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Columbus Day Weekend

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  • Columbus Day Weekend


  • #2
    Way to go Apryll!! I'll probably never play at these limits so it's great to read your victory posts. Keep on posting them please, Den


    • #3
      I love your trip reports Apryll. I only wish I played limit holdem so I could ask some strategy questions.


      • #4
        Fun Post!! What a roller coaster ride. Boy, I got sympathy pains on that 79o. 8O

        my question is, how can one make accurate reads against those kind of players? :roll: Maybe Brunson was right about ESP after all. :P



        • #5
          Is it legal in a card room to lie about your hand at the end hoping everyone will just muck their hands?

          Seems like that would be grounds for an a$$ kicking.


          • #6
            How do you prove he is lying and not really missread his hand? Missreading a hand does and has happened to most everyone who has played for any length of time. People play for 36 - 48 hrs str8 sometimes, fatigue can do funny things. Some older people have a difficult time reading the board from certain seats. Who's lying and who's in error? That's why it is ALWAYS a good idea, not to release ones hand until the hand has been called by the dealer and you are certain who the winner is! In a cardroom, the "cards speak" even if you miss call your hand, if it is tabled (turned face up) the dealer is then the one responsible for calling the hand and awarding the pot. I had a situation just the other day that points this up. Quite a nice pot in a jammin 4/8 hold em game. The board is 2A263, one player showsdown A2 for 2s full of As. The other player looks at his cards, holding them in the air, (I see he has 33), but does not table them. Instead, he mucks them to me face down. It so happens, another player, not involved int the hand, asks to see the mucked hand as it is being surrendered to me. I take the 2 cards, touch them to the muck, to "kill" the hand, and show them face up. He had 3s full of 2s, and of course would have taken down the pot. Because he mucked his hand without tabling it, he lost a nice pot. Always best to table your hand and let the dealer do their job. By the way, the "loser" didn't say a word, as he realized he made the fatal mistake on this hand.



            • #7
              Den- they aren't always victory posts! Thankfully most of my bad runs have been happening at the online paysites (10-20) so my overall results have been good. I should post a trip report about the latest $500 bloodbath I absorbed online so you guys don't think I only post winning trip reports. My last two trips have been a little weird- Labor Day the 20-40 beat me up but I was able to catch a few hands at 100-200 to make it up. I do not recommend jumping limits like I do, it's probably a recipe for disaster most of the time (but I like short-handed play). This weekend I had rather ordinary results in the 20-40, but lucked into a weak 50-100 and made a big hand on the river. Now if those trip aces holdup, that 50-100 may last another hour or two, and then I could have made a big score. 8O

              Noodles- I'm sure you would be very tough at limit holdem. If you read Abdul Jalib and Sklanksy, practice online (play money) and watch the paradise 20-40 for a month you would gain about 10 years of experience in no time at all. Don't worry so much about starting hands, learn how to play post-flop.

              CannedHam- how do you read them--hmmmm, I don't know how to explain it. I had a good read on the whole table, I had spent the first 10 hands studying the game. I was sure no one had a flush until the small blind capped it.

              I honestly never gave the possible str8 a second thought. I think the trip tens should have called (if he had them), and one of the other folders said later he had A with King of spades (don't know if I believe that either), but I have to say calling with the str8 on the river is a no-brainer. If he was going to fold, he had to fold on the turn. Once he calls $400 worth of bets on the turn, he has to see it through. Best thing that could have happened to me was if the SB raised me on the river, as I have to make a crying call with the str8 probably mucking faced with 2 bets and 2 players to beat.

              MInpin and PG- this was an angle, no doubt about it. The guy was a maniac but no idiot. He did not want to table it, when he said, oh, I misread my hand, he mucked, and the SB looked at his hand and said, "you have 67?"


              • #8
                Yes, no doubt he was taking a shot. Happens all the time in higher limits. People try to exploit every advantage possible...acting out of turn, calling hands, "balking" at the pot. Then of course, there are those who actually make an error. I think overall, there are more angle shots than errors...but in the middle seat, I'm nice about it...not quite so nice if I'm




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