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Buschman WPO LONG

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  • Buschman WPO LONG

    WPO Trip report:

    Wow, another year for the adventure., but there ‘s something special this time.

    I leave home the morning of Jan 7, 03 and arrive at GS 1:35 pm and get checked in. Take a stroll to the tourney area and it’s still exciting to get next to the big room. I can feel the excitement. Probably meet some cool people from PSO (maybe win some of their money)? I walk over to the Shoe and there is action everywhere, just normal. Again they have table set up in the pit to put more poker in action. See a funny looking guy checking out the seen and we talk about the action and something seems familiar about this guy.but I’ve never seen him before. Next day we are in the same area watching sat’s and We get to introduce ourselves (Indybob – buschman). Hey he’s not so weird, he’s Bob. Wow, I meet a bunch cool special people I’ve played PSO with. I learn that PSO’s are kicking A’s in the sat’s. Whos’ this JBH guy everyone talks about?

    I want go into all the details, most of you were there. I even saw shoeless Joe (he wore shoes, thank goodness he won some money to buy a pair). I get introduced to most everyone, but being an older guy (can’t get the names correct all the time, excuse my memory folks, you’ll be there one day).

    Some memories of playing against you guy’s, you’re more intimidating at the real table than you are online. MusseyJ is good at moving her chips. The ones I saw at the late tourney stages are good players now so watch out for them in the future. Finally met Ruth and Her Mr. Flyboy. Was supposed to do that last year at the Shoe. Great people.

    I played in 6 tourny’s including PSO. I had 10th in the Omaha /8, 17th PLO, 2nd Omaha /8, and a wash out in LHE At the Grand Tunica Classic. I played the NLHE 01/12/03 but only played 4 hands. No one called my small raise under the gun when I had AA (picked up the blinds). I tried to limp from middle position once with A,J (folded to a raise and reraise).. One hand I picked up some chips (Qc, Tc) in bb five limpers. Flop Qs, Js, x (big flop but dangerous flush possible), bet the pot and take it down). I go card dead until I have 210.00 left in bb, The action is raised to 200 to my right with one limper early. Hummm, action, money in the pot maybe I pick up a hand (yes a pocket pair 8,8). It’s something to go with (long string of x,x hands). I make my move RAISE 210.00. Everyone at the table giggles. I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY call my bet as tight as I’ve played. I get no ‘respect.’ The flop comes A,Q, x, X, X. Can you believe this loose player raised A,Q os preflop and busted my out. Oh well. This is better than last year when I played one hand from middle position K,K and was called from the big blind with A,A. I got all money in then (played one hand 1000 buy-in). Boy these NLHE tournies are fun.

    One last tourney story. Everyone on PSO wants to play against Mark. Hey folks, I did it in the 300 LHE event. I was move to Mark’s immediate right at the 40 person level. Wow, Mark makes the strong moves to take down the chips. He has a tall stack and is working it. His stack is growing. He might win this thing! A couple rounds some one in the blinds plays back big on the turn and Mark has to lay his hand down. Two hands later the same guy does it again, same result. I’m down to 2100 and get Mark to change one of my 500 to 100’s. I post bb and hear comes the cards (Ad,Td) Mark comes in and I call from the bb when the pot is five way limpers. Flop: 6d, 7d, Jd (oh baby, hold on, don’t give it away) I check. And it’s checked around, no one bets, humm. Turn is 7c, and I check, Mark bets and is called, then I raise (Mark calls). I bet the river and Mark has to fold. Unfortunately, I have crippled my teacher. A few rounds late I have to make my stand again. In the blind (J,J)a middle postion player limps in short stacked and the guy whose been eating Mark’s stack raises. I decide this is a good time to pick up some chips. (I put the big guy on AA,KK, AK). I call the raise and the MP gets his chips all in. Low and behold the big guy re-rased to push me out. If I fold I only have one round to pick up a hand. Well, lets do it and I call. The flop comes x,x, J (BINGO). How do I play it (he saw me, slow play my nut flush and he is a watcher.) My play (Caro text) ‘big move means little hand’ I drop a chip while getting a hand full of chips. I make my best bluff stack pop on the table. Oh yeah, he bought it. He’s loading up and coming over the top. I pop him back and he calls my all in. Boy to remember the look on his face when he sees most of this stack in front of me. First he can’t believe I called the re-raise pre-flop. He’s steaming because he bought the farm on my bluff “act.” Anyone ever eat beets. The next 2 times I’m in the bb he automatically raises {daggers in his eyes} ( 7,2 & 8,4) and I have no reason to battle him. I go card dead. My AK’s don’t connect and I loose all my chips at about 36 position. IGHN

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