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Old Okie's Shy trip report

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  • Old Okie's Shy trip report

    as told to two_isles:

    Hello Two!

    Gotta share this with you. You probably haven’t seen me around for a while because I had to go to Tulsa Oklahoma for a job. In Tulsa is a very nice Casino called the Cherokee Casino and Resort. I decided since I had to stay somewhere, why not the Casino Hotel.

    The Job turned into a nightmare, working 14 to 18 hour days and there was no time for poker. Right before I was ready to come home I decided I had to play at least one session of ring game. This is only about the third time I have ever played live.

    I wanted to play 3/6 limit because I figured I couldn’t get hurt too bad in that. But all that was available was 1/2 no limit. Okay I go buy my 200 bucks worth of chips and sit down!

    I am the only woman at a table full of rough and tumble Okie and Texas boys. And they are eyeballing me like I am a trout and they all got their fly fish rods primed .. ya know what I mean?

    To make a long story.. uh, not quite so long.. They were all very very aggressive. Every hand was raised a minimum of 10X the big blind preflop. I could find very few hands that I could even justify seeing a flop with. So basically for the next hour and a half .. all I did was fold. If not preflop then by the turn. I never saw a river card for the first hour and a half or so.

    My 200 dollars had now dwindled to 157 on mostly just blinds and a few feeble attempts to flop a hand.

    Then came.... "The Hand"

    I looked down at my hole cards to find a pair of sixes. The guys bet it up preflop as per custom. There is one guy there that if he sees any paint in his hand.. the flop is gonna cost ya 25 bucks or more. Normally I would have just tossed the sixes to all the preflop betting .. but dang it, I have been sitting in that chair for pretty near two hours and not played so I called the bets.
    Now comes the flop. rag rag six with two hearts. I am first to bet and quickly tap the table in a check.
    Two guys over a young man pushes his stack all in for 127 bucks.. One guy thinks about it and quickly calls... it gets around to the guy two before me and he takes a real long time, then he calls. It gets to me and I push my whole stack in which is something around 150 bucks. Now I got their attention.. the old woman that has folded for two hours is now in it for all her chips! But my raise was small enough that they all had to call. We are all four all in.

    I figure I am ahead with my set. I thought perhaps the first guy was on a semi bluff with a flush draw and maybe I had pocket kings and some other high pocket pair out there.

    Turns out the first guy was on the nut flush draw.. Second guy was on an inside straight draw.. INSIDE straight draw. Third guy who thought a long time was on the king high flush draw.

    The turn is a blank. And the river is just cute as heck. The 8 of hearts. But.. the 8 of clubs is out there.. board pairs.. the old woman has a boat. One guy makes the nut flush.. middle guy got nuttin.. 3rd guy makes the 2nd nut flush. We got no more money to bet so I didn’t get to take advantage of the situation but the pot is already huge so I don’t care.

    The young guy with the nut flush jumps out of his chair, pumps his fist and goes berzerk. Talking shit like, "who’s your daddy now" etc.

    I stay calm as I turn over my little ol pair of sixes.. I say "that is a right purty hand, but this is just a shade better"
    The guy just now realizes that I beat him and turns bright red. He starts talking "bs" and "bad beat" and I hear the word "horrible player" etc.

    Now I love this part: Sitting in the number six seat just to my right is a young oriental man about 26 or younger. As I rake in my chips he explains in a fairly loud voice. "Sir, she had u with her pair preflop, she had you on the flop with her set, the turn helped no one and you all made your monster hands on the river with hers being just a bit more boss monster! Why don’t you sit down, shut up, and just admit that the woman just kicked all our asses.

    I tipped the dealer a 20, racked my chips and left.

    I played virtually just one hand all night, got up and walked away about a 500-dollar winner!! (You know that is a lot for me)

    The cashier who is a little old white haired lady even older than me counts out my money and says, "Sweety, did you just take those boys money?".. I got a huge smile on my face and in my strong hick accent I said, "Yes ma'am I Sho did!"

    Karri, thanks for listening to my recent adventures. I wanted to share my story with someone that understands poker and just how cool this was a thing to happen to me. For some reason I am intimidated to post in the general forum. I don't want to start a flame or anything and you can never tell when you might say something that sets someone off. But now at least one REAL poker player has heard my tale, my non poker playing friends are truly tired of the telling of it.

    Later, Charlotte

    OMG! Charlotte!!
    That is so TOTALLY freaking awesome!
    AND...if you get brave enough, I think you should post it.
    You tell a very very good story.
    The old stereotpyes and all lol
    And for just your third time out and in a highly aggressive
    game-your patience was awesome!
    THank you sooooo much for sharing it with me.
    I feel honored.
    You might want to save your story on Word for yourself and
    re-read that from time to time should you need it.
    I am so proud of you!!!500 bucsk!! That is alot of money!
    Take care dear, and very well done!


    If you want u could post it as a letter u got from me. That way if anyone wants to critique my delivery, spelling, grammar, lack of details etc. they can kiss my rosy red one... because it was a letter to a friend and not a public document. I mainly wanted to tell someone that would understand what it meant to throw away sooo many hands and waiting waiting waiting to strike at just the right moment. My friends who don’t play poker just say, "God that must be boring to only play one hand". Well no, the thrill of the last hand more than made up for it..

    I came back from Tulsa with an abscessed jaw. The left side of my face looks like it belongs to Neanderthal woman. My pain meds are kicking in so I will go pass out on the couch now.

    Thanks for being there for me, and letting me talk your ear off,


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    WTG Charlotte! Nice one!


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      WTG Charlotte now let us win some of it back here in PSO dollars



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          :roll: I've had to listen to the story about 50 times, but since I am a "poker playing friend", I enjoy it everytime. Wish I could have seen the looks on those ole boys' faces! vgg old woman! 8)


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            ok, since i just played ya in the tourney, I am going to say.... SHUSH!!!

            Your MOM did AWESOME....wtg girlfriend..great job charlotte!!

            You are a great 2nd tornado, and I am just teasing in the line above.



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              wish i could have been at that table and watched it all unfold, and stayed on after u left and kept rubbing salt in to there wounded egos, lol luv it wtg.


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                You guys are great! Thanks for your comments everyone.


                and Tornado when we get together next week I am gonna tell it to you again.. but this time with even more descriptors


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                  WTG friend!!! That is an awesome feat. At least you are brave enough to give it a try. I live 2 blocks from Harrah's, and have yet to play a live game. Again WTG!!


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                    Inspirational Stuff :!:


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                      Great Job, very well done, they will be talking about you there for years 'remember that woman who came here and won with that boat...'.

                      Dont ever feel intimidated to post here in future, if you get any hassle give me a call.



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                        Proud of you Charlotte..WTG! A true "black widow" was formed that day. :wink:



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                          Great trip report Okie!! Thank you Karri for encouraging Charlotte to share this awesome experience!!



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                            wtg my friend.....ty Karri for posting and keep up the grand work Charlotte!!!




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