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My first big final table!!

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  • My first big final table!!

    Let me start by saying, I don't have anywhere near the memory that a lot of folks here have about every hand they played and what the results were, so I cannot take you step by step thru this event. In fact, I only attempt this, due to Ms.Doe requesting a report, but I DO remember the fun parts!! 8O

    Sun. morning...10am. Worked on Sat. nite, so grabbed a couple hours sleep before trying to get awake and on the road to Tunica. 8) TheMoron in tow (#1 sweater), we made our way to the Goldstrike, arriving about 11:45 (hey, it takes me awhile to wake up) I had registered the nite before, anticipating a line and knowing that the "morning Goddess" has no patience, nor any sense of humor.
    Did a once :roll: around the room, looking things over and wishing luck to many of the ladies who I know, have or do play with, and my fellow co-workers participating. By this time, they are calling the event and asking everyone to take their seats. I see immediately, that I'm seated next to a co-worker friend of mine, who has already placed in the money in two events this year. I know she's a strong player, so my plan is to try to stay out of her way, without a very strong hand. I look down to see that we get to start this event with a whopping total of T500 in chips. Now, I take a look around the room and see 124 other ladies, look down again and see only T500 in chips, and say "self, there is NO margin for error here". Just as I suspected, Lemin (my friend) starts out strong and is catching some good cards and winning some pots. I don't see much the first few hands, but use the time to watch everyones play, as with the first level of blinds...there a several multiway pots. I don't see anything unexpected. I knew there would be a lot of ladies playing draw hands and hanging on too long, as it seems to carry over from their ring game play, and many don't really know the difference in tournament strategy. I again say to myself "play the big hands and play em strong!!". OK, I can't begin to tell you what hands I played and how they went, except to say that I did have AA, made a preflop raise and got action all the way to the river, even though I had flopped a set! Nice pot ! I'm up to about T800, feeling pretty good. The great male mentality has decided that instead of a break after every 2 levels, as in the other events, they would give us breaks after every 3 levels. (of course, I know their thinking is to wrap this event up as early as possible, as it's a one day only event, but these men obviously have no clue about childbirth and the problems of the female bladder...lmao) but, I digress... Anyway, after the third level, at the break, I am sitting pretty good at about T1600. I've trippled up and I'm feeling confident, I'm catching my share of cards, and miracle of miracles, they are actually holding up!
    Of course, some of you who I had the pleasure of meeting here, know that any table I'm at, there is going to be a fair share of "cutting up" and plenty of "one liners" to go around. Well, it was even better than that, when I found another "personality" at the table in the form of Laurie Skywalker, from LasVegas, who is almost as crazy as I am!! Well, needless to say, we bonded instantly and kept a running repetoire of one liners going. We also deemed it fitting that we should have a "happy dance" for taking down a pot. I believe Laurie instigated this after winning her first pot in the thrid level. Then, feeling like she mite be around a bit longer, Laurie takes out this contraption, that looks like a pen flashlight with wires and headphones attached. She straps this device onto her index finger, puts on the headphones, and I suspect is listening to some kind of music. Well, I need her for a "str8 man", so I can't have her incommunacato, sooooo. I ask the dealer to have this mystery device inspected by security, as I suspect that it is in fact NOT a music device, but some sort of Star Wars (after all her name IS Skywalker), equipment, that when pointed at the other players cards, xrays them, allowing them to be revealed, and then transmitting the information to her thru the headphones. :lol: Well, you can imagine how far this got was too funny!! At one point, she passed it over to me, to check out, so I put the headphones on, strapped the MP3 player (by the way, a nifty lil gadget) to my finger, and did a lil monologue indicating that I was communicating with someone else. Saying things like..."no, I'm not on the button...". Of course, the whole table is cracking up by now. Oh yeah...and we played some poker as
    Anyway, I just keep to my program and play my good hands stong and steadily add to my stack. I don't take any big hits, or drag any huge pots, but just keep chipping up lil by lil. I did, somewhere during this time, put my friend Lemin out of the tourney after she ends up short stack after taking a big hit by another player. I don't really start taking much notice until they start to break tables. Now I'm seeing results!! My table is broken and we are all moved to a new table. The only memory I have of this table is again, having my AA hold up and winning a nice pot. Also, sometime in here, Win4Win arrives and takes over the job of #1 sweater, as TheMoron is going to have to leave for work shortly. Not long and we are busted table again and moved. I know a couple of the players here and shortly after arriving catch AK on the button and raise (think we were at the 100/200 level by now) and a dealer I know from the Grand, calls me all in with her last $400. I turn up my AK and she tables the 10/J of clubs. She flops an open ended str8 draw, but fails to get there, so out she goes!! I add to my stack. Pretty quickly, (at least it seemed that way) this table is broken and I am again moved to a new spot. I take the player on my left out, then the player on my right out (Bonnie Domiano) and we are down to under 20 players and all have made the money!! Sometime in here, the blinds go up to 100/200 with 200/400 limits and at this break, I have about T6500 in chips. I run into Mark in the lobby, and asked if he has any advice, and of course, in his sage wisdom...he replies..."raise with Aces". :? We then discuss the fact that I have a bit above average stack, and lots of rounds to see, so, Mark advises to just keep doing what I'm doing and not be concerned unless I get down to about T1600 in chips. Well, I don't remember even playing another hand after this, until all of a sudden we are down to 10 players and they are moving us to the "spotlight"....THE FINAL TABLE!! I arrive in seat 7 with T5000 or a tad bit more. There are a couple of shorter stacks, not by much, and of course a few larger stacks. A note of interest here....the lady with the chip lead at this table is here only due to someone elses ignorance of tournament play. The lady was down to T75 at one point with about 30 players left and the other person in the hand, did not call the extra $75 although a loss would not have hurt her stack, and her hand would have put this lady out of the event. Proves the importance of not letting someone survive in a tournament. :twisted: for the tear jerking end of this long and probably mostly uninteresting post. : I go a while without playing a hand. The player UTG is short stacked with blinds coming on her, and makes a raise. I look down, in the cut off and find AQ. Now, my thinking here, and I did take some time to think about that, she's taking a stand here and could have as lil as 2 face cards, or a A lil and decides to make a play here. I have no knowledge of her play, so I'm not sure, but this is my thinking. I have her covered and will still have enough to make a stand with a hand later if I play here, sooooo, I decide I want her heads up and since the small blind is the chip leader and has been playing lots of hands, I don't want her in this pot, soooo I reraise to isolate her. Good plan :wink: Bad read Everyone else folds and she turns up AKs to my AQ and no help comes and she takes down the pot. :evil: Well this is indeed a blow to my stack and what security I was feeling, but, as I said, I still have a lil stack, about T2000 sooooo all is not lost.
    Now, for the grand finale.... not even sure about where I was here postion wise, but the blinds were 300/600 and I need a hand. I look down and see AhKc....OK....self "this is it"!! All fold to me, I raise making it 1200 to go, and the player on my immediate left beats me to the pot with a reraise. Soooooo it's all or noting now, I'm pot committed!! I go ahead and through my last chip in, hoping against hope that we have the same hand. My stomach falls as she turns up her AA. I did end up having some outs, as I flopped a K, and the turn brought out the third heart, giving my the nut flush re-draw, but was not to be, and out I go in 10th place. : : :
    Of course, I've replayed both of those hands over in my head a million times, but given the limited knowledge I had at the time, I don't think I would do anything differently. Yes, there was a player who was in jeopardy of being blinded out , but after my blinds, as I was ahead of her, I would have been left with either enough to make a call, or go in on the blinds the next orbit, that is IF she busted out on her blinds. And the limit was due to increase in less than 10min., so, I feel like I had to take a shot if I was going to get anywhere at this point. :?
    It was wonderful to get that far in a major tournament event, and I am proud of what I was able to do, but I so wish that just one of those two hands had fallen my way!!! But....there's always next year, and I plan to be there with the chip lead next time!!! :P


  • #2
    Fine report + even better play PG !!
    10th of 125 with a tough ol' structure is a damn fine achievement.
    Great stuff all round




    • #3
      WAY TO GO :!: :!:

      Congrats and Thanks for the post.

      I wish I could have been there.


      • #4
        You did have a read on the short stack as you had seen her raise from middle position earlier with like i told you before I dont think there was anything wrong with putting her all in. The money was in the top 3 and you needed chips to get there.

        You were utg + 2 when you went all in with AK after it was folded to you.


        • #5

          BRAVO` BRAVO` :!: :!:

          Great report and Great finish plus you had some fun along the way!!!
          Can't beat that, no way, no how!!!!



          • #6

            Well done you will now move on to greater things. I think that lucky chip i gave you had a massive amount of influence on the way you played :lol:

            You must be very proud the way you played.

            Good luck to you in the future.



            • #7
              Congratulations again on your fabulous tourney! Wish more PSO"ers could have been there to root for you. You are a wonderful asset to our community...


              • #8
                Congrats PG!

                You are always a pleasure to play with, and I have always admired your play here at PSO!

                You should be very proud!

                Great finish, and I look forward to your next report when you will be describing how your two last hands removed the last two players and you won the title! I know that will happen soon!

                Great work and take care!




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