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My Breakout Poker Weekend

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  • My Breakout Poker Weekend

    First of all, I want to apoligize for cancelling out on Johnny Bravo's home game 2 weekends ago. My father-in-law invited Lisa and I up to AC for the weekend with all expenses paid for except our gambling. He is a pretty big player and gets treated very well. Based on the 2 nights in AC and sunday evening playing on Bodog, I made a very good decision. This was definately a breakout weekend for me in Poker. I have only played about 5 live events so far in AC. After this weekend, I may be doing this a little more.

    On my first night at the Taj I entered into the 200.00 NL holdem tourney which started at 8:15PM. Lisa decided not to enter and just played in the casino and checked on me a couple times. The first 1 1/2 hours I was so card dead that I did not win 1 single pot. Started with 10K chips with 79 players. I was down to about 7,700 chips at this point. A little while after this I started getting some cards and began to make some plays. One thing I have learned at PSO is how to be a patient tournament player. Lisa saw me at the 1 1/2 hour point and then saw me about an hour later with about 13K in chips. I did not have any great pots, just picking up quite a few medium size pots consistently. The tourney paid the top 9 places. I made it the final 2 tables, but with the blinds getting high and my hands going low agin I was the short stack on the table. I was down to about 3K chips at break with 2 shots left to get something going. The first hand after break was big slick. Went all in and had 3 callers. There were 7 players on my table. Picked up a king on the flop and won that hand. I also won the next hand and went from 3K in chips to about 35K in a flash. Now I had some chips to play with and began to play a little more aggressive picking up some blinds since the table became very tight. I don't know how people do it in the WSOP event because at around 1:30 I bacame quite tired. Made it to the final table and got a second wind. It was like a roller coaster at that point and went as high as 100K in chips to as low as 20K. I was too tired to remember any specific hand at that point except that 1 player was down to 1 1K chip after calling and losing a big hand. This player won the next 4 hands in a row and actually ended up finishing in 5th place. The saying of having a chip and a chair is not just a saying. It can turn around at any moment. Anyway, I made it to the final 3 players and it was about 3:30AM. I was at about 175K slightly more than the 3rd place player. The chip leader had us both dominted in stacks. 1st place paid about 5,500, 2nd place 3,100 and 3rd 1,700. We decided to chop with the overwelming chip leader getting 5,000. I took 2,700 and 3rd player took 2,500. I know that I was a better player than the 3rd place guy, but the chip leader was a very good player with alot of experience. I told Lisa that I felt I could have beaten him, but I did not have the nergy to play until 5:00AM or more to do this. When I got to the room, Lisa knew that when she left me at about 11:30 that I would get to the final table. She knows the kind of player I am and knew I would get deep at that point. I can honestly say that I played very well with very few mistakes and also had some luck on my side to get there.

    The second night I decided to play some $1.00 $2.00 NL and brought $200.00 to the game. Amazing how poor the play was at the table for a couple players. One player was so easy to read, it was like he had neon lites flashing to call hime when he was bluffing. Every time that he bet large after the flop, but not pre-flop he had nothing. I took at leat $300.00 off of him and 2 other players got some money donated from him as well. I also had (1) huge hand. I got dealt pocket 8's in the small bind position. Fourth seat bet $15.00 preflop, I called and so did a player 2 seats after the dealer. Flop came 2, 6, 8 rainbow. First player bets $40.00, second player goes all in (about $110.00), Needless to say I was estatic. I raised another $30.00 or so to put the other player all in if he calls. He calls as well and I can't wait to see what they have. Initial better had 2 pairs, 6 8, All in raiser had pocket j's. Nothing much happened on the turn and the river and I had my pot of the night. I ended up walking away from the $1 $2 NL table with $1,100 after starting with $200.00.

    This was a great trip to AC, but my weekend had just begun. Sunday night Lisa had me enter a 50K guarenteed Bodog event. 50.00 entry with about 700 players starting at 8:30 PM. My streak continued in this tourney and at about 3:00AM made it to the final 3. I woke Lisa up when we went on break and told her she may want to get up to see this. A few minutes after break the 3rd player got knocked out and I was about even in chips with the last remaining player going heads up. We were playing for 5K since 1st place payed 12,500 and 2nd payed 7,500. We went at each other for about 1/2 hour like a seesaw until I got the advantage on him and attacked him to the point where he had no chice, but to go all in and I finally took him out. 3:45AM and I beat out 700 players for 1st Place. What a weekend it was. Sorry that I rambled on and probably did not give enough details, but I did want to share the fact that PSO does help quite a bit and prepares you for tourneys.

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    AWESOME Job and great story!



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      Awesome accomplishments!


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        Congrats Bernie!

        Winning big excuses you from the harassment of missing the JBC... next time however there will be no excuses accepted!

        Congrats again, glad to hear you are tearing it up!



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          Good stuff Bernie. Im glad there was a good reason for you not to make it to Ed's house. I was looking forward to busting you out again with rags. But seriously, that is real cool that you did so well this weekend.



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            Congrats Bernie, very nice



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              One for the record books. Great job.

              Now you have money to call your dedicated POKER Bankroll.


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                Great read.....What a frickin weekend you had!!!......awseome stuff. Lots of luck in the direction you go from here, whether that be poker or not.



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                  Great job, When I go to Vegas for my first weekend there late in July I hope to have similar success.

                  Keep posting stories they are very motivating.


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                    Congrats great job & a very nice pay day!
                    2 Time Bracelet Winner



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