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WSOP 2006 is a zoo

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  • WSOP 2006 is a zoo

    Well I am really disturbed as to what the WSOP has turned into. By zoo I mean there are thousands of players. You all have probably read that already. Actually the staff run by several familiar faces, Jack Effel, Tony, Heather, Laurie, Jimmy and Teresa Summerfield, and many others are doing a great job of getting folks in and around the tables. The only cudos I have for this place.

    I had planned on staying in one of the casinos but since I was going to stay a month or more I thought should get a better rate. Ha! No way! After trying to negotiate a monthly rate I finally gave up. As it tunds out I am staying at KarenB's and I am absolutely loving it. They have adopted me like they knew me all their life and her and Scott are the greatest!

    HOWEVER, I can't say the same for the Rio. I usually get a line of credit at any casino I go to and play off of that. I came here and went to the main cage and gave them my banking info. I came back in the afternoon and all was approved. Great I thought. Now give me X no of dollars so I can go play poker. I was then informed that no they don't extend credit for poker. If I want to play any of their regular table games I can get a marker there. I said no I need the money for poker. They said sorry thats our policy!

    Needless to say I am a bit po'ed and sit here short of cash and will now have to make other arrangements for cash while I am here.

    Next point is comps. What a joke! The only comp you can get as far as I can tell is if you enter an event. Then they will give you a $10 comp for food. As I haven't been able to enter any events needless to say I haven't taken advantage of this. Oh and $10 is less than half what the buffet costs! Of course there is the Poker Kitchen which is what they call a trailer out behind the poker room. It is very convenient and a great idea. Course everything there is extremely high. For instance a pepsi costs $3 .. other things are really expensive! So your $10 comp can be used there but won't buy you much. Tip for all of you. Go into the poker room and get a pepsi from a waitress and tip her $1.

    So much for the old days when Jack Binion used to give us a room for $18 and then comp all the food we can eat! I am gonna miss the old days....

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    Thanks for the heads up. If you get bored at the RIO, I expect to see your handsome face bothering folks at the PSO convention events!

    I have a great real fish story for you, too!!


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      Oh I will be at the mixer and tournament and the convention. I surely want to see your lovely face again. Been too long.

      What you thought I came here for the WSOP?!!


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        Why don't you take a marker at the blackjack table & then take the chips to the poker room??


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          well gee.. thats what I did actually. Played till the dealer change and then walked off with the chips. HOWEVER that doesn't change the fact that the policy is stupid. I wrote Harrah's telling them just what I thought of it and how if they didnt start treating poker players better they are gonna lose a lot of players.

          Got one letter back saying they were sending my letter to a management team for consideration and that I would be contacted. We shall see...



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