Vegas Trip Report

Luxor Casino NL

The Luxor has the lowest NL game in town. MIN/MAX buyin is $50. Once you drop below $50 you can rebuy an additional $50 (effectively making it a $98 MAX table.

They do 3 blinds 2-1-1 so even as a the dealer, you now have three players to act after you before the flop.

The table was 2 local guys (one with about $300 in front of him) and the rest tourists with $50-125 in front of them.

The guy with $300 was bullying the table after the flop/turn. He would limp in a lot, or sometimes raise to $6 or something fairly benign preflop. Then if no one really showed strength he would bet $30-45 into a $10 or $15 pot. He showed A-face a few times and didn’t show others.

I sat down after the button and rebought after my BB. When I was in early position I caught 66 and limped in, but figured I would call a small raise. There were a few callers including the big stack.

Flop is A67 sweet. I checked figuring the big stack would bet it if it got to him. He did, $20. hmmm.. He caught it, he did not overbet the pot like he was so this hit him and he wanted action. I smooth called. Everyone else folded.

Turn is A sweeter … rules out a flush. I now have my boat. I decide to bet about ½ pot. He reraises me to put me allin…I beat him into the POT. He flops up AK or AQ and is all smug. I flip my 66 for the boat.

River is 7. Yep. He caught a bigger boat, drawing runner runner to break my set.
I figure the site must be rigged.

Then the creep left before his BB. The table eventually broke because players were in a tournament.


I joined a 2-4 Limit table with Sabbath and a few other regulars and a few tourists mixed in. It was an entertaining session. Conventional wisdom is not to play with the locals, as most are there to put in time for entries into weekly tournaments (n hours play needed) gather comps, etc. They typically don’t splash around and generally play tight…so not a money making proposition in the short term. But I was there to socialize and figured I could play tight and win a little/lose a little and socialize.

Things were tight (duh) and after a while of bouncing between $80 and $120 after buying in for $100, I made up my mind that next time I had position with something creative, I would raise. I get 75h and raise. Naturally everyone that limped called. So a few in the pot. FLOP is a near miracle, giving me a straight with a straight flush draw. Turn is nothing and River gives me a Flush. I won the hand, a decent pot and the more attentive at the table saw that I raised with 75s.

Since there is seldom more than one raise preflop, any pair is really playable from any position. No set no bet applies. I got 77. Flop is a 7, there is a bet, I call. Turn is a rag for me, but puts a possible straight on the board. One local bets, I call. Just two of us now. River is 7. He bets, I raise, he calls. He swears…. “FLOOR – HIGH HAND” I sign the form for the Luxor’s $20 for any quads that see the river. So I get the pot and the extra $20. (Hey that is 5BB at 2-4.)

Local is mumbling, shaking his head.    I guess he had the straight was already counting his chips. I would have called that turn for $4 with any set. I had 9 outs to a FH and the 1 to the quads. Suspect I would have called the river regardless of what came out with a set as well.

Table chatter, I say I am practicing for the High Hand session where there is $1100 up for grabs later in the week.

Not 30 minutes later:

I am in late position with 44. Flop is Q44. It is hard to screw up quads, so I feel safe as long as I don’t do anything stupid to scare them away. Another local bets, I call. Same on turn. River he bets, I raise, he calls. He laughs. FLOOR – HIGH HAND and another $20. More banter about practicing.

I was SB (I think). UTG a local calls preflop. He was tighter than average. I call. Flop is mixed with a 9-high (I think) and creative options for a straight. I bet, he rises. I call the extra $2 but figure I am beat. Turn is an 8 for two pair. I bet he grumbles about how lucky I am and reluctantly calls. River is a blank. I bet, he calls. He shows his AA and I scoop with my two pair. Thou Shall NOT SLOW PLAY in LIMIT is the 11th or 12th Commandment. Had there been an UTG raise, I likely would not have played 98o from out of position. Better to scoop a small pot than lose a bigger one. (easy to say, harder to do)

So the session ends. I make about $40 on the poker play and then the $40. So not enough to fund college for the kids…but I ended up +2BB/hr on play at what I knew would be a tight table.

Along comes the High Hand session. There are 4 of us that had been at the table the other evening, Sabbath and the two that I hit the quads against. Apparently, the one guy can still not get over my river ‘7’.

Play is a little different as people look to make quads and straight flushes and will chase accordingly figuring there are “pot odds” to do it with $500, 300, 200 and 100 up to grabs for the top 4 hands in 4 hours of play. There are 4 tables going, 3 LIM and 1 NL (much harder to see rivers in NL) so a 10% chance to cash a bonus. The table is almost entirely locals (a veritable rock garden if you will).

The deck that was smacking me aside the head is missing. No high pairs, small pairs not hitting, nothing that resembles connectors. The high hand board is reading lots of QQQxx boats…. Then we hear yells from a loud table. AA connects to AKK flop and he slows it to the river to post a AAAKK high hand. Hmmm…now you need quads.

A TTTT hand gets posted.

A KKKK hand his hit at the NL table. Only an hour to go for Quad Aces or better.

I am dealt rockets. Flop gives me a set. I don’t want to scare anyone out so I go into Check/Call mode on the flop and turn. River is the miracle A. I check someone bets, I call. And flip ‘em, arms in air. I get the $20 and give ½ to dealer for now. Practice makes perfect. OK, an hour to go and avoid straight flushes. Guys at table joke that I have my quad-aces, but my kicker is weak (9 or T). ha ha. After a very long time, they announce one more hand in the session. I run over and tell the dealer that had now dealt the TTTT, KKKK and AAAA at all different tables she better deal rags. No one hits.
I cash out for a net $-3 in poker and a +$500 in bonuses. Give the dealer a nice tip and catch the taxi back to my conference where I am 15 minutes late for the 9:00 start.


I pop down there Friday evening to play 3-6, much more sane than the 2-4 LIM. Play for a couple of hours and the table is real tight. (bigger pots in 2-4) There were 3 or 4 locals, a husband and wife. I am up a bit, but decide to leave and go get dinner (Brew Pub there has good microbrews if you indulge).

I come back and end up at the same table with most of the same folks. Good times, social banter etc. It looks like a long night as KK gets beat by odd hands 3 of 4 times at the table. Typical low limit, LIMIT, you can’t chase people from calling.

Then a couple moderately drunk young guys sit down. SO much for a tight table… everything is raised preflop, sometimes 3 bet.


(for some reason I kept having pictures of AJ and Joe....)

This was a ½ kill (if someone wins two pots in a row, it becomes a 5-10 game vs. 3-6)
The two guys had been going back/forth a lot. I thought they knew each other, but maybe not.
Betting/Raising/Reraising. Finally it is heads up. Board has 2 pair. Then the fun begins.
Bet/Raise/Reraise/Reraise dealer says “no cap heads-up” … The beat goes on. At the other end of the table we are speculating whether it is a CHOP, they both have the top FH, or does one have the low end, but we figure that as this was going…even these idiots had to have a FH. Finally one just calls after 7 bets on the river (that is $70 each) The pot has got to be well over $200. (this is a 3-6 table where most only buyin for a rack of white -- $100)

Idiot 1 – finally shows his 86o, he was bluffing had had 2 pair 8 kicker.
Idiot 2 - had actually gotten a straight

Idiot 1 bluffs off the rest of his chips and leaves.
Idiot 2 was in the STT and the rest of us start placing odds on whether he goes out 9th or 10th.

So again, ‘Internet’ play hits the cardroom.