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4th PSO Conv.

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  • 4th PSO Conv.

    After circling in the air for 40 minutes before landing in Vegas, checking in to the room I make it to the mixer around 6pm. I meet a vast number of people which I would guess the number to be around 35ish. Haven't eaten since breakfast really so head to dinner with mom and couple friends and meet 3 more PSO'ers at TGIF.

    Manage to wander our way over to the Poker Room to play some cards. Sit down at a 2/4 Limit table. First hand I play is 66 from EP opening out for a raise and get re-raised from MP and just flat call. 6 hits the flop and I fire out, called. Fire turn and river and get called down winning the hand with a set. With a couple more small pots and lose a couple sitting up about 25ish. Then a loud woman sits down at the table just chattering the whole time. Kind of cute and playing my game too bad she wasn't there long enough to flirt with. She gets the table loose aggressive from her playing style which I'm liking to say the least. She raises from EP gets a call and I'm looking at KQo so I decide to get into the hand looking for either open ended or 2 pair. Flop comes J J 10. She fires, gets a re-raise and I decide to take one more card. A hits the turn giving me the straight and by this time the woman is arguing with 2 elderly people drawing my attention away from the other person in the hand. She fires he raises and I re-raise and the lady is laughing and shows her cards KQd with the J10d on the board. I'm thinking chop in the back of my mind with the other guy having a set. After him seeing her hand a red flag comes up and still calling the hand which is capped now a huge ass red flag is going off in my head saying Mikey your are beat. Either the guy has a set hoping the river will pair up or he has a boat right now and I'm drawing dead. While all that action and him in the hand still I'm just flat calling the river no matter what hits. There has to be roughly 100-120 in the pot and 4 dollars is the final bet. J hits the river and I say "well your set is now quads however I can't fold down 4 dollars to a 120ish pot." Yes he had quads however he was holding AJo so he hit the boat on the turn.

    Few hands later the woman gets kicked off the table. The two elderly people are complaining for the next 15 minutes about how they were doing nothing about her, blah, blah, blah. Dealer said she was doing nothing wrong which is totally correct. Everyone tightened up and I lose a couple more pots and get up a $40 loser. I go over to the 1/2 table where there are 7 PSO'ers sit down with my chips and have to buy in for a $100. Play for about 40 minutes and make $4 so end my session -$36 for the night.

    Monday morning get up early to have the steak n egg special downstairs and decide with an hour to kill before the PSO only event to go play some 1/2 NL ring. Great time to sit down at a table. Have 3 loose, been drinking all night guys at the table. Sit down with a $100 and play rock til I get a good hand. Loose guy makes his standard 20-23 opening bet and I have AK and other loose guy calls. Flop comes AKx. First guy checks, I push all in for another $57 and get one caller and the first guy is just complaining about having top pair and surprisingly folds. he shows AJ and I'm liking my chances. The guys that calls has 99 and I literally shake my head like I can't believe he called. Of course he was sitting there with about 300ish in chips and $69 in the pot.... how knows. Well he must have great intuition because the 2 outer 9 hits the turn and I out of chips. At that point I stand up and just say nice hand, take care.

    Register for the PSO only event and have an interesting table. Lance on my button, Collete to my immediate left then 4Flusher, PocketRocket, Barrister and OilDoe to round off the table to the table. CUJimmy was in one seat, dead seat 2 and my SB I can't remember his name at the moment. Starting stack is 5K and I sit back for a bit to see how the table is going to play. First hand I'm in I muck on the flop. Next hand same thing. Take a couple blinds and the first pot worth value is my BB, 77 getting min raised from 4 (UTG+1). I call and J high flop hitting my 7. I don't have him on a hand so I slow play and check into him which he checks in return. Flush draw hits the turn and I bet out and he min raises me to which I just call. A hits the river to which I just put a small bet out hoping he hit 2 pair or the ace. He thinks about it for awhile and just calls showing QQ to my set. I start gaining some momentum.

    Meanwhile later on Lance is starting to make his move and I'm sensing it. He fires out from MP and I'm holding K10s and seriously thinking about flat calling here since I have position on him. Lance gets a call and the flop comes 10 10 x and I'm kicking myself. I win another nice size pot later and sitting roughly around 8Kish coming up on first break. Last hand before break I have 10 10 and make my standard raise to 600 100/200 blinds. Colette pushes making it 3300ish to call. Going over hands I've seen her re-raise with and trying to figure out where I was in the hand, I take some time to make a decision. I call and she turns over QQ and I don't improve. During the break I analyze my play and know folding was the right move there instead. That was her first AI of the tourney.

    After break I slide the glasses on and change my image from light hearted but serious about playing to all business I need chips. Building my stack back up to 8kish however the blinds are getting decent size now. Have 33 and action folds to me. Blinds 300 I make it 900 to play. CVLR just moved to the table not too long ago and flat calls. Flop comes Q10x and I check. Watching his body language I can tell the flop don't help him and he didn't care for it. Diamond hits the turn giving a flush draw and gut shot. I make a 2K bet and he thinks about it for awhile and pushes for 2900. 900 more I have to call and hoping he was on a draw. In mind he was with his 88 for the gut shot however I'm only holding 33 and don't improve. Now I'm short and the next hand I play is A10o from UTG for around 2500 all in. Barrister pushes for 3300ish and I'm think cool a race however one more comes in the pot and I know I'm dead. Sure enough A10o vv B's KK vs AK. I need 10 10 get one but not the other and out midfield.

    Take the rest of the night off from poker, have some drinks and hang out with friends.

    Tuesday was the seminars. Great speakers and stayed til after Aaron and Dave were done. Had to sneak in some site seeing with mom. She's not a night owl and with all the activities planned this was the only day to get it done. Spend a couple hours taking pictures and come back for PSO snack buffet. Play a sat upstairs and bust out 9th. Go downstairs and play in a PSO only SnG and bust out 10th to a higher flush.
    Wed morning I get up early and have a nice breakfast and call my friend to calm my nerves before the finale. Go upstairs and check in. We get started and I have both Ed and Joe at my table. Needless to say our table wasn't the quite one. First hand get AK and make it 400 to play after a limp. BB Pokerfan99 just calls and flop comes down 9 high. He continuation bets however when he puts he chips in I pick up something telling me he's got a monster. With the flush draw on the board I put him on a made set, either 6s or 9s and I release. Take one pot pre-flop. First hour each of the 3 bigger pots I miss the flop and fold down.

    After the break I get into a hand with Joe. I have AJd and make a standard raise. flop comes no paint so I check and he moves in. Put on a bit of a show and fold down. Tells me later he had 99 which I put him on a PP. Take some hands pre-flop staying a float. Get KJs from MP and have been playing tight so I raise it. Runner386 has been at our table for roughly 15 minutes or so and has raised twice in an orbit and half maybe. His BB and comes over the top AI on me. I say "you've been here 10 minutes and raised twice and now come over the top of me." I sit there and put him on a PP smaller then my over cards so thinking I'm even money with suited over cards. I deicde to muck and tell him next time I'll dance. About 3 hands later he asks me for my name and I say "themills, couldn't you tell how I talk through the hand out loud." The players at the table that know me all laugh. After the tourney was over I asked him his cards that hand and he told my 99.

    Then I get a orbit rush. Short I move in with AJs and take down the pot pre-flop. Show the hand to try and entice action. Next hand while I'm stacking my chips I get JJ and raise, everyone folds down again. Show the hand again and say "mills death someone could've busted me" Few hands later get the friendly skies AA on the button. Make it 900 to go and JTMYERS in the SB pushes. Joe is in the BB and thinks about it for awhile. Soon as he folds I say call in about .5 seconds and JT's head goes down. AA vs AQh and I double up. Two hands later I get JJ and raise it to take down the flop. Go from short stack to gaining momentum in the tourney.

    My misplay hand of the tourney is a hand I actually fold down. PokerFan99 loses KK to AA and is short around 1K. He moves AI next hand on my BB and xxPiratexx is in the SB. Pirate calls and I have J9d and need to call around 750. I've made this call 100s of times to take out a player in a tourney. I talk myself out of it. Pirate has A4o vs 76o. 6 hits the flop, and 9 on the turn. Not a big deal on the surface however a 3k pot putting me around 14K and keeping the momentum going. Next hand PokerFan99 pushes again and doubles up with KK vs 88.

    Play tight and xxPiratexx has been somewhat aggressive trying to take a hand once an orbit or every other. He makes a standard raise making it 1200 on a 400BB and I announce re-raise with 99 from EP. With the aggressive players behind me I put out another 3k and PokerFan99 moves in for 4525. Pirate folds and I call 325 more to play. KK vs 99. Two clubs hit the flop and I need to more and ask for them, getting one on the turn and a blank on the river.
    Final hand of the tourney I'm short and have 88 in the BB. JT is UTG and raises, action folding to me. I move in and he calls with KK. I get no help and bust out. I stand up and the whole table shakes my hand making me feel good about my play in the finale. I have to say for 22 players they all can play some poker! Congrats to every person for just making it to the finale.

    That was the end of cards for me at the tourney. My heart just wasn't into anymore. Took the rest of the day to visit with friends and watch the 540 open.

    Reflecting back on the trip I met many, many wonderful people.

    Al - You have kind heart and a great guy. Your passion for PSO is well noticed by me.

    Gang from MPLS - Aaron, Jordan, Mike, Terry and Joel missed you guys more than I can put into words.

    Crew - Ed, Joe, Kevin and Mike you all are a blast at and away from the tables.

    Kari and Helen (you know who you are) - Most memorable moment of the trip. You both are sweethearts and fun spirited.

    Chris and Stacey - Glad to finally meet you both in person.

    Da Shades - so many there. Thanks for getting together for the group picture. Yan you have game man! Maggie sorry we didn't get much of a chance to talk but you are a sweetheart. Colette was a honor to sit at your table and bang chips with you. Kailyn31 love the new jersey. Hitman I enjoyed your speech in the seminar. Pokerfix another sweetheart.

    Shootingfish (June) who is no longer a PSO member but a real sweetheart as well. Her husband Bill is a great guy as well.

    Sharon and Dave thanks for the warm welcome when I arrived to the mixer. Calmed my nerves right away.

    New Jane if I was only a little bit older you'd be in trouble lady.

    So many more names put I'll try and remember you all. Steve77, thanks for the shot and conversation. CC tough opponent and great guy. Barrister ditto. Oil Doe was a pleasure having you at my table. 4flusher thanks for the compliments. Bhat tough live and online. I know I'm missing many more and I apologize.

    One last person Lance, thanks for not busting me in either tourney, great to see you again bud.

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    Was awesome to meet you too and I believe you are also a good player.

    Look forward to the next time.


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      Great to finally meet you in person Mike.

      Thanks for coming over the top of me the first hand I sit down - it's my favorite :wink:

      Thanks for the great report



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        I never had so much fun in all my life...
        (and poker players do not lie). Well, there was that one time in Colorado Springs, but I was 19.

        PSO treated us great and Al was the dream Host.
        It was hard for me to keep all the names connected to the screen names and the pics helped. Thanks for the photos.

        I lost lots of money at the tables, did poorly at the Tournements and still had a great time. All I can remember were quad Q's on ya mills...everything else is a blur.

        I ate too much, drank too much, smoked too much, walked too much, and stayed too long at the slots but that is what it is all about. I will be there next year if they have it in Vegas again.

        My best times were meeting and chatting with everybody and the Seminar. PSO'ers r a great bunch of people, proud to be one of them.



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