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    PSO Live Event, Saturday, Jan. 13, 2007 at The Grand in Tunica:

    First of all, I want to apologize for getting this trip report out so late.

    David and I got to the Grand in Tunica about 1:00 pm Saturday. And, of course they didn't have any place for us to set up. So we had "home base" at a table in the smoking area right next to the playing area. It worked out fine really, cause everyone said us there and came up to register.

    Here are the PSO players that showed up to play:

    FIRESTARTER (Cyndi Johnson, from Metropolis, IL)

    WHERE'S THE FIRE (Cyndi's husband, Duane Johnson)

    CANSECOFAN (Karen Mc Bride, Metropolis, IL)

    QUACKPOT (David Jones, St. Louis)

    JAYW (Joe Walker, Martinsville, IN)

    SAILOR MOE (Leon Morford, Illinois)

    MOLEEBO (Leland Phillips, New Madrid, MO)

    BADCO (Dan Howard, Georgia)

    ALANLEACH (Alan Leach, Ft. Worth, TX)

    JTHS1 (Jeff Steele, Birmingham, AL) Jeff was an alternate, but unfortunately didn't get to play

    I believe there would have been more players from PSO if the weather would have been better. But there was all that ice in the middle of the country.

    When we left at midnight, Moleebo was the only PSO'er still playing. The field of 750 players was down to 80 at that time, and payouts started at 72. He was suppsed to have reported back to us how he did, but we still haven't heard from him. Hope he did well and got to cash at least.

    The firtst player out was Quackpot, who said he'd had to many outs to fold.

    Second was JayW, who said he was short stacked when got he an AK to play.

    Third was Firestarter, who went all in on AKo and got beat by JJ.

    Fourth was Badco, sorry can't decipher my notes about him.

    Fifth was Where's The Fire, who had PP 8's beat by Q's

    Sixth and this was sad, because Sailor Moe had been chip leader of our group all night, whose PP A's got beat by a straight. Leon had a small altercation at his table about a call or all in, I'll let him tell you about it. I can't recall all the details, but Leon came out ahead on it.

    Seventh was Alean Leach, he didn't report back, so do know how he was outed.

    Eight was Cansecofan, her 7's got beat by 8's. Karen finished within the last 120 players playing. Proud! Proud! Proud!

    and Ninth was Moleebo, still playing when we left.

    I must say we were very impressed and proud of Firestarter and Cansecofan for playing in this, their first live game. And, Cansecofan really held on after a couple very close calls, for a long time.

    Al had sent 2 of his poker journals, and we gave one to Firestarter and one to
    Cansecofan. Tried to give one to Moleebo, but he said he already had one.

    Jeff Steele (JTHS1) and his lovely wife Tammy hung out with us a lot off and on throughout the day. It was a pleasure getting to know them. He is new to Poker School, but has played at Bugsy's for 3 years he said.

    All in all, it was a pleasant day. We enjoyed meeting and getting to know new people.

    As an aside, I got to meet and take a pic of the 2006 WSOP Women's Champion, Mary Jones.
    She played at a final table of 6 card, finished 5th. She was very friendly and congenial, and said she loved Tunica.

    This is actually my first time doing a trip report. Hope it is okay. Sorry, I didn't have more details. I will be putting pics up soon, I promise.

    We hope everyone had a safe trip home.


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    Thanks for hosting and congrats to all who competed. Pics will be great.


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      Here's the hand.

      I had one of those hands that make or break your tournament.

      Blinds are at 25/25 first round.
      I'm in CO with 4c5c. 3 limpers in front. I limp. Button raises to 125.

      3 callers. 525 in the pot, and it costs me 100 to call. I'm getting 5.25/1 Of course I call.

      Flop is 3c 5d 7c Checked to me. I bet 200. Button raises to 600. 1325 in the pot and it costs me 400 to call. Unless he has a set, or 66 I'm ahead. I wasn't sure till I ran the numbers, but I knew I had odds to call at least. This is the only point I could have done differently. I just called. I could have pushed and maybe he folds. I doubt it though. He was married to them, as the next street shows.

      pokenum -h ad as - 4c 5c -- 3c 5d 7c
      Holdem Hi: 990 enumerated boards containing 7c 3c 5d
      cards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EV
      As Ad 416 42.02 565 57.07 9 0.91 0.425
      5c 4c 565 57.07 416 42.02 9 0.91 0.575

      Turn is Ts. I've put half my stack in now and he can't bet enough to make me fold based on odds. I check hoping to get a free card, but he pushes in his last 975. I was told maybe I should have just pushed here to go for the fold equity. I count out the chips and I'm left with 50. So, I have to call 975 into a 2700. I figured I needed about 2/1 to call. I thought for a long time on this one. I knew he didn't have a set or 6s because his eyes almost bugged out when I called his bet on the flop. That left about 2 hands he could have AA or AcKc. I'm either ahead or a 2/1 dog with a lot of outs and odds.

      pokenum -h ad as - 4c 5c -- 3c 5d 7c ts
      Holdem Hi: 44 enumerated boards containing Ts 7c 3c 5d
      cards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EV
      As Ad 27 61.36 17 38.64 0 0.00 0.614
      5c 4c 17 38.64 27 61.36 0 0.00 0.386

      I decided to try accumulating chips early instead of playing the passive try to last game. I called.

      River was a Js


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          Great report, Sharon. Thanks!!

          Congrats to all PSO members who played.

          Great job, Moleebo!!


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            Sharon, sorry I did not report to you but I told David. I went out when my AQ preflop was called by A2 and a 2 popped on the turn.

            I do want to say that you all were excellent hosts for the PSOers and did a good job of keeping up with us in all of the confusion there. The PSO players really appreciated your hospitality and quality work and all should remember that David and Sharon did not get paid for this exellent work.

            As far as the set up at the Grand, I must say it was total confusion and they have still not "gotten it" even after several years of trying. The signup for the cash games was total confusion and they overworked the dealers so bad that they did not all report on time for the day's activities as they were exhausted. The single table sign ups were very unorganized also.

            It was great seeing the PSOers and again thanks for the hospitality David and Sharon and congrats to Moleebo and Karen for their good efforts and showing.



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              I hope Leon posts on here. I am really curious to see what happened with him.


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                When I set down to the table, the player to my left said to me. "I've seen you on TV correct?" I'm thinking this could work for me so I said "YES" I won a tournament in 2004, which was true but no TV.

                It took about 3 seconds for every one at the table to think I was a Pro, and I tried to live up to my image by playing good cards & making a standard raise of three times big blind.

                One player was bullying the table, and knowing he didn't have a hand every time, I had my eye on him. Thats when this one hand came up.

                He made a raise & I called with 55. The flop was 5 4 9 rainbow! I made a bet of $800 about 1/2 of the pot, and he ask how much I had left. "Now this is where it got fun!" I never say how much I have left, just a rule of mine. I pushed my stack out to where the dealer or house man can count it & tell the player. After the dealer counted it, the player put that much in the pot & said he called.

                I didn't say a thing as I wanted the all in play, but other players said he only bet $800, so the floor person was called & said it’s only and $800 call since he said call. The turn was a 4, which gave me a full house. I told the player since you are going to put me all in any way, I'm all in. He called and turned over KK for a nice hand most times but not against my full house.

                For the rest of the story, you will need to read my trip report to be out soon!
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                  PSO Live event

                  MisNev and Nicholson were at the Grand on January 13th and played the $500 NLH tourney. We asked the floor manager and others about the PSO event and none of them knew anything about it. Sorry we missed it.

                  Dave Nicholson


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                    David & Sharon had the PSO area set up in the back "smoking area". Would of been nice to of met you two, maybe at the convention this year?
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