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wsop trip report

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  • wsop trip report

    My 2006 wsop experience started when I landed in Vegas on July 22. My plan was to play in three events in the wsop, so after I checked in at the Luxor, I went over to the Rio and bought in to events #34 and #37 both no limit holdem. The third event i was going to be playing in was the main event, but full tilt poker was picking up that tab.
    Well to my surprise when in sat down to play in event #34 I learned it was an unlimited rebuy tourney. Good thing I brought a little money with me just in case i needed to rebuy. The tourney was going well and I had taken down a couple of pots. Then I caught a nut flush draw on the turn and doubled-up.With a bout 20 minutes to go in the second round I saw Daniel Negreanu walking buy with not to many chips. The rumor was the that he did the double rebuy 24 times, that's a total of $49,000 dollars with the original $1000 buyin, and after he did his last rebuy they broke his table, which meant he had no chance of getting his chips back. When the 2nd round ended my chip count was $3,900 so I opted to do the addon and that brought it up to $4,900.
    When we got back from the break I thought I was in decent shape and want to play some more poker. This came to an abrupt end three hands in when i got involved in a hand by calling with 44. There was a total of 5 players in tha hand and i was in the middle. The flop came out 2 4 5 with two suited cards , and the small blind bet out into every one about 3/4 the pot, two of the players in front of me called so i raised the bet about pot size to get out the people on thier draws out. When it came around to the small blind he raised all in. Now I sat there for minute and thought about, there was a possibility that he did flop the str8 and was betting out to protect it, I didn't think so because he would have bet more to make the odds worse. I thought he had two pair and thought I was on top pair only, even if he had the str8 I had about 30% chance of winning if the board paired. So I called. I was right he didnt have the str8, he had top set PP 5's and I was drawing to 1 out the last 4 in the deck. It didn't come. I was left with $400 in chips and the blinds at 100/200 I went allin with 89 suited before the blindscould kill me. I got called by 22 and when I didn't hit I was out.
    The next tourney I played in was two days later and there's not to much to report. We started with $1,500 in chips. About twenty minutes in to the tounrney I called standard raise for someone. I had AK off and the flop was K 7 4 rainbow, the orginal raiser bet out 400 which was the the pot. I called and the other person in the hand folded. The turn was a 7 and paired the board. At this point the person bet allin, I thought about it for a minute and called. I thought he either had a pokect pair and was trying to push me off the hand or we had the same hand. I was wrong again and he turned over AA. This was the quickest I have ever been knocked out of a live tourney and I want it to stay that way. After much thought, I think for me the only way I could have gotten away from the hand, is if I reraised preflop, and then he rsaised again all in I can safely fold AK.
    The next wsop event I played in was my "uneventful" main event. My plan for this tourney was to survive the first day and then try to accumulate chips on the second day. Well all was going as I planed, I even got dealt 10 10 four times with in 8 hands. I won two out of the four. One of them I got beat by Q8 off, he floped trip 8's, not bad for raising with Q8 off. Another significant hand was that I limped in with 77 and floped a set, there was one other person in the hand and the river made a possible flush so I could not bet, I won the hand. The hand that took about 25% of my stack late in the day was a tough one to take. At this point I had almost $21,500 in chips. It was the third time in about 10 hands that this short went allin and I was sitting one spot away from the button with JJ. His total bet was $4,600 and I rerasied to $10,000 to get the button and the blinds to fold. I didnt go allin because if the some one came over the top of me I still have an option of folding if I think I'm beat. They all folded and so I looked to him to see if I was beat. I was't, I was in good shape, he fliped over K J off. Little did I know the dealer had something else in mind, right on the flop in the door was the three out, the K of hearts. Over the next couple of hours it was pretty boring, I called a couple of raises never hitting any flop and managed to cut my stack in half. It was around $7000. There was around an hour left before we were going to break for the night and I didn't want to that short stacked going in to the second day. I was able to double up over the course of three str8 hands. They were 99,99 and AK none of them made it past the flop. So I did what I set out to do, I made it to the second day. I was a little short stacked and would have liked to have more chips, but $14,750 wasn't the shortest stack.
    The second day was pretty boring, I was short stacked and need chips the only thing was that I was card dead. After the first break I came back to be under the gun and was dealt KJ off. Being short stacked and the blinds coming I went allin, I was lucky and didn't get called. Now I was in the blinds and both got raised by solid players and I couldn't call. Again I found my self under the gun I looked down and saw A3 clubs and went allin. Everyone folded around to the big blind and he called wth 10 J off, he hit a J on the turn and my first main event was over. I think I could've done better if I was not so card dead, at no point in the tourney did I feel over matched or out played, just wasn't lucky enough to get the cards I needed to do better.
    The highlight of my trip was probably in one of the 4 tourneys I played in at the Bellagio. I knocked out Jean Robert Bellande. I raised with JJ in middle postion and called in the big blind. The flop came A J 6 all clubs, he checked I made a bet around pot sized he called. The turn was a Q not a club and Jean Robert moved allin. I thought for a sec and asked him i he floped it, after a minute of thinking and him talking, nothing obnoxious just chatter, I called and made the right call he had AQ. On the river I hit the fourth J which I didn't need and won the hand.
    To end this LONG trip report I will say that I had a good tiime out in Vegas even though I didn't win any money in the major events I played in. I can't wait until next year, so I can work towards the dream of winning a braclet. Hopefully next year I will be able to meetup with some other pso people out there. Thanks for reading and good luck.

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    Great report! Sorry it didn't turn out this time.



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