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Unbelievable Back 2 Back Hands

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  • Unbelievable Back 2 Back Hands

    Had a chance to play some live poker 2 weeks ago and rather than bore you with my bad beat stories, thought I would pass on some good hands.

    I am big blind in a typical 3/6 hold em game w KQo. 5 limpers, I take the free play.

    Flop: AKK

    I check raise, three callers

    Turn: K

    I bet out, two callers

    River: 9

    I bet, 1 caller says show me the K so I do.

    Very next hand, I am SB, I am more concerned with trying to stack my chips with shaking hands than playing my cards. I look and find AKs. I call a middle position raise. 5 players see flop.

    Flop: AKK again.

    One guy looks at me and says "got those kings again?" Normally, this would be a check/raise situation, but considering the comment and the fact that my shaking is not a big hand give away now, I say, "I have to bet them" and bet out. 2 callers

    Turn: A

    I bet 2 callers

    I dont remember the river. But the table went nuts when I turned the AK.

    Damn this game is fun sometimes.

    Anyway, had to tell someone, my wife is not into poker yet so I got that glazed over look when I told her. Thanks for listening.


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    Awesome. Yes. Sometimes it is a very fun game. And it is allways fun to stack up those chips in neat little rows.

    And the callers KNEW they were beat and STILL gave you their chips. :wink:


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      Jeff...your story reminded me of something similar that happened to me in LosAngeles a while back. I was playing $9-18 Hold'em at the Commerce. I had pocket Aces three times in about 6 hands, and each time, I flopped a set, and turned a full house. The third time, I announced, " YOU guys aren't gonna believe this..." and STILL got callers Man, this is a great game!!

      Thanks for sharing your it again soon, it was fun to read!!



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