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Reno - World Poker Challenge

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  • Reno - World Poker Challenge

    I live about 3 hours by car from Reno, NV and for the past several years have gone a few times a year - 3-5 days each time - to play in various tournament series at the ex Reno Hilton (now the Grand Sierra Resort) or at the Peppermill.

    This year, thanks to PSO and Sponsorship Points, I got to play in two $500+$50 NLH events at the World Poker Challenge- and was fortunate enough to make the final table in one of them!

    The GSR events are well run, have competent AND friendly dealers, are reasonably priced - typically $200 to $500 for most daily events - with evening 2nd chance events @ $200. This year's final was a $5,000 event with a cash prize plus a seat in the WPT Championship at Bellagio. And the side games are plentiful; from 4-8 Hold'em & Omaha/8 to 20-40 Lim H and several NL games. I played mostly in a fairly loose 10-20 half-kill Omaha/8 game. YES - I'm an Omaholic

    Drove up Wednesday morning, March 14, to play in the 11 am Omaha/8 tourney. Skipped the Limit tourney Thursday to play side, but did try the 2nd Chance Thursday evening. Not much success to this point in the events although I managed to finish 30 or better in both. (with 125-160 fields). Didn't embarrass myself, at least.

    Friday, my first Sponsorship Points event - thank you again Tina & PSO - started at 11:00 am with 149 entries. Remember this number! Started w. T3000 and doubled up on the second hand! Blinds at 25-50, UTG made it 150 to go. Deep stacked with an Ac 7c I took the flop and 3 of us saw it come off 7s 7h 5c!! PERFECT flop for me. Now UTG bets T1200 into a T475 pot. Interestingly, I had played for several hours with this player the evening before - and KNEW he had AA or KK! Remote possibility of QQ. It was his betting pattern.

    I decided to take this T1675 down right now - and went all in! Lots of huffing & puffing by UTG, moans, etc. He even said at one point, "what do you have - Ad 7d"? He ultimately called and showed KK - everyone else at the table knew I had trips! He got no help. I've now got T6675 @ 11:03 am.

    Blind Bat 07 IS a tight player - and 5 1/2 hours later @ 4:30 pm I've still only got about T7000. Played very few hands. Laid down all Ace-rags, most small pairs, etc. A few steals, not a lot of playing hands. Just leather-azzed tight!

    Then with Ah 5h in late position I flop Qh Jh 7h - and doubled up with the Nut flush! Several more decent hands and I had T35,000 (ave = T24,800) when we made 18 players about 5:15.

    Now an interesting thing happened. Several of us had remarked a little earlier that if we'd had one more entry (150) they would have paid 18 places instead of 9. So a player - Steve - stands up and says "let's make a deal. Let's pay places 10-18 $550, their entry fee, so the long day is not a total loss." And 18 players agree!! That's amazing!

    Now the play really slows to a crawl - pre-flop raise & all fold hand after hand - as everyone tries to make the final 9 where the real $$ begins. Dinner break - and we make the final 10 @ 7:45 pm. Then another 30 minutes of raise & all fold to get to 9!

    Still mostly raise & all fold. #9 goes. I get JJ & raise go all in in the middle. AQ off-suit calls - and flops AA9. That's my tournament @ 8:45 in 8th place! Got a final table ball cap and a handful of real $$ chips.

    Another $500 + $50 Saturday courtesy of Sponsorship Points. 177 start. I can only finish about 42.

    A couple of Sit N Go finishes and some O/8 wins - and more poker in 4 days then anyone should play - made for a very enjoyable trip.

    I'm realy looking forward to the Pot Of Gold in Reno in mid-May. Come play with us and say 'hi."

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    Congrats!!!sounds like a fun trip, thanks for the update


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      You "earned" those points and used them very well.

      PSO salutes your achievements!


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        Great report

        Yeah, there is hope. Another OMAHAOLIC strikes again, non-omaha event. Omaha skills work well in the commoner's game: Holdem.



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