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Tunica Trip

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  • Tunica Trip

    3:00 am. What's that damn noise! Oh yeah, I guess it's time to get up and head to Tunica. I get the car packed up and start the 360 mile drive. I find a Quick Trip so I can fill up with gas and coffee. I bought Sirius Satellite service a couple of months ago and this trip certainly made me see the value of it.

    Anyway, I arrive at the Grand Casino at 09:45 and go in to check things out. I get signed up and grab some pancakes for breakfast/lunch. I pass the time crushing the penny slots. I turned 20 into 40. ;-)

    Finally it's tournament time. It started with ~335 players. I slowly start building my stack without having any showdowns. Then I get pocket 6s. I flat call and there is a 4x raise behind me out of the big blind. It's folded back to me and I call. The flop is 962 rainbow. He bets the pot. At this point I put him a big pair. I think I can get all his chips if I let him keep the lead till the turn, so I flat call. Turn is a K. He bets the pot again. I think he has AA now, but if he has KK then I'm going home early. I push all in and he calls with AA. That put me near double the 2500 starting stack. About 4800.

    My next big hand was with pocket Js. The short stack is in the small blind and calls my 3x raise. The flop is T73. He bets the pot and I put him all in. He calls with A7 and doesn't improve. That put me near 6200.

    I take another pot worth 2k with a set of 10s a little later. And that's when the wheels fell off. I went card dead for 3 hours. I picked up a pot here and there, but I lost 2500 over the 3 hours when I missed flops and got raised with my continuation bets.

    My real turning point was when I picked QQ in the big blind. The short stack in the cutoff raised 1/2 his stack, and the button made it 3500 to go. I thought for a long time on this one. I just couldn't see where QQ was good. I either had to push or fold. No calling off most of my stack and folding. I ended up folding. CO had A7 and Button had AT. I wanted to puke. No A on the board.

    The crippler came a few hands later when I get AK in early position. The blinds were 200/400 with a 50 ante. I make the standard raise for the table of 4x. The button moves in for 2400 more. I call and he turns over AA. I get no help and I'm down to around 2k. I pick up a couple of pots when no one calls my all in with JJ and 88. I then push with KTs and get a caller with A6s of the same suit. I get no help and the A high holds up. I'm out around 85th if I remember correctly. They paid 36.

    I go and play some 4/8 limit to pass the time till I'm ready for bed and win a couple of hundred dollars. If I was in a better mood this morning, I'd try to go win a satellite today. Instead, I'm getting packed up and going home.

    I don't think I played horribly, but if I push with those Qs instead of folding, I have enough chips that I don't lose all my chips with KTs. I think folding the Qs was the right move, but the result was a real kick in the nads. The more I play in these live events, the better feel I get for them.

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    I feel your pain Quackpot. You DID play well. It often only takes one bad break to ruin a tournament. Your bad break was the big slick hand, in my opinion. You (we) never expect that AK will be up against rockets or cowboys. It should always be at least a race, but sometimes bad luck intervenes.

    If it helps, I went out at Spirit Mountain last month after a great start when I pushed back at the big stack's bully pre-flop raise (I presumed) and my QQ got bounced by his KK.

    Then last week at Clearwater (WA) I went out in the first orbit the same way, except this time my QQ was toasted by 66 when another 6 came on the river.

    Thanks for sharing.




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