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my experience this weekend

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  • my experience this weekend

    I play mainly freezeout tournies (i hate re-buys), but this weekend i decided to play some live action. Not really sure what to expect I started out at 5-10. I have to say that i have never seen so many people willing to give away thier money in life before. I know this going to sound like bad beat after bad beat but i have some questions that i would like some input on:

    A) is there anyway what so ever to limit the size of hands played on a particular hand? i lost alot of money this weekend playing aces. i would raise the bet to 10 and then sometimes evern reraise to 15 and would still get 6-8 callers in the pot. I would eventually lose out to a flush on the river (it seemed like that)

    B) is it any different at higher limits...15-30 or 20-40?

    C) they have silly thing (maybe its normal but i play mostly tournies) called a kill pot. once someone wins 2 pots in a rows or $150 in a pot then the limits double...meaning 5-10 becomes 10-20 until someone else wins a pot. is this normal at most casionos?

    i played thursday, saturday and sunday. on thursday i made about 100 dollars when i got lucky enough to win a kill pot when my queens held up. i raised that pot to make it 20 to play and still got 8 callers. on saturday i lost my arse off to the tune of about $550 dollars. i could not win a pot if i tried to, i must of lost 4-5 hands with aces and about 2-3 hands with kings. i know that these are not guarenteed winner but even the stats say aces should about 33% of the time. On sunday i think i finally figured it out. The best starting hands to start with with Ax sooted. I made about 600 on sunday before leaving by playing this way. I folded everything that wasnt like this even my aces i got i mucked them prefolp. if i would have played that hand also i would have lost to Q2 sooted flush. I dont normally play like but that seemed like the only to win a hand was to that.

    i apoligize for my spelling but could anyone please tell if this normal kind of action to expect at 5-10? the prople were even saying that the 15-30 games were getting 6+ callers per pot. if this make no sense i apoligize because im really tired right now :lol:

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    Learn to play loose games and you will love the fact that every flop gets 6 players.

    the above 2 websites and Gary Carsons book are a good starting point.


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      It is my experience as a dealer and a player, that ANY and ALL limit games can and will be this way at times. It is all a factor of what the money means to the players. In other words...what their pockets will allow. I had the dubious job of dealing a 4K/8K limit game in the last couple of weeks, and yes, they play as loose and wild as the $4/$8 players. Noodles is correct, you have to learn to play a loose game, if you are going to play in casinos.
      Regarding the "kill" games. In Ms. you normally only see "kill" games in Omaha hi/lo. We don't have "kill" games in HE.



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        Hey farnold,
        they same thing happened to me last year in a 4- 8 HE game in vegas - what an eye opener. After getting aces cracked, raising all the way, for the third time in a session - the last time by an unpaired 59s that made a back door flush, I realized that in games like this - predominately lower limit games - drawing hands are where the money is at - because everybody stays for the draw.

        I second Noodles' recommendation of the Carson book - and having played in a couple of home games with Carson I gotta tell you he practices what he preaches. No one can do more with a 34s than Carson.

        Good luck out there,


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          I just played for 8 hours in a 6-12 Hold'em game at Canterbury in Minneapolis. I was stuck to the tune of about $500 when I finally won most of it back in two hands. The biggest hand, I flopped a set of fours...and the turn brought the quads...little did I know til the showdown that a guy had flopped a set of 9's and I had one out Anyway...I saw the same thing. Aces didn't win...KK didn't win...none of my big pairs...I managed to win a decent sized pot when I was on the blind with 2-4 offsuit and flopped an open ended straight draw and the river brought the 6 I needed . Man, you should have heard the whining LOL.

          Anyway, I can tell you that in most lower liimit games that I have played in, it is very common for 5-6 people to see a flop. I don't see it as often in a 10-20 game, but it does happen there, too.

          Just go with the thought in mind that your bankroll may take a real beating...but if you can handle the fluctuations .. you can come out ahead ...


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            thank you all for the input. i just played 5 days in row at 5-10 and won a WHOPPING $9 for my effort. :roll: not really sure if i like 5-10 but i dont have the bankroll to go any higher. i would to get into some 20-40 because i heard that is pretty true as long as there is no millionaire in the game. oh well i will keep at it and i know i will come out ahead in the long run.



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              Location, location, location. We have a $20/$40 game every day that is totally insane. Just happens that our $10/$20 game is the tightest game in the house. Don't be misinformed by believing that the higher the limit, the "truer" the may not be that way at all. You have to really observe a game for a while and see what the action at that time is like to really know what you're looking at. As well, you have to recognize when the game changes and move with it, or move out of it !
              You will find very tight/passive $4/$8 games, and you will find maniac games...just pick the game and know when to leave it if it doesn't fit your style or you can't adapt to the change. As people come and go from any game, the table dynamics change be aware.
              You CAN beat these low limit games. My best advice is be VERY observant. Watch all the hands played, whether you're in or not, and see what people are playing, raising with, chasing, calling with, etc. Once you get the "flow" of the table dynamics, you can adjust your play accordingly. If you sit and wait in these loose games for big pre-flop holdings only to have them busted by weaker holdings, you will always loose. Remember...AA, KK, are only a big pair, no guarantees come with em. If the flop doesn't fit, you can jam all you want and anyone with a piece of it will hang in with you and most likely improve their hand more than you will improve yours. Don't be afraid to lay down them "golden" pairs, they don't always win.
              I know it's tough to do, but I do beat the low limit games consistently with adjustment to play and patience. Yes, I take some bad hits...sometimes stuck a couple hundred $ before beginning the climb back, but, it can be done. Then of course, there are those days when absolutely nothing works and I cut my losses and live to play another day.
              Best of luck to you!!




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