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WSOP 2002 trip report

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  • WSOP 2002 trip report

    The dream is always the same.

    I stand naked in a dark cave, dark with the exception of the glowing red stalactites above me. Warm drops of blood, magically evolving somehow from the lime deposits, splash onto my cold skin. The room is spinning, a merry-go-round waiting for me to jump into the fray. I swear I see monkeys flying across on vines, their annoying chatter like a jackhammer banging pavement on a cold autumn morning. A voice calls my name from the distance -- soft and warm, it beckons me.

    Try as I might, I can not reach the voice. The revolving surroundings dizzy me into delusion. The whispers are uphill. I reach out with empty hands for the voice, hoping that it will find me and pull me to safety. My name again, this time a little bit closer. Broken shards of glass dig into my bare feet as I fight through the tornado. My lips are salty, not like the good taste you get from a potato chip, but that bitter one you get from sucking on a bad pickle.

    The monkeys are attacking me now. Tweaking my nipples like I'm some S & M freak. It's not very enjoyable. My dangling ***** is too tempting of a toy for the little urchins. They pull on it like a slingshot. My chattering, wet body rocks back and forth from their catapulting motion. I just want to reach the voice.

    The voice is gone.

    "Hello," I cry.

    "Please help me."

    Laughter in the distance. The spinning has stopped. The monkeys have disappeared into hiding places I cannot see. Someone turned the heat on. I'm warm now and no longer have the taste of blood on my lips. More laughter. It's a scary laugh, the kind you'd hear from a madman in some demented Wes Craven flick. I'm not sure I want to leave the cave. The voice comes from alongside the laugh.

    I don't know.

    I don't fuc-king know.

    I hear a drop behind me. I turn and look. It's blood again. It starts dripping faster. And faster. The monkeys are back. The room starts to spin again. I run. Towards the voice. The monkeys reach for me, groping like a child looking for a lost candy bar, as the cave tries to suck me in like a vacuum.

    Finally, I am free. Flowers all around. Daisies, tulips, roses. Pretty. The voice calls from behind me. I turn and look. Mom. Her open arms reaching. My hands extend out.

    The laugh. Dad.

    He pushes me back into the cave.

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    you ever hear the story of thre boy who cried wolf?


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      Like a wise man once said to U b4....Raise you're hands and Take Two Steps Back From the Mushrooms!!!!

      Tony D


      • #4

        I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that in my last lets
        Psyco Analize what you wrote. Ok..we have u naked in a dark cave..You feel like you're spinning..with warm drops of are hearing're lips r salty like the taste u get from sucking on a Bad Pickle..shards of glass dig into you're bare feet....Monkeys Tweeking you're nipples and umm..Yanking you're chain? OK! OK! enough already(as Cartman would say..this is to much 4 my little ears!) Hazy after analizing youre post I have come to the conclusion... that you subconsciously feel that you're "Poker game needs help"
        So Grasshopper you must move you're game to the next level just like hukilau.................You have to spend the weekend at Gator "The Dominatrix" hb's...House of Pain!! as u know it worked wonders for Huk. :twisted:

        Dr. Tony D

        p.s. it's either that or take 15 steps back from thoose Mushrooms



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