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Taj Mahal Win

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  • Taj Mahal Win

    Taj Mahal Trip Report – June 24, 2006
    Atlantic City, NJ
    $340 NLHE – 160 entrants
    18 places paid
    Started at 6:15 and finished sometime around 2am

    25 minute rounds – antes kick in round 3

    In Atlantic City, the best tournaments and structures seem to be at the Borgata. I’ve played four tourneys there in the last couple of weeks and the fields there have consisted of some very good players. I’ve made a point of staying away from the Taj Mahal since they’re known to have a pretty fast structure for their tourneys and some questionable players at the tables. You have to be very cautious at their cash tables because players are known to team up. But the Borgata does not run tournaments on Saturday night and the $340 Taj tourney is the biggest tourney in town on Saturday. The structure is a little better then normal for them, so I decided to head there to play for the night.

    My mood was not the best, feeling a bit on the down side, but wanted to get out and play some poker to get out of my funk. So not necessarily the best conditions to be starting a tourney with.

    As suspected, a lot of the players that normally play at the Borgata were signed up for this one. Also, there were a number of players that I have played with in other WPT and USPC events here in AC and up at Foxwoods. It was a pretty tough field and I was the only woman in the event. I start and stay seated at what ends up being the final table.

    I’m seated at a tough table. Seat 1 is a pro who has won a number of big tourneys here in AC and everyone knows him. Seat 2 is a player I’ve seen at Borgata and is pretty solid but will try to steal blinds with marginal hands. Seat 3 is an unknown who is passive and in over his head, will overbet or go all in to compensate for lack of playing ability post flop later. Seat 4 is so so and I think a fairly new player. Seat 5 is a decent player with a little aggression. I’m Seat 6. Seat 7, another pro known to the table who I have never played and is certainly more lag then Seat 1. Seat 8 is another unknown but on the aggressive side. Seat 9 an unknown, average player. Seat 10 is another pro and very solid player.

    Round 1 is pretty slow, not a lot of action. I take the blinds once with a fta raise to 3x bb with AJo. And take another pot on the flop with Js and I make a pot size bet. Early round 2, I’m in middle position with 8s and seat 4 raises 3xbb and I decide to call and see the flop. I’ve got a nice stack, I don’t think anyone will reraise and hope there will be more calls with mine, Seat 1 is the bb and has been pretty active, I expect him to make the call. Seat 9 calls and so does seat 1. One of my two outs hits on the flop making me top set, seat 1 checks and seat 4 makes a ½ pot bet, I double his bet because the board is somewhat connected, everyone folds to seat 4 who goes all in! I call. He turns over his cards to show Q7. What a gift!! I had him covered by about 800 chips so I’m now chip leader at the table.

    Seat 1 is continuing to be active and mixing it up regularly with seat 7 and 10. Eventually 1 takes out seat 7 and a player who is well known by the pros at the table gets moved to seat 7… doesn’t take long to learn he’s an overaggressive player. He immediately gets into pots and I quickly pick up he’s chasing flushes and straights. He busts player 5 when he catches a four outer on the river and takes over as chip leader with seat 1 a close 2nd and myself in 3rd. We have more then double the chips of anyone else at the table.

    Middle of round 5 I’m in ep and have pocket aces. Seat 2 is the bb and seat 5 decides to limp in, I raise 4xbb and seat 7 flat calls, seat 10 calls, seat 1 calls sb and bb folds and seat 5 folds. I’m ready to be cautious and then the flop comes As, 6d, 9d. I have 1 overaggressive player and 1 aggressive player behind me yet to act, so I throw caution to the wind thinking I’ll pull a check raise to get value from my hand. Seat 7 checks (omg I was POSITIVE he would bet, now I’m thinking he’s on a draw probably diamonds or a straight), seat 10 checks and seat 1 goes into the think tank…(jeopardy music begins playing in my head) FINALLY he makes a ½ pot bet and I take no time in reraising pot to get seat 7 OUT.. I just KNOW he’s got diamonds.. so what does he do? He goes all in… seat 10 and 1 fold… I’m thinking I’ve got a hell of stack already, I can take this hit if I fold, but I want to WIN not cash and the rounds are short and antes started two rounds ago. I have the nuts now, although I’m sure he has a ton of outs. Still the board can pair and I can win even if he hits his flush. I call. He turns over the 7Td! Up and down str8 flush draw, flush draw, str8 draw. My set holds up and he’s FURIOUS!! He’s on tilt and goes out three hands later, thank goodness… no fun sitting next to an angry Russian who thinks he should of drawn out.

    Things go pretty dry here, I take a couple pots preflop because of my table image. They’re putting me on monsters when I raise 3x bb. Then the table becomes very active, blinds are going up, players are making moves since they’re getting short and I’m completely card dead. Literally, two-three hours go by during this dry spell. My stack is getting pretty short and people are going out left and right. My m is getting critical now, close to 10 and the blinds are climbing.

    I’m waiting for a spot where I can push my chips in and steal a pot. They break up the third table when two players go out and we’re now two from the money. I think great at least I’ll double my entry fee (which I was beginning to believe was NOT going to happen). My m gets down to 5, I’m in lmp when seat 4 raises to 3xbb and I push all in with KTs. Everyone folds and he calls off most of his stack. He turns over AQo, I get lucky and a K hits on the flop and he doesn’t improve and I think I just may make the cash.

    I post the blinds again and the following hand comes up next orbit. The new player in seat 5 is a fellow I’ve played before at Foxwoods and I know he’s a good player. He’s getting short, although he’s got me covered. Everyone folds to seat 5 in the cutoff +1 and he pushes all in. My m is back below 10, I have 8s again. We just had two go out and we’ve made the money. I want to double up or go home, so I call his all in, since there is the possibility he’s pushing to steal the blinds here because of his m. Luckily, the sb and bb fold and we’re heads up. He turns over Js. An 8 comes on the river and I double up once again. Horrible beat for him, he goes out a couple hands later but actually stayed around to root me on. I can’t believe the luck I’m having at this point and it just keeps getting better as I finally begin to catch some cards at the best possible time.

    Players are flying out of the tourney left and right and next thing I know 2 go out at the same time on both tables… I take two out with AK when a king hits on the flop and they were pushing with marginal hands because of stack size. We start the final table with 8 players and I’m second highest chip stack. We redraw for seats and the chip leader is now in seat 1 with around 350,000 in chips, I’m in seat 4 with around 250,000. The rest of the chip stacks are under 50,000, pretty evenly distributed. Time for some big stack play.

    The players all want to talk a chop… pretty funny actually, they want everyone to take around 5k. Big stack doesn’t know what chopping is or how it works, so he must be pretty new to tournaments or has never cashed. So now I’m thinking I’ve got to get this guy heads up and I begin to doubt he will push these players unless he has a good hand.
    He surprises me by getting mixed up with the short stacks with marginal hands and takes a couple of hits in a row and we’re about evenly chipped now.

    Seat 8 is on the bb has built his chip stack up to about 100k when I get dealt QKs on the cutoff. I make a just over the pot size raise from the cutoff and he flat calls. A king comes on the flop and he goes all in, I call figuring he’s going to push with any kicker… I put him on JK and call. We flip our cards and he’s got JKo. Neither of us improve and now we’re down to 7.

    Next hand I make a just over pot size raise from the cutoff +1 with AQo, seat 5 moves all in from the cutoff, everyone folds back to me. I figure he’s so short he’s pushing with any ace… another good read he turns over ATo. Neither of us improve and I take the pot and send another player to the rail.

    Next two hands seat 1 mixes it up with two of the short players and takes a hit to his chip stack again. I’ve now got him covered 2-1. We’re down to 6 and I raise in position with marginal hands and take the blinds from seat 6 and 7 the next two orbits. Damn, it’s good to have chips. Seat 7 pushes next hand and gets called by seat 3 who has him covered with KQs and seat 7 turns over KJo, a Q comes on the flop and we’re down to 5.

    Seat 2 is next to go when he tries coming over my blind with JTo and I put him all in preflop with 9s. Seat 1 and 3 get into a war over their blinds, seat 1 takes a hit and doubles up seat 3 once again. I’ve now got at least three times his stack. Next hand, I’m on the bb, seat 7 is getting really low and I expect him to push but he folds, seat 1 decides to try and take my blind and seat 3 pushes all his chips in. I think he was reading seat 1 on a steal and slightly on tilt after the last hand… I was thinking the same thing when I look down and see A9o.

    I’m getting good odds here to call with this ace and I think I’m probably ahead in this hand. I call, seat 1 turns over K4o, seat 2 turns over Q9s. An ace comes on the flop and we’re down to three. Next hand short stack is bb and I raise him all in with KTs, he calls with QJo, no improvement for either of us on the flop, I hit a ten on the turn and we’re heads up.

    I’ve now got 5x the stack of seat 1, who now wants to talk a chop. I say no, let’s just play this out. He’s on the bb next hand and I raise him ½ his stack and he folds. Following hand I again raise him the same amount with QTo, he calls with J8s. I hit a Q on the flop. Next hand I raise him all in, he calls. I’ve got 4s and he turns over 9To and my 4s hold up.

    The tournament director comes over and says this is the first time a woman has won the Saturday night tourney, which is their big weekly one. Damn, I felt so good when he told us this. I have two guys asking me what books I’ve read, how I got my game to the level it was. Another guy comes over and tells me he told his wife earlier that I was going to win this thing when we were down to two tables.

    I can’t remember a time playing live, when I was just so in sync, my reads were good and I believe I pushed when I needed to and backed off and stayed patient when the time was right. Did I get lucky a couple of times along the way? You bet I did, but I think we all need to get lucky now and then to make it to the cash. 2nd paid about $9,800 and 1st paid $17,685. Guess who’s paying taxes on their winnings this year?

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    Right on, Maggie. Well done!!!!!!!!! Nice to see some PSOers kicking some butt.



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      Way to go Maggie!!!


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        Congrtulations :!: :!: :!:


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          Congrats again Maggie! An excellent trip report also. I really enjoyed reading it. Would we recognize any of the pro names?

          And I am looking forward to my beer(s)!


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              WTG maggie Congrats


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                U da woman Maggie, u da woman.


                BAD GUYS, ETC.


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                  WTG Maggie!

                  I was actually wondering what happened to you the other day, I havent seen you in so long.

                  Great Job


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                    Way to go Maggie!

                    Feels good to be in the zone doesn't it :twisted:

                    Who were the pros?


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                      Looking forward to sharing those beers too! The pros are not anyone you would know unless you play in the northeast. I should of said local pros.

                      Thanks everyone!


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                        WTG Maggie!


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                          Great Job

                          Great Job Maggie.

                          It's a good thing for those pros that Atlantic City has shut down, since you would otherwise be taking all their money.

                          Way to go.



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                            Very nice Maggie, it's great to read your reports. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!



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