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Debonair in Las Vegas

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  • Debonair in Las Vegas

    Hi guys.....I'm going to try and report 5 days of live and tournament play out here for you. Stay tuned through next Monday.

    Snowed out trying to leave Chicago Tuesday night, back to O'Hare on Wednesday night. Southwest was 2 hours late in departure. We had to wait for a captain who was arriving on another delayed flight. (I offered to fill in but they didn't feel my single engine piston experience was adequate) Finally the captain arrived and then we had to wait while they found water to fill the toilets.

    I arrived at 11:05 PM last night and went to bed. Today's play will include a tournament or two and possibly some live play.

    A little background. I own a house in Las Vegas that we will move to when my working years expire. In the meantime it is occupied by Tim Lavalli (known poker writer and PSO member by the name of Zeroth) Tim will join me in my fish quest over the next five days. Today he has to cover a celebrity poker tournament at The Hardrock involving the NBA All Star game.


    Thursday had me waking early, eager to get going but not really refreshed. Tim is fighting a cold so I head out to the MGM for their 11:30 AM tourney. Entry fee is $65 and the field numbers 40. The structure here is pretty bad. The 5th round starts after 80 minutes and I have $3,300 having started with $2,000. The problemn is the blinds are now $400/$800 with a $200 ante. I have to fold through the blinds leaving me with about $1,900. Then I'm moved to a new table right into the blinds again. Thats all she wrote.

    I jump in the car and head downtown to Binions for their 2:00 tourney. This is one of the best structures in town. The entry is $110 and the field numbers 30. I get to the final table with 30% of the chips, but overplaying AJ with the big stack slaps me down to less than average. I hang on until we get down to 5 when everyone agrees to a 5 way chop. My share was $475. I'm still tired but now +$300 so I have decided to call it a night.


    Friday morning arrives and I have to find an early tournament to play in. I read an article on the little room at Hooters casino and since I wanted to see the newly remodeled casino I thought that one would work. The tournament started at 10:00 AM. I arrived about 30 minutes early and had a chance to walk around. Hooters is the old San remo on Tropicana East of the strip. It was a pretty depressed property but it looks great now. It felt like a poor mans Hardrock with a lot of younger people hooting it up even in the morning.

    I found the poker room. All 3 tables. I hear they are expanding to 6 tables. Although small the staff was friendly and the room just has a nice feel.

    The entry was $27 for $2,000 TC. We got and extra funny looking chip and when I asked the dealer about it his english was so bad I couldnt understand him. Finally I got the message that it was an add on chip. $5 would get you another $1,000 TC. I wasnt aware that this was a rebuy for the first hour so I took the add on right away. The unlimited rebuys for the first hour give you $1,500 TC for $10.

    I'm dealt AK 1st hand and have to lay it down on the turn after investing $500. My next hand is AA. There are 5 limpers of $50 and I make it $350 on the button. I get a call from this girl playing her first time in a casino. I throw $700 at the flop and she calls. My read is she will call anthing and I dont want to go broke to a calling station this early even in a rebuy. I chek the turn and as expected she mimics me. The river brings the 4th diamond. I dont' have one and check. She does and checks and my AA loses to 77.

    I rebuy and dig in. At the break I have about $7,000 TC. As we sit down for the first hand after the break I notice that the BB has not yet returned. That's $800 in dead money I think as I'm hoping to find soemthing to play. In middle position I find AK of hearts. I up it to $2,500 and it folds around to the button who pushes all in for $6,100. I don't like making the call but figure if I lose I still have 900 and since no one has a clue at this table maybe I can make a run with the $900. Well we turn em up and the button has AA. As I'm lamenting the position I just put myself in the dealer turns a flop of TJQ of hearts for a Royal Flush. I'm not usually emotional at the table but I got up and walked around saying "holy ////" a number of times. I almost felt worse for the other guys luck that I felt good for my own. I got over it quickly.

    I went on the get heads up. There were only 20 entrants so the prize money was $400 to first and $190 to second. I was out stacked 2-1 but manged to win the heads up portion. Plus $358 for this tournament.

    In the evening I went to the Orleans for their 7:00 PM NL tournament. This was $60 with a $40 rebuy which I took immediately. I started with $3,250 in TC. On the first hand I lost some with AT vs AJ and on the next hand I lost some more with JJ to QQ. The lady on my left noted that I hadnt gone broke with the Jacks and said many players here would have pushed. I try to walk carefully in the early play and I don't want to stake my tournament on the good fortune of having one mediocre hand hold up.

    Anyway I never got anything going and found myself with AQ later when I was had about 15 X BB. I raised 3 X which didnt commit me but when I was reraised by the huge stack I decide to gamble. He turned over QQ and I missed my royal flush this time. All in all a fun day and a profit of $258.


    Not alot of poker content today. I spent most of the day with my Son & Granddaughters. I finally got Zeroth out of the house for a little poker late in the afternoon. I returned to the scene of the crime flopped royal flush house, Hooters Casino for a little $1/$2 NL cash game. I finished the 3 hour session up $238 but I have to admit Hooters Luck once again shone on me. I called a raise in position with JJ. The flop came T-7-3. The original raiser fired a $15 bet into a $25 pot nd I raised to $45. He really struggled over this call until one of his friends at the table started needling him. " I have a hand here" he says in such a way that you have to believe he has a hand but it won't beat the JJ. I put him on middle pair or AT. He finally decides to call. The turn is a blank and he checks. I fire $75 at the pot and he goes all in for $63 more. I now change his range of hands to include AA, KK & QQ and elimainat the middle pairs. I feel I'm beat but he is anow all in and the $63 seems like a small price to maintain a chance for this pot. The river brings the glorius J. He turns over AA and immediately says, "I'm ok if you don't have JJ". I turn over the JJ and confirm his projected nightmare.


    OK you have to have a bad day, right? Played the morning tournament at Sunset Station. This is a nice room heavily populated by locals. All I can say here is luck evens out. I'ts late in the tournament and I'm looking for a way to double up. The big stack makes his usual blind steal when I find KK in the BB. I'm thrilled except I don't want to go up against this guy, he never misses. True to form his 45o crushes my KK and that's all folks.

    I played the afternoon tournament at Golden Nugget. My death blow was interesting in this one. My all in with AQs was called in 3 places by 44, TT and TT. I sure liked my hand over these. The poker gods didnt and thats all here folks.

    I played the evening tournament at the Orleans. Nothing to report here except another blank. Tournament results for the day -$260

    I played $1-$2 NL cash at the South Point late into the night. We had one player who employed the following strategy. He played every hand. he raised to $18 on every hand. If there was a raise ahead of him he reraised 3X the initial raise. He made a pot sized bet at every flop. The table was drooling while we all kept baiting our traps. He had about $800 in front of him, got knocked down to $200, built it quickly back to $800 and the table finally busted him. The trick to this type of situation is to hope you get your share. I didn't and the experience cost me $100.


    The final day was filled with family and errand duties. I did get a chance to play a quick (definitive word) tournament at Monte Carlo with Tim (Zeroth) my friend and house sitter. We drew seats next to each other with Tim on my left. Although my group of Poker Boyz never softplay each other since we respect each others games we don't expect big moves put on us. Fairly early in the tournament Tim and I are in the blinds and it is folded around to us. I have QQ and raise from the small blind. The blinds are $100/$200 so I make it $600 to go. Tim thinks briefly and reraises all his chips. For some reason I make the correct read and know that he is strong but not KK or AA. I call leaving me with about $600. Tim turns over TT which really surprises me. What hand could he put me on that would cause me to raise his blind that he could beat? Only AK. What hands could I have that put him in trouble? JJ, QQ, KK or AA. I think a simple call to see the flop is in order. BTW I would expect anyone else to make the move he did, but not him knowing my game.

    Of course I wouldn't be doing a post mortem on his incorrect move if he hadnt SUCKED OUT ON ME. That was my death knoll and I lasted only a few more rounds. Tim did not take my chips to the final table so we each scored a blank.

    All in all it's been a fun week. 6 days goes very quickly out here.
    Results for the week are + $328 which just about pays for the trip.
    I hope you all enjoyed the report. I will be back in three weeks but being accompanied by my wife there may not be a whole lot of poker content to report.

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    tight lines


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      Tight lines?


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        Originally posted by debonair
        Tim will join me in my fish quest

        angling expresion, it means Good Luck


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          Aaaaah. Should have known but couldn't find the connection.


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            Nice posts Bill and continue the good play. Tell Tim hello and that he is doing a great job of writing on poker in Las Vegas and other places. I really enjoy his work. His article on how $2million of extra chips showing up in the WSOP main event is excellent. Good luck and play your game and you will be a winner.



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              And you Randy call me the suckout artist :twisted:

              WTG Bill!

              You paid for that luck in the past with some bad beats against you. Good timing on the ROI.


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                Thoroughly enjoyed reading Bill, thanks for sharing.

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                  I could see the scene of the flopped Royal. too cool. Keep up the good work/luck/writing.


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                    Great report! Your writing makes me want to be there. Thanks for sharing and say hi to Tim.


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                      Good reports Bill.

                      One comment:
                      I played $1-$2 NL cash at the South Point late into the night. We had one player who employed the following strategy. He played every hand. he raised to $18 on every hand. If there was a raise ahead of him he reraised 3X the initial raise. He made a pot sized bet at every flop. The table was drooling while we all kept baiting our traps. He had about $800 in front of him, got knocked down to $200, built it quickly back to $800 and the table finally busted him.
                      It's obvious this player was taking Hitman's or Hazy's mentor course and this was one of their crazy assignements.

                      Did he pass or fail? Failed because he played with real money and there were not many PSO players at the table.



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