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just back from blackpool

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  • just back from blackpool

    just got back from blackpool where i played in a £300 PLO double chance freezeout (around $500) as you guys are proberly aware alot of the top PLO players in the world are from the UK and europe where PLO is the cash game of choice most nights

    anyway first hand of the night i give dave colclough my first load of chips when i flopped the nut straight and he overplayed his flush draw and hit it on both the turn and river for good measure after the chips went in with me a 2-1 favourite

    with my 2nd load of chips i played cagey till i got Ac As 9h 8h in BB with i pot raise it too 900 and get 2 callers the flop is a scary Ad Qd 6h the 2 players in the hand with me were mick mcluskey and steve "womble" walmsley both are well respected players on the curcuit mick is also a journlist and won the PLO in november when i came 5h while steve plays mainly PLO cash so i knew i had to get them off any draws straight away so went all in for 2400 mick dwelt for an age even stateing that he knew i had the aces but was still dwelling and trying to talking himself into folding anyway he flat called me with just 1400 of his first chance back, steve had us both out chipped and was healthy and i thought he would pass in an instant but his dwell went on evn longer than mick's now i was scared he then ask mick how much more he was playing got the reply of 1400 and went into a shell now womble has a reputation of never putting a chip in behind and makes alot of good and bad passes in tournaments but this enables him to go deep often and is therefore fierd when in a pot as you have to have a hand if he is firing. suddenly womble puts mick in for the rest of his chips, and i annouce to the table i am in trouble i knew i was leading at the time but the hands i thought i was up against meant i only thought i had a 20-25% chance to win the pot by now my heart was beating so fast it would of broken any heart monitor, anway there is an uproar after my comment when i flip the aces and mick flips top 2 and womble shows bottom set, no broadway or flush cards in anyones hands and the Jc followed by the 2d means that event though i though they were both danger cards i won the pot at a canter with womble taking the side pot.

    after awhile we were playing 7 handed and my table read like a whose who of british omaha with on my left iwan jones his left dave colclough his left mick mcluskey then dave gardener then steve bovis the the womble and little old fishy me. this is when i got my only bad beat , i was sat in seat 9 and therefore couldnt see what was goin on in the first 3 seats so wasnt learning much for experiance so i therefore wanted moving so i could find an easier table acquire some chips let the sharks knock one another out and then play for a few more hours. so when i saw the TD looking at our table and then going off looking at the table next to ours i enquired if she was looking to move the BB she said yes but its ok she would get someone else i said B****R that i'll move she asked if i was sure and i was just about to move when the dealer dealt the first card cruelest beat i have ever taken on the poker table.

    anyway at the next orbit with 4 tables left and blinds at 400/800 i have between 8 and 9k i have bee unable to play any pots as if i limp there is a raise behind me if i raise i and getting reraise and i wasnt getting anything i was willing to push all in with, then on BB i walked into the jaws of one mr colclough, he is super aggressive in omaha and argueabley one of the top 5 players in the world at the game anyone for the first time ever that i was in a pot he limped for 2utg womble completed from sb and i am there looking at 7800tc and a pot in the middle of 2400tc which would help keep me in with a playable stack so when i saw my KsKcQsJd i thought i would pot it when suddenly i see the dealer taking chips off colcloughs stack matching them with my raise and counting his reraise out, womble folds fast and i knew i had walked into Aces no idea what he had with them but i knew at best i was only 40% to win the hand but i didnt have the chips left to pass ON THAT TABLE, the raise was 4800tc i had 5400tc i told dave that i knew he had a monster and he had did me up like a kipper as i put my 5400tc in he matched it and turned over the aces i didnt even notice what he had with them as it was hard too seepast the dealer i didnt get enough help from the board and after 4-5 hours of play with some of the best PLO players in the UK my run was over i stayed on to watch the table after i busted as dave is a friend of mine (i help run the forum on his site) and got some great tips all the players on the table said they would of played the hand the same way if there were in my shoes so i didnt feel too bad, anyway gareth the nugget jones was moved into my seat and i watched a table that would grace any omaha tv table and if only the event had been televised with card cameras i could of learnt so much but alas omaha isnt a game that will get many tv intrest

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    I didn’t realize that the top British names played the Blackpool “festival” I was lead to believe that only a few semi pros played as it coincided with more prestigious events in Europe... They must have sorted that out. I live a hop, skip and jump away from Blackpool and would have been there just to follow the events live if I had known about the big names taking part.

    . I hope you post further as it will probably be of interest to all Brits at pso. I understand that there are small but thriving poker tournaments played at weekends in Blackpool. I have been thinking about going along.

    I believe they had an extensive fire in January. So the card room could have changed dramatically in terms of size since then. Can you please give details of attendance overall. Also side games played, which and at what stakes.

    Thank you for your excellent report


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      most of the british pros' and even some scnadivians attend the bonanza every may in november its mainly all british, this month names such as joe grech and simon trumper were amongst the many players the only people really missing were THM and some london based pros who played in gutshot (only 24 in the main event in gutshot)

      i will 99% likely be down for the PLO in november staying 3 nights so your more than welcome to join me as most of the time is spent at the bar or playing small SNG or sats the main event highlights will be shown on channel 854 (sky) from wednessday to tuesday this week



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