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Sailor Moes Trip report

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  • Sailor Moes Trip report

    As I was getting ready for Tunica I was thinking how lucky I was. Pat had bought all kinds of snacks & drinks for me to take,“ enough for a basket ball team” even though she wasn’t to trilled with me going by myself. She even bought me some new shirts so I could, “look good “.

    The trip to Tunica took about nine hours, driving a “little” over speed limit. Two cars passed me on the way down. Not sure what they were thinking! lol”

    I had reservations at Sams Town Casino at $25 a night week days, $35 week-end, plus three free week days. “This is their poker rate minus the free days”

    The Casino had changed since I was there 6 months ago. It’s now a no smoking room with sixteen poker tables, and a new poker manager. This is about twice what they had before.

    The games were mostly Holdem, $10-$20, $4-$8, $3-$6, limit & $1-$2 no limit, which was changed big time. Before, the max buy in was $200 with a min. of $40. It now has NO
    max with a min. of $100. I saw several pots in the $800 range with several players with big pockets buying pots. I lost in every session I played in the NL game.

    I do have a max I will loose at one setting & hate to say it, but I hit it almost every time. They also have Tournaments twice a day with a $50 buy in, with a bigger buy in on the week-ends.

    The Grand Tournaments are a mess. They try to do too much at once and one person doesn’t know what the other is doing. Leaving the dealers with no idea on what’s going on. They changed the time of several different tournaments. The one tournament which was to start at 4pm that I played was delayed until 8pm. They even had two final tables going at the same time from different games.

    When I set down to the table in the $550 PSO NL Grand Tournament, the player to my left said to me. "I've seen you on TV correct?" I'm thinking this could work for me so I said "YES" I won a tournament in 2004, which was true but no TV.

    It took about 3 seconds for every one at the table to think I was a Pro, and I tried to live up to my image by playing good cards & making a standard raise of about three times big blind.

    One player was bullying the table, and knowing he didn't have a hand every time, I had him peg as a player to get chips from, That’s when this one hand came up.

    He made a raise & I called with 55. The flop was 5 4 9 rainbow! I made a bet of $800 about 1/2 of the pot, and he ask how much I had left. "Now this is where it got fun!" I never say how much I have left, just a rule of mine. I pushed my stack out to where the dealer or house man can count it & tell the player. After the dealer counted it, the player put that much in the pot & said he called.

    I didn't say a thing as I wanted the all in play, but other players said he only bet $800, so the floor person was called & said it’s only and $800 call since he said call. The turn was a 4, which gave me a full house.

    I told the player since you are going to put me all in any way, I'm all in. He called and turned over KK for a nice hand most times but not against my full house.

    This was right before the first break which gave me the chip lead at the table with 7500 in chips. Soon after the brake I was moved to another table along with one other player from my table. This player played about every hand I played, and I believe he wanted to say he beat a pro.

    In retrospect, I believe saying I was on TV back fired or at least made this player wanting to beat me bad, in which he did in two hands. The first hand I had K-T, don’t remember the suits when K-T-7 rainbow came on the flop. I bet about 2/3 pot, not sure of the amount when he called. 5 of clubs on turn making 2 clubs, I bet the same as on the flop which the player called. I sure I’m ahead from watching this player play so when the 2 of clubs come on the river I make the same bet, “ a value bet I believe”, when the player raises 3k about the size of the pot. After thinking about it, I can’t put the player on a hand that I can’t beat. I call and he turns over Ace Queen of clubs for the runner runner flush. He was calling me down with an inside straight draw & hit runner runner flush.

    My last hand I played, I had Ace Ace with the ace of hearts. I bet 1500 with the blinds at 200, 400 & get one caller, you know who. This time the flop come the famous King, Ten, five, with two hearts. Player checks so I bet 2k about ½ of my stack which he calls. Another silly heart comes on the turn, “think it was the two” and the player goes all in. After thinking about it I decided to call. If he does have the flush I have outs with the ace of hearts. He turns over the J Q of diamonds with a straight draw. The 9 comes on the river & I’m history.

    End of Story!

    Always nice to meet old friends & make new. Looking forward to next time: Cyndi & Duane Johnson, Karen Mc Bride, David Jones, Joe Walker, Leland “Leebo” Phillips, Dan Howard, Alan Leach, Jeff Steele, David & Sharon
    2 Time Bracelet Winner

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    Great story thanks for telling it.


    • #3
      So close Leon. Incredible bad beat on the AA. That had to be hard to stand up and walk away from that table with this guy.

      Thanks for the report



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        Thank you for the great report Leon!!!

        Frustrating when that happens, you are due for a big one I'm sure!!!!!


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          Thanks for the info. Great post. I am surprised to hear you reached your max. Is it the locals or were the out of town players the good ones?



          • #6
            Mostly the out of town players with a big Bank Roll.The 2nd place finisher in the WSOP in 2005 Steven Dannenmann AKA "Stevo" was one of them. Any one with a four million win, is out of my league. Players were buying pots, with the big bets.

            I really believe the game was being played more like a $2 - $4 NL or a $4 $8 NL game.

            At Sams Town $1-$2 NL is their big game execpt the $10 $20 Limit game.
            2 Time Bracelet Winner


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              Great story ty much for sharing it i always enjoy reading trip reports



              • #8
                Great post Leon and good to see you again. It seems strange that Danneman was playing in ring games at Sams. Hope you had a good trip back.



                • #9
                  Well, even the 7th best poker player in his home game (after winning 1/2 of $4 mil.) likes to have fun. Some, of the other casinos in Tunica, had long waiting list. My be he had his fishing hat on.


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                    Great story

                    Enjoyed reading your adventure. Next time you headed to tunica let me know i'd like to meet someone out there. I've been, but haven't ever sat in a game. Anyway hollar sometime.. again enjoyed the piece.




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