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  • WSOP?

    First, thank you all for the nice posts!

    I have been so busy since I came back that I have not even told my friends how things went. Work is really difficult after such a great experience! I learned I am good at this game in some ways, and yet I still have a whole lot to learn.

    To begin with, let me thank Oildoe (Amy) for her very complimentary blog comments and great pictures!

    It was neat to meet Quackpot (Dave) and The OSU (Jason) for the first time. Great jobs guys! Hazy and I had lunch with Quackpot twice, and I very much enjoyed his company. Nice to see Zeroth (Tim) again too.

    The trip started with lots of free stuff. I was bouncing off the walls when Party delivered a suitcase, yes, a suitcase filled with stuff. By the end of the trip I think I collected 23 shirts just from Party. I came to Vegas with a suitcase weighing about 40 lbs. I came home with 2 suitcases over 55 lbs, even with Hazy carrying lots of it in his two bags. All sites gave away little somethings, but no one was as generous as they were. The suitcase has lots of oddities. A few books, a back massager, a computer cable (lan), a money clip, a backgammon set, and even sunscreen to name just a few. SWEET!

    “Thank you” again to everyone for the congrats on the general forum! To answer one question, No, I did not bust out anyone famous. In fact, I only busted one person the entire 3 days. The hand was the second hand on day 3. A short stack raised to 5k, I called with TT. I was short enough that I wanted to get value for the hand, either by pushing on the flop if I knew he did not hit, or getting called by the big stacks left to act, hitting a set, and doubling up. Everyone else folded and the flop came with a queen. The short stack shoved it in, and the pot was huge. (600/1200 blinds with 200 ante.) It was only 6k to call, and I had one of those feelings. I called and was correct; he had A8, no pair. That hand got me into the money 6 hours later. As far as sitting with someone famous, I sat with Susie Issacs at the end of day 2. Her perfume gave me a headache.

    The entire event, I never had Kings. (Papi might say this is why I did well.) I played 15 hours on day 1. I got AA once, QQ once and JJ twice. I was never paid off, but I was at a very tight table. My favorite hand that day was in hour 13. Background: A guy from Austria moved to our table in hour 7, and we did battle many times. I lost a huge hand to him. He had been raising a ton when he came to our table with about 70k, when our biggest stack had been about 40k. I had maybe 35 at the time. He raised, I reraised from the SB with TT, and as usual, he called. The flop came all rags. I bet, he raised as usual, and I called. I decided to check call just in case. We both checked the turn, and he went all in on the river. Usually a big river overbet indicates weakness. I still had an overpair to the board. I thought so long I had the clock called on me, a scary thing at the WSOP because the dealers have to yell for the floor at the top of their lungs. I had a similar hand earlier in the day with JJ, and had the feeling I had the best hand. I was right, the guy had AQ and I near doubled. This time I had a bad feeling and folded. The guys at the table were yelling for the Austrian to show. He said something I could not understand (But someone said that he said something about aces,) and mucked his hand by sliding each card a different direction. One guy picked up one of the cards, it was an Ace. He was irate and called the floor. The guy who flipped the card got a 15 minute penalty. He very well may have had aces, but I was down to about 12k and not a happy camper. I know it was good to fold an overpair when I think I was beat, but I have racked my brain on how I could have minimized my losses. I think any reraise would have been called, and I can’t imagine folding an overpair on the flop unless sure that the opponent has a big pair. Oh yeah, the hand I liked. I did a stop and go later. I raised the Austrian’s limp with AQ, flat called his flop bet, and bet out on the turn when the K landed to look like I had AK. He actually folded. I was so proud. A few hands later I got 66, and called the Austrian’s raise. The flop was J high, and we both checked. The turn was a 6, and again we both checked. The river was a J. Everyone knows you do not slowplay top pair, so I overbet the river to look like I was trying to buy it. He was so convinced I was bluffing he called me with Ace high! He was once again very upset when the guy on my right asked the dealer to show his cards. (For those of you who do not play live much, any player can ask to see a mucked hand after a showdown! A very valuable tool. Be quick before the dealer puts the cards in the deck! This is only if a bet is called on the river or both people check the river.)

    Day 2 I had a similar situation. I got up to 80-90k. One hand that got me there was a play from the SB early in the day. The SB called, I checked with 8To. The flop came K82. He bet, I raised, and he called. The turn was an A, we both checked. The river was a rag, and he overbet the pot 5k. I thought about it for a bit, and said out loud that I thought if he had a K he would have raised preflop. I called and he had 94s. He raised in hour 10 of the 12 hour day, and I called with 88. The flop came 7 high. He bet 8k, I had this bad feeling, and called. The turn was another rag, and he bet 11. I could not put my finger on it, but I believed him and folded my overpair. He said he had Queens. I believed him, though poker players never lie, right? Funny that I folded here, but called with third pair earlier when it was a bigger portion of my stack.

    After the 88 hand I was moved to the Susie Issacs table. This is where my inexperience really showed. I HATE table changes. I got a bad card rush. Aj, AQ, AK, 22. I kept getting reraised, missing the flops, and other odd things. I just did not know where I was at, and felt like my intuition had abandoned me. In two hours I was down to 24k. I had a really bad hand when Susie limped and I had KJ and limped after her. I had warning bells ringing. Shakey’s words were ringing in my ears: “Don’t go broke in an unraised pot.” The flop was J high, the SB bet out, and I reraised. He flat called. I was nervous, so checked the turn after him. The river be bet 7k, and my gut was telling me to fold, but my head was thinking, gee, I have top pair and he checked the turn. I stupidly called. He had caught the straight on the river. My big mistake was not betting the turn. Fear made me stupid.

    Fear made me stupid again on day 3. The lowest payout takes me many months to earn, and with all my student loan debt, I needed the money. Once again, I stupidly limped with a suited Ace after building my stack up a bit. I should never have limped. 4 checks on the flop. I had the nut flush draw on the turn, and called a reasonable turn bet instead of reraising when I knew the guy had nothing. I hit the Ace on the river, and stupidly called his river bet. I was right, he had nothing on the turn, but he had a bigger Ace on the river. I was back to where I started. I had mostly crappy cards all day 3. I got QQ after the bad hand and pushed. I was called by a tight medium stack, and the guy in the big blind was so nervous about the tight guys call that he folded TT. The guy ended up having QQ! So, my one big pair, and the pot is split. The funny thing is, it is lucky for me that the other guy folded the TT, he would have hit the straight.

    Ok, lets end on some good hands. On day 2 I raised with JJ UTG and was called by the button, then the SB reraised to 11k. (I was at about 30k) Something in me said I was behind, and I folded. Bad or good play, it was a feeling. About an hour later, I limped UTG with 44. The SB raised again, but for some reason I wanted to call. Because I had limped and there was no call, the raise was not quite as big, I think 6-8k. The flop came with Q49, two clubs. Yee haw! He bet, I flat called. The turn was an Ace. He bet bigger, and I moved all in, deciding that if he had clubs, I had pushed my luck far enough, and if he had an A, he was hooked. It was 17 K for him to call, and would have left him with 15-20k. He thought for a very long time, and finally said he knew I had a set and showed me the Ace of clubs. I respected this play more than any I saw the whole event. Nice fold. Bad trap on my part, but at least he did not make his flush.

    On Day 3 I was sick with a cold, and made one odd mistake. I make it a general rule to never show my hand. Too much information is given this way. The round where we all made it into the money I had about 18 k. I raised with AQ to 5k. The blinds were scrunched on the corner, and the SB turned over 72o. This is only ever done in the BB, and he thought he was the BB. So I stupidly flip over my AQ. The BB immediately moves in and we realize the mistake. We call the floor over and I have a big decision. Risk the money with AQ? He knows what I have, and if I fold I am in the money. He either has AK or a pair, so I fold. I am in the money the next hand, and he claims it was a mistake on his part because he had AK and would liked to have busted me. Note to self, NEVER SHOW YOUR CARDS! I also never muck my cards until the dealer gives me my chips. People often hide their cards with their hands, and I have seen people lose pots this by accidentally tossing their hand before the hand is complete. After the money I was very short and moved in with QJs, and was called by A4. The 4 hit and I finished 813. Not bad for a card dead beginner.

    So, to sum up. I was impressed by some of my reads. This was a big improvement in the last year. I need to get over my fear and not donk off chips by playing weak and letting others catch up. Heck, I raised with 69off for ol’ Hazy, and reraised the flop bettor on the flop when the 6 hit, so I know I can be aggressive. Why I lapse back into a weak pattern occasionally is a question I have to work on. Good thing a woman did not win this year, now I have a whole lot of work to do for next year!

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    Great report Jordan - you have come so far in the two years I've known you and I know someday you're going to hit the big score because your natural ability in this game is evident.

    Just in case you forgot, I'm very proud of you and it was an honor to be there on the sidelines cheering you on.


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      Excellent trip report and congratulations. Do you have the addy for Oil Does blog?



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        You "can talk the talk, and walk the walk" for sure.

        Hazy is not the only one proud of your accomplishments and without question, you are a future Big Time Champion!

        By the way, it must be comforting to have a mentor with you in these events, during breaks, days off, and getting you mentally prepared to square off with opponents that are all out there and just ready to bust you if you give the slighest opportunity!

        So give him a few days off, but remind him, he has unfinished business with you, and that you expect him to continue making your climb to the top, very tough, but also very rewarding.

        All the best and continued successes!


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          Originally posted by pooljunkie73
          Excellent trip report and congratulations. Do you have the addy for Oil Does blog?

          Not sure if it's allowed but it's


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            Congradulations on a top 10% finish in a field of 8773 runners.



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              Thanks, but I never saw anything in there.



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                  Great report Jordan, and fantastic tournament! No doubt about it, you've got GAME!

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                    Great job. I love the great laydowns you were able to make. A great laydown is more impressive, IMO, than winning a big pot with some fancy play.


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                      Great report! Nice job in the WSOP! You go girl!



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