could not get away from because of the pot odds." I think he understood that.

    Then I get pp3. Again, massive preflop limping. I raised preflop and get called around. The flop 107 3. I bet and get called by 2 others. The turn is a 6. I bet and get called by the calling station. Finally the river is a 9. I bet and get called by the calling station. He has a pair of 7’s and I take yet another off him.

    And so it goes… Thanks to my mentors, Dave Roemer and Al Spath, I finish that table with a nice $400+ profit. All in all, a good day at the Taj!

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    Nice report & nice payday!
    2 Time Bracelet Winner


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      I love happy endings!!! WTG!


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        Very nice Walt. Missed you at Johnny_Bravo's, maybe I'll see you there the next time.



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          Super day.... can you tell us if they have instituted the bad beat at the Taj yet, it was approved a month ago? thanks.


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            Thank you all for the appreciation.


            Yes, I really regretted missing the JBC. But it just came one week too early. I really enjoy playing with all when I can get the chance to do so.


            What is the "bad beat" at the TAJ? I assume it is some kind of jackpot?


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              Yes, Hilton is at 95k presently, Caesar's was over 100k last week, and Taj had applied and received approval to start drops (part of each pot) towards a bad beat (usually Aces full of Jacks or better, beaten by 4 of a kind or better), both cards in both hands must play.


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                Originally posted by ALSpath
                Super day.... can you tell us if they have instituted the bad beat at the Taj yet, it was approved a month ago? thanks.

                You may be interested in this post from the website:

                As per an ubber secret internal memorandum from John S. Leazy, Vice President for New Development to Tom "Get it Done Now" Bossman, CEO of TAJ, Inc.:

                We apologize that "The Bad Beat Promotion" has not come on line as yet. As you may be remember from our conversation on April 1, 2005, the goal of the "Bad Beat Promotion" was two fold: (1) the mask the launching of the "RGN Shufflematic" at each table and (2) provide a high profile balance to flurry of bad beat that will occur when the "Counter Online Poker Rake Generation" system is launched.

                We are still working out the bugs in the "live" RNG that will guarentee coordinated, flush potential flops with multiple flopped sets for one in every two hands played that is guarenteed to lead to multiway capped pots. This will enable us to compete on an equal footing with the "online poker sites". It will also ensure that there are an increasing number pot building "bad beat" potential hands to increase the rake and balance the cost of the Bad Beat Jackpot.

                We have successfully developed the prototype "RGN Shufflematic" (known from this point on as "the card shuffler" that is hooked into the Casino Mainframe. The mainframe runs a version of "poker tracker" that monitors the play at each table and uses this to program an appropriate shuffle sequence into the "Shufflematic" to ensure maximum "rake potential". The current system does not account for unexpected folds of JT s or 33 by "calling stations" or "loose Aggressive" players at table. Therefore, we working with "the Psychic Network" to develop an insta-read system that will read the mood of each player and input the data into our program. You can think of these as Poker Mood Rings which will be imbedded in each seat.

                If instituted correctly market projections are that revenues will increase by 5 to 10% within a month. There is a potential backlash from "tight passive" players that wait for three hours for the magic AA or KK only to see it fall on the river to a runner runner runner flush for someone holding 75 s from the bb after flopping AK7. This is likely to lead to the "tighties" leaving in a huff with claims of faulty "RGN" and never returning. However, since revenue generation is tied into pots played and size of the pot, they are just taking up space that would be better used by loose aggressive players (known as Money Machines). Therefore, eventual projections are for 20 to 30% increase in revenues as makeup of players shifts to a looser gambling style.

                Thank you for your patience,
                John S. Leazy

                Please destroy this document upon reading




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                  Maria, Shame on you! ops: ops:

                  Yes, they have installed card shufflers at the tables now. Hmmm.... connected to the Casino mainframe? Hmmmm.... : : The only thing that I might comment on about this is that at least I hope that the cards were shuffled a little better than what I saw dealers doing pre-machine. But now, you have burst my hopes.

                  I was struck by the number of flushes and flush draws that I did see as well as the occurences of ppK!


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                    Originally posted by wolson
                    as the occurences of ppK!
                    A sure sign of a rigged deck, guaranteed to max out a pot with a loosing hand.



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