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What A Week !!!! (Part 1)

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  • What A Week !!!! (Part 1)

    Got into town Sunday, 15 minutes before the $540 (as planned) and got schnokered out after the second break when QQ had no chance against AQ. Maybe it was the first break, pretty sure it was the second, whatever. Dave and Kevin (Hitman and Kailyn31) both went on to score final table cash of $9,500 and $13,000+ respectively. Great Job Guys!!!!!!!

    Went to the mixer and got to see some old and new faces, have a couple of beers, then played the 7pm 2nd chance for $120 + $100 and was doing OK when I decided it was time to make a move on Mr Aggressor at the table - He raised, again, and I flat called with 22. 4 way action. Flop comes 10 7 5 (or there abouts) and the Blinds check and he bets a little over half the pot (1K) and I push with 4K. Nice try but he made a tough call with 10 10. lol - 1 too many beers. Went down to play a little Pai Gow and have a night cap and ran into Oil Doe and Zeroth at teh table. Wild Bill came over later and we went into the bar and had one for the night with those 3 and Idoru, Debonair, Rggator, Bounder, and if there was 1 more - I apologize. We had a great time, great company with everyone having a great sense of humor. Thanks for putting up with whatever vulgarities might have slipped from my lips - lol.... Great time.

    Played the PSO Championship on Monday, 102 PSOers. Hangover mode the first hour. Had Randy (Rggator) there, Shaky and some new faces to me. Cambam, Steve, Eddie the ritz, and 1inamillion. Got off to a pretty good start. I can't remeber any hands, too early, but I had about 9K when we broke (started with 5). Nothing big though. Got moved and had wildfire to my left, randy moved with me and he was 2 to my right with Spiegel in between, Rusty Nail (whom i still don't agree with the 99 play), BCbuster, Two Isles, the ever so quiet Shady 57 and who the heck was in the 10 seat. Oh yeah, and Joybell was 2 to my left. Got into it with widfire. his SB my button. Raise to 3xBB with AQo (900) and he reraised to 2000. Well, 1100 to win 3200 is right up my alley, so I call. Flop comes Qxx and he leads out 3000, I push and he correctly lays down JJ after some deliberation. Then I bust my mother in-law next round, I limp on the button with J 10o and she checks her BB - flop comes 10 9 something and she pushes her teeny weeny stack in with 97 - I call and she doesn't get lucky, as usual (lol, or so she tells me........alot). I raise Two Isles blind with KJo and she comes bak over me all-in for not enough (wasn't even 1/2 my raise if I remember right) and I suck out on her A8. Big hand with Randy, or could have been. Blinds were 4/800 (correct it if it's wrong Randy) and he makes it 24 or 2500 to go - I finally pick up QQ, If I raise it to 7K it's half my stack so I push for 13,500 or so. He has about 12K and lays down AK, which I think is the right thing to do, you don't want to be calling off a stack like that when the best you can be is a slight dog, I'm not pushing with AQ there and he knew it. I probably get in a race with a lot of people though and I might have gotten crippled there if they get lucky as 57/43 dog. I think I busted out Wildfire, but I'm not sure.

    Get moved to another table with about 22,000 in chips. Have Bill(Debonair) 2 to my left, Jane (New Jane) 2 to his left. had to meet everyone else, Bcbuster came along with me. Had an interesting hand where the CO (Emgel) raised my SB and I called with AJs. flop came K K 10. We both check. Turn 4 (I think) so I lead 4K (a little over 1/2 the pot), she calls, I hate it and ask Jane and Bill about the face I made - lol. We check the river and I show the AJ and she turned over A5 much to my surprise, I thought I was dead. So I pick up 8K strange there. It's all a blur after that. I limp with 33 and Janey comes over the top of me for 9K, I muck it and she shows me 22, she'd pay for that later . Yan (Siberianex) and with the blinds 3 and 6000. he pushes from the SB with A8, I have to call, getting over 2-1, with Q6 off and he bubbles out 11th (but later gives me a thrashing in a SNG :twisted: ).

    Final Table (this was a week ago so if the details are not entirely accurate, sue me)- 510,000 chips in play and I come to the table with 140,000.......excellent shape, Shaky has over 100K to my left (great, couldn't be on my right) and the other 8 players have 250K or so amongst them. The blinds are high and it's shove it in time. Bill and Manila Folder drop quickly. I raise a couple, ....or alot, of hands and Shaky comes over the top of me like the first 3 times, pissing me off a little. The I raise again with A8h and Runner 835 puts himself in, again, I have to call given the price and my stack and he turns over AJ.............which has no chance. I flop the 8 and he's gone. Res Ispa was so short he finally succumbed, Brian (CLVR) should have called a hand earlier and picked the wrong one later...out. I think Janey beat CUJImmy and Skratt and we were down to 3.

    Shaky and myself are about even (A little over 200K) and Jane has 90K. Jane puts her foot down with J6 after a Shakey raise with QQ. Flop a J, turn a J, nothing to it. We go a couple of rounds and I'm down to about 165K thanks to Shaky pushing in on me every time. So I finally puush FTA with 57s, Shaky folds and jane calls with AKs. I don't want a flush no more!!!!!. I flop a 7 and have Jane coverd by about 10K and out she goes in 3rd. great playing Jane, Hold up there and you never know.

    We get heads up and chop the dough and play for the very nice clock trophy and bragging rights - Blinds are 15/30K with a 3K ante and we are down to 10 minute rounds because they need the table back - lol. I have a 300-200 lead and Shaky pushes or makes it 75K to go the first 6-7 hands and we're even - I'm waiting for a hand to kill this guy. We get even and he stops. Now I limp and bet, and take the pot, He limps and chcks, I bet, and take the pot. Then he raises to 75K (I know he's waiting to find out what I had here) I call with J2s.

    In heads up play the SB is the button so the BB gets first crack at betting the pot - If I flop any piece I'm pushing and the flop came K high with 2 spades and off I went, all-in and he mucked and then I heard the words I love "that hurt" - now he's going to wait for a hand and I'm limping and taking every pot away - I think I had a pair once. How the tables turn. he's finally blinded in and has 10 8 - I have 75 and the flop came 7 8 something and I rivered a 5 to win it

    Woo Hooooooooo - PSO Championship winner for 2006.

    So cool, everyone was so nice congratulating me and everything. It was great. Thanks everybody. I'll never forget it.

    I have to apologize to Al, I though with the 20 minute rounds that we would never go 5-6 hours and it was a little over 6 1/2 - wow.

    I pretty much called it day after that. Dave, Kevin and Leon (Sailor Moe) had to play at 3pm as they were down to 27 in the $540. I ate and went up for a nap and came down after they were done. But saw them all in the Poker Room - Gioia was playing the Women's Event and I came to check on her. So we had a little PSO SNG with Kailyn31(Kevin), Hazy (Aaron), Oceanpup (Jordan) (I like oceanbunny though), Deaf Parrot (Dom), Hitman (Dave), Baggytrousers (Lawernce, who made final table at the Wynns' noon event for 3K - you da man too), Siberianex (Yan), Johnny Bravo (Ed), Myself, and Fishmonger (Joe). What a great table. Everybody funny, friendly, and can play - it was great. Yan wins the thing and the seat to Wednesday $540, Dom was 2nd - I was 3rd - both getting the air prize - great fun though. I killed Dave when he held K9 on a K 9 5 board - I just happen to be holding 55 though. This is getting too long for details on a SNG. Had a blast though.

    Tuesday we had the Seminars. Went to Breakfast with Gioia and Maggie and didn't arrive until Matt Savage was on the Stage. But we bought Vince and Russells' books - so I'll catch up there. Sat thru Aaron's lecture on "limper punishment" and table dynamics with Dave's input on "table image" (this was very helpful as I never know what to wear) - - just kidding. Both were very informative. Kaeline told her story on how she made it to the WPT Championship and her play there, an inspirational you never know it could be you story - good job.

    Kaeline, did you know that you are listed at Pinnacle Sports Book at 200-1 to win the WSOP - - Ivey is favorite at 24-1 - - anyone wanting any action - I'll be happy to book any of it for you.. 24-1 are they serious? Favorite should be 200-1 with 8000 players. But that's why they're in business.

    Part 2 next - this is loooooong - Just like every other post I make - We'll pick up with the crew playing 15/30 at the Wynn Tuesday night.


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    Great report (so far) and great job on your sucess this last week!

    It was a pleasure to meet you Jerry!




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