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Aussie Millions live satellite

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  • Aussie Millions live satellite

    With the Aussie Millions fast approaching I was keen to play an event but at this stage of my poker life wasn’t prepared to pay the minimum $1100 which was the cheapest event entry.
    A regular Saturday morning satellite had been running for the last month at Crown Casino where the “Millions” is being held in early January. The previous Saturday 10% of entrants won a seat. As a $50/$25 rebuy I thought this was a good event to attempt to win a seat.
    When I arrived things didn’t go well. My credit card got swallowed by the ATM. Lucky I have another account so I withdrew $150 which was the entry fee and enough for four rebuys.
    I have only played about 12 live tournaments and cashed only once, but I felt that my game wasn’t too bad compared to some I had played against and gave myself a reasonable chance.
    I was seated at a good table near where the final table is usually played and wasn’t going to be moved from this table till late in the tournament if I lasted that long. I recognised some good players at my table and one in particular who had already won a seat to the Main Event.
    I was pretty well card dead early and had made one rebuy to give me just over 1500 chips. Nearing the end of the rebuy period I was again below the starting stack, so with two minutes to go I did another rebuy which allowed me another rebuy and add on at the end of the rebuy period.
    With about one hundred players left and the blinds at 200/400 I’m dealt pocket A’s. I lead out with a standard raise and get no takers. Two hands later with AK FTA I raise and this time the BB calls. I miss the board completely. The BB checks and I feel I have no option but to push. Thankfully the BB folds. A new player arrives and he must be close to chip leader. I get involved in two hands with him and win both and after that he is reluctant to get involved. The cards are coming and I limp in early position with pocket 3’s and the short stack at the table pushes with AK. I call and the 3’s hold up. Two hands later I raise in late position with KJs and get called by the big blind. The flop is 9QJ and he pushes. I am sure he has the Q but it’s not much to call and I have some outs. He turns over Q4 and then I get lucky when on the river comes a 10.
    Shortly after that the table breaks and were down to about 30.I keep building up my stack and with the blinds at 2000/4000 players are being eliminated rapidly. It’s down to 20, with thirteen seats to the opening event on offer, when I’m moved to where the final table is normally played. I use my stack to advantage and take down some blinds and I’m up to about 70,000 but I’m not the chip leader. He has about 90,000 and is at my table. In late position I’m dealt pocket 8’s and raise to 12000. The small blind (chip leader) raises to 20000 and I call. Flop is K97 and the small blind bets 20000. I think about it but can’t call and he flips over pocket 9,s why he bet I have no idea. If he checked he would have gone close to eliminating me. The very next hand the blinds go up to 3000/6000. I’m dealt ATs and raise. It’s down to fifteen players (13 seats and 1 cash prize which I close to a seat in value) and one player has less than the small blind. Chip leader calls in the BB.
    The flop comes 10,3,10 and the BB bets 20000. What to do? Fold and wait for the seat or push. I look him straight in the eye and he looks smug. I push and believe it or not he calls and turns over K9, the rest is history. Shortly after we both have a seat along with eleven others.
    With 9 days to go I am looking forward to perhaps sitting on a table with one of the following players who are attending the Aussie Millions 2007.

    Professional players heading the list include the last three World Series of Poker Champions, Jamie Gold (2006), Joe Hachem (2005) and Greg ‘Fossil Man’ Raymer (2004). Other notable players include America’s ‘Tiger Woods of Poker’ Phil Ivey, 2004 Card Player Magazine Player of the Year Daniel Negreanu, 2000 World Series of Poker Champion Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson, World Poker Tour Champion Gus Hansen, Winner of multiple major titles including two WSOP bracelets and 2 WPT titles Howard “The Professor” Lederer, the first female $1 Million poker winner Kathy Liebert, young guns Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari and Scott Fischman, 2004 European Player of the Year Marcel “The Flying Dutchman” Luske, recent Asia Poker Tour champion Tony G, and defending Aussie Millions champion Lee ‘Final Table’ Nelson.

    Now that will be an experience if it happens!

    If all goes well a trip report to follow.

    p.s. Next day a second place online for $1750, and none of this would have happened if I hadn’t taken Hazy’s 12 week mentor program.

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    Awesome maggies, well done mate.

    All the best next month.


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      Congrats and best of luck in the event.


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        Congradulations on the win.

        I wish you patience to play poker at the correct times & boldness to follow your instincts.

        Those with a little luck when you need to 'catch' and you'll be telling us a thrilling story.

        Bon Chance!!!!!!



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