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Foxwoods Poker Trip

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  • Foxwoods Poker Trip

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to pass on to all about my Foxwoods Trip the past week.
    (just want to apologize for the small Novel but I like to use the forum to help me remember key hands and such. I guess I should have a Poker Journal)


    I was in NYC Mon-Tues. for business and drove up to foxwoods Tues. Evening. Hotel was in Groton about 20 minutes away but I decided to go up and register for the PSO event the next day. Registered for the event and went to check on the action in the Poker Room. Decided to play a 120 SNG and came in third for a big profit of 80. The last one of the night had 2 seats left so I decided to play one more. Won that won for 500 and 380 net so I was up 460 for the day and the 600 event the next day was courtesy of PSO SP's.


    Met up with DocH (scott) before the tourny and was looking for other PSO members to show up but alas it was a 2 man fight for the 250 SPs and for Scott a seat in the PSO Grand Finale. (I already have one from the Big One). Get to my table and Chris "Syracuse" Tsiprailidis is in the 4 seat at the other end of the table. First time I have ever had a known pro at the table for this small of a buy in but I decided I would play solid when I was up against him. He actually called a flop bet with no hand, a turn bet with a gut shot, and made a small value bet on the end when he hit it. I guess that was his advertising play. Picked up a few small pots with AK and AQ. But then had to lay down a fairly big pot on the turn when the board four flushed with my overpair of Jacks. Worked my stack back up to even but then had called with 22 from SB a early pos raise hoping to catch a set. Hit a set with all small cards and decided to just check call. A 3 comes on the turn putting the board at 6-432. I decided to weak lead at the pot and my opponent just calls. What I think is the dreaded 5 comes on the river and decide to check call any river bet. My opponent checks too so we both play the board. He had out turned me with the 33 in the hole so I got lucky to chop it. Very next hand I take out a short stack after I flopped trips with AQ in my hand and then we get moved. "Syracuse" Chris gets moved with me and he is directly on my left. I also find Wendell (the tooth) Barnes at my table. Hes the guy who would put in his fake teeth in when ever he got involved with a hand at Tunica last year. I also have the uber maniac directly on my left. Watched him open raise up to ten times the blind with the likes of AT off and A8s from early and UTG positions. I was just waiting to pick up a hand from him. Went fairly card dead for over a level. After the break blinds are 200-400 with 50 ante and I have about 4500 left so im in pushing mode. Two hands in Mr. Maniac makes it 3500 to go and I look down with AQoff but I know Im ahead and most likely have him dominated so I push. Everyone folds and he calls with QJ off. Just what I wanted. He doubles me up to 10,000. A few hands later he gets out drawn with his dominating ace and loses most of his stack and starts complaining how unlucky he is. He only got called because his loose play was bringing everyone in. Once around Im on SB and Wendell the tooth raises to 1200 2 off the button the cutoff raises all in to 2800. Super Maniac folds and I look at my cards to find the red Aces. Syracuse Chris is in the BB with about 15000 to my 10000 and Wendell has about 4500 left so I decide to repush just to make sure Chris goes away. Dont want to be 4 handed. Wendell does the instant call figuring he has KK but alas he turns over the black aces. Can my luck be any worse. The all in had 77. The flop comes with two diamonds and the turn brings a third. Could a possibly four flush and put on a bad beat to take down the whole pot. Its red but a heart dam. So wendell and I chop the All in and I get up to about 14000. Get moved to another table located directly above the Poker Room. Dont get many hands but decided to make a play with Kh Qd UTG. SB calls my raise and checks flop with 3 hearts I bet about half the pot and then he acts like he is disgusted for about a minute then moves all in. I know he has it but mull it over and fold. He shows the 3h which is exactly what I would have done with the Ah in my hand as well but I knew he had it. After the hand I was down to 8500 or so but 2 hands later I get a walk[/list]

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    I seem to have missed the end of your report.
    So how did you do?
    I assume you didn't make the money but how close did you get?


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      Foxwoods Poker Trip

      Got Problems with my laptop. Ill finish part II tomorrow when I get home.




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        FOXWOODS Trip

        Part II

        Eight hands later im in early position and UTG moves all-in for about 9000. I look at my hand with 66. Not the best hand to call an all in but im down to 6 BBs and ive got to make a stand sometime. He had also moved all in 20 hands earlier from UTG with A9 so I put it as a race and I call. The next guy goes in the tank for 2 minutes but folds what he later tells us was AQ. The rest fold and we flip our cards and he has A4. Wow im in better shape than I thought. He hits the four on the flop with all small cards and I hold up and double to 20,000.

        Two hands later Im on the BB with 4 limpers. Wake up with KK and since 3 of the limpers have big stacks of 30,000 to 40,000 I decide to repush. The big stack at the table is the only one that thinks about it but folds and im up to 26000 and about average chip stack.
        We then go on dinner break and they move our entire table to the ball room during the break. I dont get anything playable in the first 10 or 15 hands and then our table gets broken. Get moved right into the BB (dam). Four hands later on the cutoff with blinds at 800-1600 and 200 ante the UTG raises to 5000. (his third raise in a row) and I find 88 in the hole. I decide to just call and see a flop. The button also calls. Flop is T89. Not the best flop for a set but I have to go for it. UTG bets 10,000 and I reraise all in for about 14000. Button folds and UTG calls. He has QQ so hes drawin to 6 outs. Blank on the turn and a river Jack. CRAP. Oh well that is poker. The clock said we had 135 players left and were paying 90 so no cash this time. I went back and reviewed my hands and I had won most of my 60-40 favorites during the day but lost or chopped my 80-20s. Sometimes poker can be so frustrating.

        Went down to the Poker Room to let DOCH know what happened and then got in a 4-8 O8 game. The play was terrible and I was only able to win about 30 in that game. I actually saw a guy turn over his hole cards on the river to show a set of fives with four to str8 on the board. But get this he had three fives in his hand as well. Wow Ive heard of crazy play before but that is just plain stupid.


        Since I felt I was playing well I decided to play the limit tourny which was also a 600 buy in but we only started with 3000 chips. After the first break I had got up to 4500 which I was happy with. There were 3 other solid players at the table and the rest were just plain horrible. Saw people limping UTG with the likes of 8-5s and 7-5 off??
        I thought I was sitting in a 2-4 no foldem holdem game. I dont get many playable hands during the next couple of levels but Im still hovering around 4000. Level 5 sees me at a new table and playing 300-600 limit. I decide that I have to get some chips and I will have to take a hand to the river. One of the loose gooses from my first table limps in UTG and right away I know he has nothing. From middle position I find 55 and decide to take him on. I raise and everyone else folds. He thinks about 1 minute before calling and we see the flop heads up. Flop is K-4-2 rainbow. He acts like he was going to bet but then checks so right away I know he missed. I bet out and then he takes another minute and calls. The turn is the Jack of spades putting two spades on the board and UTG checks again. On the previous table he would bet out if he had a pair so I think he still has nothing. I bet 600 on the turn and he calls fairly fast saying he has to call now. Im absolutely sure he has A3 or A5 of spades. I have the two red 5's. I decide I will bet the river if no spade or ace comes. A 9 hearts comes and he quickly checks and I bet. He then goes in the tank and after over a minute someone calls the clock on him. The entire table is getting really mad at his antics. The floor comes over but he calls before the clock gets started and I show my hand. He then flips over 6-9 spades and takes down the pot. OMG !

        Thank god Im not Phil Helmuth because he would have flipped the table over. Made a great read and still lose. I should have won that pot pre-flop and he chased me all the way down for 2200 in chips. I walk around for 2-3 minutes but I know Im done because IM beyond tilt at that point. In the BB I get KJ suited and I reraise the button and he puts me all im with 950. He flips QQ and he flops a set. I hit my king on the turn for a teaser and I go out with about 120 left out of 265. Most people will say that I shouldnt have played a small pair that strong but I had been showing nothing but big pairs to this yahoo all day and I still think I was right. (comments about this hand will be much appreciated)

        After desteaming and eating lunch I decide to get in a 5-10 game as the 10-20 limit game list is about 20 deep. I usually dont play anything that small live anymore because its tuff to beat the rake but the 5-10 game at Foxwoods has a full kill so half the time your playing 10-20 anyway. I get up about 250 after 4 hours of play and low and behold Mr. UTG 6-9 suited from the tourny joins the table. Im fairly sure that if hes out he didnt make the money so I casually ask him how he did. He tells me he went out in 31st (they were only paying 20). He then says he never seems to get to the money in the tournys. Acting surprised I say I cant believe he didnt win the whole thing especially since he plays hands like 6-9 so well. He shoots me an evil look so I know that hurt. He bought in for 200 and proceeds to lose it all in about 45 minutes. He gave me 80 when his A2 failed to improve against my AK on a flop of K-T-6 and a turn of A. Ofcourse I thank him for the donation and then he burns through the rest in the next five hands and them leaves the table totally steaming. Sometimes Justice comes a lot more quicker than you think. I wind up cashing out for a net of 320 from that game so not bad at all.


        I play in a 10-20 game and ofcourse the play is just awful. I remember when those games were tuff games to beat. I get up almost 500 in the first hour but then start bleeding some back on some horrendous beats. I fluctuate between even and up 500 all day and call it quits when a little rivered set cracks my set of queens and I wind up being stuck 80. Crap.

        I walk over to DocH whos playing in the 75-150 stud game (hes up probably 4000-5000) and say my goodbyes.

        My three and half days of Foxwoods produced the following results

        Tournys (-)600 (1st event was freeroll courtesy of PSO)
        SNGs (+) 340
        Cash Games (+)270

        Net winnings plus ten bucks for a total win rate of 22 cents per hour based on about 44 hours of play. 8O . That is just plain nuts. Oh well thats poker.



        PS I apologize for being so long winded but it helps to get some of this stuff off my chest. Adios and good luck at the tables.


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          Just a quick ammendment.

          After reading my post about the 10-20 game on Friday I said my set of queens got cracks by a small rivered set. I meant a small rivered flush. Dont want to confuse anyone.

          Thanks Again.



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