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PSUMIKE Does Vegas

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  • PSUMIKE Does Vegas

    Vegas Vacation for PSUMIKE


    Airfare -- <$10> (FF miles)
    Lodging for week - <$79> (8 room condo, sleeps 8)
    Meals/Drinks – <$500>
    Rental Car - <220>
    Poker Cash Games + 535
    Poker Tournament -<$85> (18th or so of 65)
    Other Gambling - <300>
    Other Entertainment <400>

    Flew from VA to LAS arriving at 615pm
    By 8pm I was through the airport, had my rental, checked into the condo and in the South Point Casino.

    The condo is a timeshare and I had to use my week or lose it by the end of January…
    It is located adjacent to the South Point (formerly South Coast) Casino, about 4 miles south of Mandalay Bay.

    I was having some friends come out so as I checked in I asked if they were busy…they weren’t so I got an upgrade to a 2BR, 2 Bath, 2 jacuzzi (which we never did use) unit with a full kitchen (which we didn’t use either). But this made sleeping arrangements easier as one guy’s female cousin was staying with us a few nights.

    So I ditched my luggage and went next door, cruised the casino and found the poker room. About 12-15 tables. 5 active. 2 NLHE and 3 LHE. I jumped in the 1-2 NLHE table and worked my way to +85 or so in a couple hours and packed it in.

    Monday –
    I slept in to adjust to PST and rest for the end of the week (I knew I was in trouble)
    Went to the Orleans afternoon and steadily built my stack to +150 or so. Never won or lost a big pot. Just ground it out.

    Was a busy day. I set the alarm and met Sabbath and JoAnn at Luxor for the grave yard shift. The 2-4 LHE is like death by water-torture…never did much right with the cards, but managed to hit quad 7s about 7:30 or so and they held up good for #3 high hand and $200. I managed to lose $75 or so with my play and then tipped the dealer nicely…so ended the session up $100. Had a nice breakfast with Tulio and JoAnn and ??? (forget his name)

    Then I crashed for a few hours and went downtown to Binions and met up with Joe and Lupe (first time I had met her!). They played Omaha, I played NLHE. I was not hitting draws and big cards had ugly flops…but hung in there. Was down $75 and doubled up. Then doubled up again. About two hours play and +150. 4 Sessions and 4 positive outcomes…that can’t/didn’t hold up.

    Had a real nice lunch with Joe and Lupe at Binions. Steak, lobster, etc. So much for me eating a light lunch eh?

    Went back to the Orleans and had an interesting table. One guy was there for a Video Poker Tournament and just wanted to play live. He had his stack to 400 and was saying he didn’t want to walk away with $ or else his wife would just spend it anyway…so the table granted him his wish and he donated it to someone…who cashed out. Creep.
    Then a guy sat down and bought in for $300 and started sling chips all over, over betting draws and bluffing. Hit his draws and would river river two pair for wins. He took most my money on two hands. I got my money in while ahead with a set, he hit a better set on the Turn for finally felt me. I was down $150 and called it a night. His stack was up to about $600 when I left. (heard on WED that he rebought for 400-500 more and lost it all).

    This was to be my last real poker day as friends didn’t play.
    I played a ring game for a bit in the AM (down 40 in a short session) and decided to do the Noon $40 NLHE tourney with 1 rebuy. I stayed at or below average chip stack until 3pm break. Grabbed lunch and then donated some back to the Orleans.
    Played some more poker and ended up losing another $75 … this time with QQ when someone had AJs. He called my raise. Flop was Kxx two hearts…opponent was aggressive and played suited cards. If I checked or bet weakly he would come over the top. I thought my QQ was still good, so I went all in for my remaining $75. He called. And hit the flush on the turn, board was not paired, so I was drawing dead.

    Then the fun began.

    A local who was a butt-head all day asked to see my cards, I was not happy, so I pushed them into the muck. This guy had folded preflop and I was not in the mood to hear any comments. Then he starts going off a bit that he had asked to see them. I didn’t say a word. The dealer tells him that yes he had the right to ask, but since he (dealer) had not protected the muck it was too late. Guy calls the floor. Floor comes over and with a “Gary, What is it now” voice asks what happened. Dealer relays events accurately. Gary says that the two cards were still sticking out and easily retrievable. Floor says once they touch, too late. Move on. He reaches for cards and Floor says Don’t do it. He flops them. I do not even acknowledge they were mine. Floor asks Gary to cash out and leave.

    I stayed calm, didn’t mention it until someone else called the guy an a$$. I rebought for $100 more and won a few small hands to get back 75 or a net of -$75 for the session.

    Off to the airport to get friend and his cousin. They wanted to shower etc. Then to NY NY and dinner at Gallagher’s. Nice dinner. Not cheap. Of course the 3 of us drank 2 bottles of wine.

    They hit the craps tables for a while and I just hung out observing.

    was poker-less but we went to see Rick Thomas (magic) at the Orleans…a biut of a tradition as my friend can do the guy’s whole act almost verbatim. Was more interesting as cousin-Deb’s son did magic acts for 8 years. We managed to lose some at the tables too. Also hit the Rio for a bit a couple of drinks and lost some at the tables (not poker).

    Then back to the Condo and we saw that there were dueling pianos in the lounge…so we went there for a few hours, hit the tables some, then back to the lounge for an early night.

    Started slow. Took Deb to airport and then hit South Point Poker room for a couple hours. Managed to hit 3333 for their progressive high hand, but someone had hit 3s earlier and it was at the minimum for +50. I basically played even up poker and cashed out for +70, I think.

    Off to the airport to get other friend just coming in from the east. Wanted to talk and catch up. Also wanted eye-candy – so off to Hard Rock. Had several drinks and a few hours of guess which women were working and which were not. Tough game at that place. We had one pegged wrong…heck she even had business cards with her name and #  Management came by and politely asked her to leave. Must be a regular. Played some blackjack and let-it-ride but no real wins/losses.

    The guys wanted to go out some more. Went to a couple of places who’s names begin with ‘S’ High cover charges, expensive drinks, but very friendly girls. Heck, every 5 minutes one was asking if you wanted a dance. Amazing, even middle-aged fat guys like me were getting picked up. We packed it in, kinda/sorta at 4AM…

    (They guy who got there FRI was only there until Sun AM…so he needed to maximize his stay and sleep wasn’t a high priority.)

    Saturday we were out to lunch, then to Caesar’s. One guy was getting Roger Clemmens (sp?) autograph and other wanted to hit the bar…I passed hit the poker room.

    I ended up down $60 but had been up until I started getting cards.

    I had lots of pairs this session and was mixing it up a bit. However, my end of the table had been there since the table opened and other end was a revolving door. My end was tight and the other end was a maniac-magnet. Everytime I raised from early position it fold around. I had the other tighter players to my right. So I limp with AA hoping to get more that the $3 in blinds and someone would toss a MIN raise out there. Only one maniac calls. CRAP. BB calls. Flop is all rags two suited. SB checks, I fire a raise. Maniac thinks and thinks and calls. BB calls. DAMN. Turn puts rags out there. No flush, so now I bet again. 2/3 pot. CALL CALL. DAMN DAMN. River puts a possible flush out there. CHECK, CHECK, maniac bets it. FOLD FOLD. BB says he flopped two pair. Maniac shows flush. Something like 57s. He would have called a preflop raise anyway. So that was about $75 gone.

    About 2 orbits later, I was BB with AA. Lots of limpers. I raise to $15 with about $10 in pot. Maybe not enough, but I wanted isolation versus take it down. SB calls. Hmmm… he is decent, so not rags. Flop is JJx. Great. I bet $40 into pot of $42-45….he calls. CRAP. Turn is a rag. He bets out. I fold. He shows AJ to me.

    So I end my session.

    Catch dinner and see friend off to airport. Other wants to go out. So another club beginning with ‘S’ with friendly girls. We are good. Get back at about 1AM and get 3 hours sleep before heading to airport for 7AM flight back. Get home in time to hear National Anthem for the Super Bowl.


    Luxor - I am 2 for 2 in high hands for +$700. I am not sure the 2-4 game with $4rake, $1bonus and tips is a winnable. Further, room is dominated by locals who don’t toss their chips around.

    Orleans – Generally had lots of LHE and 2 tables of NLHE. Without knowing for sure, would guess a mix of 40% local and 60% tourist. Have only played NL there. Game is soft enough and enough action to win.

    Binions - I was there early week in the afternoon. Mostly locals, but a few tourists. Table was pretty tight, but there was action when people had hands. One guy sat down with $100 in chips and $900 cash underneath.

    South Point - Nice little room. Mostly locals, but a slightly different breed than at other places. Younger, dealer types…so much looser game.
    NOTE FOR THOSE IN VEGAS. They are doing a $30k freeroll in APR, You need 50 hours total play in Feb/Mar to qualify. Grave yard hours count double.

    Caesar’s - This was the first I played here. Very busy. Must have had 25 tables going including HORSE. Only draw back was the constant announcements to call people to tables. Mostly tourists but some have teeth. One guy said that the night before that Chip Reese’s daughter was at the 1-2 NL table and just clocked the hell out of everyone.

    Line of the Week: “These 1-2 NL tables are too tight to win money at, I am going to the 2-5 table.” Said by the guy who lost $300 in 90 minutes at 1-2. I think the guys near me were all going to add their names to the 2-5 list 

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    Great report Mike, TY. I will be arriving tomorrow and hope to follow in your footsteps (at least for the NLHE, drinks and looking for eye candy. The frequent trips to the airport are not in my plans.)

    I have a new home in Henderson. This will be my third trip there. A friend and fellow PSO member stays there when I am gone to watch the place. (Bonus points for anyone who can guess his screenname. Extra points for real name).

    I will try and give a daily trip report unless I am just having too much fun.


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      Would it be Tim Lavalli AKA Zeroth? Haven't seen Tim playing on line much, so guessing he's having a great time in Vegas.

      If correct do I win free week in Vegas? If so send me the address, I'm on my way.
      2 Time Bracelet Winner


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        That or Tim hit the well-spring of poker riches...

        poker-shrink to





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