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  • Pso convention

    This will be my first trip report so I apologize if it is a long one. I am starting this on our way home from Greensboro NC ( a ten hour drive to reach Alabama). I will try to break this down into days and keep it as entertaining and informative as I can.( Lol, I think it will be mostly entertaining though.)

    Sunday - Chris and I get into the Las Vegas Airport 1AM our time, 10:30 their time. Our luggage takes forever to retrieve. By the time we get mine, it looks like it has been ran over by a train, and Chris’s is MIA. We wait at the AA office to report the lost luggage and finally reach the hotel at 3 AM. It has been a long and trying day, so we decide to turn in for the morning and will wake later and get a look around the hotel before the meet and greet scheduled later for the evening.

    3PM we retrieve Chris’s luggage and get dressed for the meet and greet. I am thrilled and excited to finally meet so many of the people I have spoken with online. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the following people the night of the meet and greet...

    BHAT- A guy which at first glance appears very intimidating. He gave me quite the competition for Plat. League in June. Upon speaking to him, he is very friendly with kind eyes and a pleasant smile. A true joy to meet in person.

    Oakz - Very friendly and tall. A cool accent, good poker player..need I say more?

    Sharonique - Bubbly personalitlty and friendly. A shopper and all around fun gal. Sharon and I had a chance to speak later about the men in our life and from the bottom of my heart I thank her for the support and kind words she offered to me.

    Hvnsentman - Possibly onr of the sweetest men on earth. I was very pleased to meet David and he is just as wonderful and kind in person as he is online.

    two_isles - Karri is a true live wire. She exudes energy and openess. She is full of laughter and joy. It was obvious she was having a good time and I enjoyed having a moment to sit and talk with her.

    Skratt - Maggie is a sweetheart. She also was full of laughter and joy. She offered me words of encouragement about playing live for the first time. A joy to be around.

    Pokerfix - Michelle is a beautiful person inside and out. I enjoyed very opportunity I had to talk with her.

    Shaky - Quite possibly the most energetic and entertaining person at the convention. I found him to be open and friendly. Shared many entertaining stories with us all. My pleasure to have had the chance to meet him.

    Kenoman - A sweet and kind guy. He and I shared many poker theories and hand scenarios. He was very supportive of me playing live for the first time and was full of advice for me. Once I began my live tournament ( The Orleans Open) on Wed. Brian was sweet enough to stop by and check in to see how I was doing. A hug and some kind words to keep me centered. Thanks are wonderful.

    SexyKitty - Collette is Brian’s ( kenoman’s wife) and a very beautiful lady. She and I talked poker and men ( of course) and I look forward to having more chances to speak with her.

    Planeloco - He and I had a chance to speak many times during the convention. A pleasant man with many stories to share. A joy to put a face with the name behind the screen.

    Lil_Lisa_W - Lisa and I had a chance to speak a couple times during the convention and I found her to be nice and friendly.

    Kaelaine - Sweet and smart. Had the opportunity to play a 1-2 NL ring with her later that night and she is a joy to talk with and play poker with.

    Mommamills - Carol, I enjoyed every talk we had. She is new to PSO and will be a force to be reckoned with in the months ahead. I look forward to the competition.

    themills - Michael a true joy to finally meet in person. For those that don’t know, back in Jan. I had asked Michael if he would work with me on improving my end game and aggression. Let me tell ya, there is nothing nicer than sitting in a tournament feeling like you have your game going and you are in the zone when an IM pops up with the following message : “ I know you can play poker, so wtf are you doing?” Honestly, he has been a wonderful coach for me. And he continued to be during the convention. I enjoyed meeting him very much..the pleasure was all mine.

    Psumike - one of the sweetest guys I had the chance to meet.

    Fishmonger - friendly and open..Joe the pleasure was mine.

    NewJane - Janie, you are the same sweet lady in person as you are online. A true sweetheart.

    I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. I did have a chance to meet some other PSO’ers in the upcoming days. Everyone was friendly and open. It was a wonderful night and I am happy I had a chance to go.

    After the meet and greet Michael had thought it would be a good idea for me and his mom Carol to get some live experience so we headed down to play some ring games. I have never played a live game nor have I been in a poker room in a casino before, so I was a bit nervous and was not sure what to expect. Chris was tired and decided he would head up to the room and get some sleep, so I went with Carol and Michael. What I had visioned in my head was something like this: The three of us would be seated at a table and in between hands Michael would offer advice on what I should do, or what I was doing wrong. didn’t really happen like that. We entered the poker room which was full of people and Michael decided a 2/4 limit would be good so we all got put on a list. He was seated right away and Carol and I was left on our own. I was standing there in the center of the room looking around feeling like a fish out of water with one thought going through my mind “ He left us ”

    Still glancing around the room I see Al Spath and Kaelaine waving me over so I wander over and they tell me we have a seat open here for 1-2 NL. I sit down with Al on my right and I tell him..this is my first time playing live so if I am unsure when it’s my turn to act..please let me know. He gives me some advice and I buy in and get started. I look around the table trying to judge the kind of players we have here. Most of us are PSO a real joy to finally meet, and psumike, Kaelaine, Al, daggerz, myself, and a couple of unknowns. I decided to play pretty tight and watch how the other people played first. I watched how much people raised, which raises were called and which ones were respected. I was aware of hands that went to showdown and who was playing what sort of hands in what position. I had this young guy sitting to my immediate left who appeared to be using the same strategy that I was using. I only saw pairs when his hands went to showdown and noticed he only bet when he had hit his hand. He would just call pre-flop raises with big pairs...never re-raised unless post-flop.

    I got a few hands worth bringing in for a raise, but it would be folded around to me. One of our unknowns left the table and Al moved over to take his seat leaving one open next to me which another unknown came and sat in. This guy had quite a stack and it didn’t take me long to figure out how he got it. So I was planning on how to get his chips when I look down and see 88. I had been pretty quiet and FTA I bring it in for a raise. The young guy ( rock) to my left calls as does Kaelaine. Everyone else folds. Flop comes 8Jx. I lead out FTA and make a bet about ½ the pot. Rock raises me..I bet 15 , he raised to 30. Kaelaine folded. I took a moment while Kae. Was deciding what to do and decided to just call. Rainbow flop, I had nothing to be afraid of....I put him on JJ-AA. If he had JJ..bless him cause I’ll go broke. The turn card came which was a J. So the board is 8JxJ. Now I decided to bet again, lets see what the rock does. He just calls. OKAY, I am pretty sure he does not have the J. So how to get his chips on the river. The river brings another 8. I am sittig there thinking..omg. I look at my chips and count off what I have left...35. The pot is good size and any amount less than all-in just looks odd , so I push and hope he calls. He has odds to call, but alas he folds and flips up K’s. I show my hand for the quads and take a nice pot. I doubled my money, first time playing was late so I tell everyone good night shortly after that and cash in my chips.

    Monday - We have the PSO tournament at 8AM, so I get up around 6..shower and order a quick breakfast from room service to eat while I finish getting dressed. Head to the poker room around 745AM. I had the pleasure of meeting Runningunnin, Johnny Bravo, fishMOMger, ibpatti, spotlight kid, 4 flusher, folletto, thehazyone, oceanpup, Idoru99, kailyn31, siberianx, and OMaggie.

    I was a bit nervous playing a live tournament for the first time and ended up playing to tight. Nothing to exciting happened. I went out middle of the field when I looked down at AKs and moved in for all my chips ( short) BB calls and shows 99. I didn’t improve and was out. After wishing everyone well, I wondered to the back of the room and pondered my play. Sure I was card dead, but I realized I played way to tight and passive. I simply had to fix this before my next tournament on Wed. I didn’t play much else, just socialized and had dinner before turning in for the evening.

    Tuesday - Morning of the seminars. I enjoyed all the speakers and stayed until Aaron and Dave were finished speaking around 2:30. I went ahead and decided to play a Sat for $35 and work on not being so damn tight. I didn’t have much for cards, but made a few moves here and there...went out 4th. I started to get a bit more comfortable knowing when it was my turn to act and how much to bet and raise. I still seemed to be a bit tighter than normal and didn’t play many positional hands. That evening I went to the movies ( there was one in the hotel ...go figure) and get my mind off poker for a little while. I needed to unwind before my big tournament on Wed.

    Wednesday - My big day. I slept in, but upon waking I gave myself the pep talk:

    1) no more tight passive crap
    2) remember position
    3) pay attention to everyone at the table
    4) can’t win it in the first hour ..but I can lose it
    5) patience
    6) have fun

    I was to nervous to eat much so Chris, Michael, and myself talked about strategy before the event was due to start at 12. This was The Orleans Open...$540 buy-in that I cashed my sps to play in. I get to my table a bit early and enjoy watching each of the players take their seat, trying to figure out who was most likely to play which style. I have two old to my immediate right, and one to my immediate left. They are kind of chatty with me so I smile and speak when appropriate but all the while taking in everyone else at the table.

    Seat one- old quite fella - Rock
    Seat 2 - another old quite fella - Rock
    Seat 3 - loose aggressive middle age guy
    Seat 4 - middle age lady who is a calling station
    Seat 5 - young charmer of a guy...loose aggressive
    Seat 6 - Young guy - TAG
    Seat 7 - Young guy - TAG
    Seat 8 - old friendly man- Rock
    Seat 9 - me
    Seat 10 - old friendly man - Rock

    I am folding most all my hands early trying to get a feel for what cards people are playing. Seat 3 was showing down some real crap like Ace high. Seat 4 was loving life chasing draws and folding on the river when she missed. Seat5 was having at all my blinds...but I told myself patience. He would give me that charming smile with dimples and all while he raised and I would just fold...never smiling or frowning. I get a real good read on the player to my left. SO we had a hand where I finally decide to play.

    Seat 7 - limps in for 60.
    Seat 8 - limps in for 60 on the button
    Seat 9 - me..I am sb and complete with Qko
    Seat 10 - bb -looks down and decides to raise. He makes it 500 to go.
    Seat 7 and Seat 8 fold. Seat 8 grumbles and says everytime we limp to your bb you raise. Which was true, he did. But I also had to give him credit for a hand here, my gut said AK and I can outplay him post flop. I call.

    The flop came all low cards and I checked to see what he would do...he checked behind me. Okay, now I am 100% certain he has AK. The turn came with a J. There is about 1500 in the pot so I lead out and bet 900. He thinks about it and says nice bet and folds his hand. We go for a ten min. break here and he pulls me aside and says “ I don’t wanna know what you had, but that was a good bet. Do you play many tournaments?” I take my shades off and say “ yes.” he again says “ I don’t want to know what you had.” ( kind of sounded like he did, but I wasn’t going to say a word.....” What I did say was “ I won’t tell you what I had, but I’ll tell you what you had.” He looks at me with a smile and says “ Okay. Tell me what I had.” I said “ You had AK”. His mouth dropped open and he looked puzzled. He says “ Dear, that is disconcerting how you know what I had.” I just smiled and walked on. First two hours and I was up 4K a little above average chip stack.

    I gained a bit of momentum and when charming seat 5 raises my BB I say to myself...enough is enough. Seat 6 flat calls the raise. Seat 7 and Seat 8 fold. I look down and see AA. I look at seat 5 and seat 6 and say raise. Seat 5 had made it 140 to go. So I raised it to 600. Seat 5 smiles at me and calls. Seat 6 does the smart thing and folds. The flop came 399 and I bet 500. Seat 5 not smiling thinks about calling but folds. I opt to show the AA with a smile of my own.

    Next hand I am sb. Everyone folds to seat 5 who looks at me and raises his $140 again always with a smile. Now it’s folded to me. And I look down and see KK. Eventhough no one had called his raise, I decided to make the same raise with the KK as I did with the AA. So I say raise and make it 600 to go. BB folds and seat 5 again calls. Flop was 2d 3d and Jc. I bet 500 again and he folds. I smile, but don’t show my hand. Seat 8 is loving it and says to the table..she just put a stop to all that real quick.

    Very next hand I am cutoff and it’s folded around to me. I look down and see AA. Just me and the blinds, so I make it 150. ( Blinds are still small) Sb folds and for the first time BB Seat one..the Rock calls. We see a’s 6 5 Q....all rainbow. He checks to me and I bet 150. He raises me 150 and I am quickly trying to decide what hand he has here...I just call to see the turn.
    Turn is another low card....He checks again..Now I am thinking AQ..not set. I don’t know why I really could pull that out, but it just made sense. I bet 500 now..and he just calls. The river is a J. He checks to me again. I am 100% certain of my read I bet 800. I want him to call here. He does call, and I hesitate hoping he’ll show his hand first thinking it’s best...which he does. AQ....( Damn I love that) and I flip over AA.

    We take another ten min. break and I quickly assess my stack...about 6K still above average. No one has busted from our table yet, but Seat 3, Seat 4, and Seat 5 were all getting short. After break things start picking up. Blinds are still low, but shorties are getting ansy. I am UTG and look down to see Ako and I make it 300 to go. Blinds are 50 and 100. ( Slow structure rules). Everyone folds around to Seat 4 ....the calling station and she calls. The rest fold, as the only hands they have seen of mine were AA and KK. Flop was rainbow and low cards...she checks and I bet 200. She folded. My next big pot came again right before the next break....we got a ten min. break every 2 hours. So I had been pretty dead during these 2 hours. I was BB . Seat 3 -loose aggressive limped. Folded around to sb who just completes. I look and see J3c....not a stellar hand so I opt to check. Flop was J 4 7 checks as do I with just a 3 kicker. Seat 3 quickly says all-in. Sb takes his time deciding what to do. So I quickly start running possible hands Seat 3 has. He limped so I felt it wasn’t AJ or JJ-AA. Left it as Ax, pp, QK maybe. So which of those hands would he push here with? A pp made sense. SB finally decided to fold. I shift in my seat and look to see how much of my stack would it cost it to make this call. I have around 3250 to call. Not exactly an odds call here, so my read needs to be dead on. I look at seat 3 and he leans back in his chair and crosses his arms in front. He had not done this...and I know it is said most people lean back when they aren’t worried about a call, but something about this wasn’t right. I decided he had a pair - 77-TT. Most likely being 99 or TT. 77 would give him a set, and he would have betted it, and not pushed. So I make the call. We flip up the cards..he has TT to my J3....he doesn’t hit his Ten and I win a nice pot. The table says great call, and I was able to get some good passes after the break without showing down hands.

    Shortly after this next break....we lose 2 more players. The charmer has charmed himself to the rail and the Rock to my immediate left busted with AJ to AK. Our table breaks up and I find myself at an interesting table with some pretty big stacks. I opt to fold most of my hands for the first few rounds and watch how this table is playing. I even folded AJ from LP. Until I had a good idea of table dynamics I wanted to stay out of the fray. Deaf parrot was at this table, and was the only familiar face. We get a new guy who gets seated to my immediate right and man is he tiltable. He loved to limp and hated to be raised. He finally gets irritated and says “ Ya’ll are always putting me to the test”. He pushes all-in and gets a call from Seat old guy with lots of chips. Tilting seat 1 shows AQ and seat 10 shows AJ....AQ holds up. I am seat 2 and while Seat 1 is now stacking his chips, I am plotting to push him on over the edge. I am hungry, tired, and we are only 6 hours into this tournament. A couple hands later Seat being FTA limps into the pot. I look down and see KK. Blinds are 200 and 400, so I just make it 800 to go. Folds around to quite guy in seat 8 who just calls. I really don’t have a read on him yet, except he seems to be a I give him credit for something...just not as good as mine. Seat 1 lets out a sigh and calls the raise. Flop was 2d 3d 9x.....I am FTA so I look at the pot and bet 1000 into it. Seat 8 quickly calls and so does Seat 1. Turn was a Jc I think. I make it 2K now and seat 8 folds. Seat 1 thinks and sighs. He is really irritated and flips up 56o. I could just take the pot since he gave up...but no one has seen my hands here, I decide to show KK. I am stacking chips while we take our dinner break. Deaf parrot walks by and tells me, nicely played or good hand... I take a quick chip count...around 7K maybe closer to 8K. Still above average.....but decided I need to switch gears soon.

    Chris was not feeling well and had napped most of the day so Michael went with me to dinner to discuss more poker strategy. I told him I was getting tired, and was about to starve. Next time I will be better prepared with protein bars or something. I get back to the tournament at 930. A little longer than some, the game had started back about 20 mins before I got there. But hey..a girl’s gotta eat .

    Now blinds are still 200 and 400 but we have started anteing, and I was card dead. Lot’s of preflop raising going on, with two players having at each other most pots. In my sb I find 44 and decide to limp to the quite guy in Seat 3 in the bb. He moved all in for 3K. I thought maybe Ax or 2 paint, and with 8K I make the call. He shows 88 to my 44, I lose this pot. My only mis-read of the tournament and my first substantial pot lost. We lose two players, Seat 1 ( mr tiltable) and Seat 7. Deaf Parrot in seat 6 was moved, so we play 8 handed for a bit until we pick up two more players. An Asian guy with a big stack gets seat 1 and a female with about average stack moves to seat 7. Seat 7 loves to limp and continuation bet post flop, and will not vary her bets on the turn or river. Seat 1 I am not sure about yet. I am in the BB, when Seat 7 limps, Seat 8 limps, Seat 10 limps, and sb completes. I look down and see AJ. I need to double through here, so I say all-in and push my chips forward. It’s folded around to the sb, who is still pretty new to the table and still stacking his chips. He looks at his cards again and says call. He shows 55. I hit the J on the flop and double up. He tells me nice hand, and for the first time I pull my shades down and give him a smile and say thank you. After that, anytime he and I was BB and Sb, he would just fold to me with a smile. I finally notice something when Seat 4 starts raising FTA....he had this card protector that he would spin on some hands and not spin on others. I sat back and watched what this meant. He would spin it with a big hand, and not spin it with lesser hands. This was useful info. A few hands later. I had been dead for about an hour and blinds/antes were taking their toll. I am UTG and see Ako . I make it 1K to go. Seat 4 looks at his cards, put his protector on it a spin and says raise. He made it 3K to go. Seat 8 flat calls the 3K. I am a smart cookie and opt to fold. Seat 4 and seat 8 get it all in on the flop when it came AQ7. Seat 8 had AK, Seat 4 had QQ. Seat 8 was next victim.

    Around 12AM I am getting really tired...physically and mentally. I would get up and walk in between hands and grab a cig. Anything I could think of to stay focused. For the first time since the tournament started I was below average stack. I was about 8K average was 10K. 272 players started and we were down to 49. 27th started paying out, and even with my stack I knew I could last to the payout, but I would need some more aggression. I finally get JJ from the button when 4 players limped and I pushed all -in. They folded giving me a decent pot to stay afloat with. Immediately after the JJ I get Aqs with the same 4 limpers and I push again. They folded.

    Around 1AM our table breaks and I am moved to another table with players I don’t know except for Oceanpup and one other Psoer. I am sb, getting ready for a break. It is folded to me, and I see 55. I raise the pso’er BB and he just calls. The flop is JT4.....I make a cont. bet of 1100 and he raises me about another 4K. I think for a bit and fold. I am now about 7K with antes 100 and blinds just up to 400/800. Michael pulls me aside for “the talk”. He reminds me what my chip count is, how much it cost per orbit and tells me to get aggressive. I take my seat and notice most evrything is now being raised pre-flop. I am getting crap like 23o , 64o, no face card , no pair, and no Ace. I am quickly down to 5K. Micheal is mouthing the words “move” and I know I have to do something push and pray..but man I would like something decent to do it with. We are down to 30 players, and I have to push soon, or bubble. I look down UTG and see 55. I say all-in and push my chips forward. It’s folded around to Jordan who says “all in and pushes her chips forward.” Everyone folds and it’s me and her heads up. She shows A8o and says she didn’t hear my all-in. I can’t even say what the flop, turn, and river, were. I win the hand, but hated it for her. She ended up busting out a few hands later and so did 2 other players. I had made it to the money. I was still in really bad shape for chips at this point. Antes are 100, blinds are 500/1000. I have about 10K..Average stack is around 28K. I get nothing for quite a few orbits with players being really aggressive....I have no moves but all-in. Finally from UTG +1 I get AA and move all-in. Seat 9 folds. Seat 10....a guy I had played earlier today says “ well, sweetheart, you are the only one I have covered here, so I am going to call.” I was doing the happy dance inside...but gave nothing away still hoping maybe one of the big stacks would call. Everyone else folds, so it’s just me and him heads up. He eagerly flips up TT and I show AA. He high fives me and says “very nice, last time you had 55.” I win this pot and cripple him. He busted out a few hands later. I patiently wait and try to pick another spot with anything reasonable, but nothing was forthcoming. 25 players left now....they are busting slower of course. This aggressive guy in Seat 3 raises it 5K and it’s folded around to me in the sb. I look and see J9c...not a great hand, especially to make a call..I’d rather push. But I say all-in and BB folds. Seat 3 calls of course only another 3K for him....and I get runner runner for the str8. He grumbles but I am already thinking ahead of the next hand and what can I do to get chips.

    I overhear themills ( Michael) and Johnny Bravo discussing my M factor. For the first time..I speak from the table and say “ hey know I can hear you right?” Everyone laughs and we play on. I am getting total crap and the guys are just mericless with the raises. I only have 6K left and UTG find Qkd. Easy I am all-in. Everyone folds to seat 6 who just says calls. He is an older gentleman which has only played premium hands, so the rest fold. He flips up JJ to my QK diamonds. His hand hold up and I am out 22nd.

    By the way, this was 15 hours into the tournament...a few minutes before we were due to break for day 2. It is 3 AM and I am worn out. Not having played live before...I had no idea how uncomfortable the chairs get after the first 4 hours. Mentally it takes a toll, as long as you stay focused, which I did. I was the last female in the tournament and among the last 4 or 5 pso’ers. I cashed for $925. Not to bad for a tournament I earned my way into. I was thrilled to survive my first live tournament. Johnny Bravo, Kailyn 31, psumike, themills, all congratulated me on my way out. I was only thinking of 3 things:

    1) bathroom
    2) smoke
    3) food

    Thursday - I slept it. Chris and I had a midnight flight, so I didn’t see the need to get up to early. When we did get out it was around 2PM and we stopped in to tell the remaining PSO members bye. I had not played any slot machines and asked Chris to show me the machines he played on Monday and won $700. I put $100 in one and it did nothing, I got bored and pulled out my ticket with $37 left and walked to the end machine. I had noticed people walking by and feeding it often, so I figured what the hell...I ‘ll just put this $37 in and kill some time. I hit a few small things, but just had this feeling I was going to hit big soon. I had just opened my mouth to tell Chris I will stay here for a bit, I have a feeling it will hit when I hear the credits being added. I look at the machine and see, white, and blue, for a total of $400. ( not bad for quarter slots). Still thinking it would pay the jackpot I told myself I’ll play down to 1000 credits...which equaled $250 and see what it would do. I had ordered a coke and was just sitting their kind of staring at the machine when I started to feel really bad. I felt hot, dizzy, and nauseated all at once. I told Chris I wasn’t feeling well. He said “ you don’t look well..what is wrong?” I said “ I don’t know, but I am going to be sick..can you cash this out for me?” I barely made it to my room before getting sick. I am not sure if something was put in my drink or not...but for the rest of the way to the airport and on the plane I was like a person with narcolepsy..just falling to sleep at the drop of a dime. By Friday afternoon I was feeling more like myself, but still really tired which led to being a tad grouchy with the airlines. They had over booked one of our flights so they upgraded us to first class for one leg of our trip and travel vouchers to use later. Originally we were due back in Greensboro at 10AM, we didn’t get their until 4PM. And when I saw my luggage.....OMG. We had to go to AA lost baggage, because they had switched airlines for us for part of our trip and our luggage arrived before we did. This guys say “ I know just where it is” and he brings it out. They have ripped the back of my suitcase and my cosmetic back has been ripped from the seems...with stuff falling out. I look at him and say “ you must be ****ing kidding me”. He mumbles an apology and ask me to check to see if anything is missing. I am beyond irritated, and say this is a cosmetic bag...I wouldn’t know if anything is missing. Chris is taking in the scene and quietly tells me “ Come on..lets just get a room and get some sleep.” I look back at this guy..and all I can say is “ and people worry about postal workers...what kind of people do you have working back there?”

    Yes...I was tired and grouchy. Anyway, I am home now and very happy to have made the trip. I met wonderful people, many I can call friends. Left Vegas with $1400. Cashed in my first major tournament. All in was super. All it cost me...was more luggage.


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    Congrats Stacey. That was a great showing you had!

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      Something tells me you are ready to return.... and can't wait.

      Nice to meet you and have you competing along side me..

      It was great fun too, seeing how everyone reacts to new players doing so well.

      That took a lot of time to write, we all thank you for the comprehensive look at the trip.


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        Great Post Stacey
        Sometimes I have a hard time reading such long posts but you made it worth the time. I felt like I was right there with you. WTG Sounds like an awesome time. I myself have never played live and you make it sound like something I would love to do.


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          Great report Stacey

          Enjoyed meeting you & Chris, your both awesome

          A big congrats on your finish!!!!!



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            WTG Great to hear you did so well. Keep it up.



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              great post and congrats! Did you keep notes on all your hands or just have a great memory?


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                awesome post....


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                  WTG Stacy. Great job.



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                    Good to meet you at last too, Stacey!

                    Still glancing around the room I see Al Spath and Kaelaine waving me over so I wander over and they tell me we have a seat open here for 1-2 NL. I sit down with Al on my right and I tell him..this is my first time playing live so if I am unsure when it’s my turn to act..please let me know. He gives me some advice and I buy in and get started. I look around the table trying to judge the kind of players we have here. Most of us are PSO a real joy to finally meet, and psumike, Kaelaine, Al, daggerz, myself, and a couple of unknowns.
                    OMG! I never in a million years would have thought you were playing live for the first time. Very poised, I'd even say professional! Well done, you had me fooled.

                    On that Quad Eights Full of Jacks hand, we gave the "unknown" a hard time for not having JJ. If he did, we'd all share in the $70,000+ bad beat jackpot!



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