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Turning Stone Live Tour

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  • Turning Stone Live Tour

    PSO Live tour event Turning-Stone Casino 2006

    We had 7 PSO players enter



    Johnny Bravo





    After getting a chance to meet every one we got some pics in rite be for the tourney it started we were getting allot of players taking are info cards for later use they said, we also had allot of people asking us questions about PSO and we gave them as much info as we could......

    This was a $500+50 buy-in and started with 2500 in chips, there was 291 players, playing for a prize pool of $145,500.00 with 39,000+ going to 1st place paying out 30 spots.

    As for are 1st casualty was Runner836 I'm not sure what he had and didn't want 2 ask but his opponent had pocket 8s and flopped 8 5 5 so enough said.

    As for the 2nd of are team to go was Espozuno..I'm not sure what happen as he didn't let me know he was gone.

    At the 1st break 90Min's into the tourney we still had 5 players left.

    Are 3rd player down happen rite be for the lunch break Ladyfingers22 ran into some bad cards.

    After 3 hours of play we reach the lunch break. We have 4 players left with stacks between 3500 & 6800 n chips there about 106 players left out of the 291 that started.

    At about 4 and a half hours in we lose are next player Johnny Bravo who flopped 2 pair and then player against him got a turn and river 4 a bigger 2 pair.

    Next was Backatyou who was short stacked and tried too make a move and didn't get no help.

    Are 6th player gone was Badco at about 5 hours into the tourney made a raise and got re-raised by pocket 10s and was pott committed.

    At around 7 hours into the tourney they take a dinner break and Partaker is only PSO player left there is 31 left in tourney and they have decided that 31st will get $500.00 making all left in the money, Dave has around 11k n chips and is about middle stacked.

    The PSO winner who also was in the $$$$ and Finished in 22nd place was Partaker he played and awesome tourney and layed down some monsters.

    Myself and my wife (MrsToo) had such a funn time with all the PSO players this was a great event and a lot of hats off 2 all who took part in this event as it was no easy task.

    Bigg CONGRATS too PARTAKER and very good luck in the Grand LIVE TOUR Final.

    Here is a link too see all the pics we took.

    you will need this pass word and its in caps PSOLIVE

    Iam sure some of the players will add there own reports as well was a real funn time by all.


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    Sorry I did not give you an update on what happened to me to get knocked out. I will give you a quick update on how I got knocked out!!! I played really bad!!!!!

    I was completely gun shy!!! You can not be gun shy in a tournament or else you will be out of chips soon!!! Then I ran into a big hand after flopping a set of 9's, but me being gun shy allowed me to get out of the hand with the least amout of chip loss I could possibly lose. Then I stupidly raised in early position with pocket 3's, got re-raised all in and called because of my fustration. The other player had pocket 10's and I was done!!!! The blinds were 25/50 and I had $1000 left, so I had enough chips and time to wait for a better spot to play for all of my chips!!! You have to have a level of confidence in a tournament that any amount of chips you have can help you gain more chips and don't give up just because a few things don't go your way!!! Unfortunately, I gave up!!!!

    Congrats to Partaker who was at one of my 8 tables in the $200 event and at my sit-n-go who cracked my pocket Aces with pocket Kings when his 3rd King hit the flop, lol!!!



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      Sorry, I forgot to also congratulate Ron (Runner836) for finishing 2nd place in the $200 Event!!!! Congratulations Ron!!!! That was a tough field with almost 350 players.

      Honorable Mention: Congratulation to ED (Johnny_Bravo) for finishing 21st in the $1000 event. I went back to the tournament room to see where he was and he was gone. Never the less, it was a great showing for the PSO members!!!!!


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        Thanks for the reports guys! And congrats to all our PSO'ers who played, even those who didn't do as well as some!

        We are very proud of you all.



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