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I didnt get sc**wed in Reno

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  • I didnt get sc**wed in Reno

    Although there was a lady at the blackjack table who did offer me 'the best hour of my life' for only 300 bucks. Despite my declining her offer, she was sighted by zeroth Deonair or myself several times over the next couple of days, always in the company of a different gentleman, and usually in a different outfit than she had been wearing when last seen. I never realized that women of the evening (or the hour, I guess) had such extensive wardrobes. Or needed to.

    Despite missing the best hour of my life, I had a pretty good time attending the PSO event in Reno this weekend, and will spend the next several pages telling y'all about all the PG-13 rated fun. If you manage to read that far, I managed to final table the PSO tourney by the way

    The drive from Bremerton to Reno is almost exactly the same number of miles as the drives from Chicago to Tunica I used to make before the move. The scenery is MUCH better, but the lack of a road trip partner makes the 10 hour drive seem way longer than the trips to Tunica used to be. I guess I need to meet more Northwest PSO'ers.

    Got into town Wed evening, in time to look over the shoulder of zeroth as he live blogged the final table of the 330 buy in NLHE event. He introduced me to tourney director Beverly Cheney, who is not only a fine looking woman, but she can talk some trash, so she was far from overwhelmed by my persona. Of course she HAD been dealing with Tim for a week or so already :lol:

    I played in a 65 dollar sat and busted out early, went off for drunken pai-gow with Tim, did not do well, and went for the sleep option, catching a much needed 4 hours.

    Thursday found me in the poker room by 9 AM ready for some sat action. Played a 110 and a 65 and finished 10th and 9th. Gotta give the Reno Hilton some props for the way they were running sats though, they were running 65 dollar sats (Paid 550 to the winner) 110 S&G (Paid 600 first 400 second) and 210 S&G (1000/600/400) These were all run smoothly, never too crowded or too much delay in starting and if you noticed, the house only took 100 per event. Compared to some of the sat action I have seen around the country, I'll take the Hilton every time. Of course my poor play left something to be desired, but.....

    Chose not to play the Limit HE event, but bought 20% of zeroth, who never won a hand and was out long before I had to go to the airport to pick up Debonair to fill out the terrible trio. We returned from the airport to drink heavily and heckle Tim and Beverly who were trying to do their respective jobs of running/blogging the tourney final table.

    I sat down to play a 110 S&G after Tim and Bill wimped to their respective beds, and got hit over the head by the deck. When we got down to 3 I had 65% of the chips, so wasnt too interested in any deals, and managed to win. Like a real poker player, I ignored my previous losses, deciding that the 'profit' was a sign that I should enter Friday's 550 NLHE.

    After another honking 4 hours of sleep I did so. My cards were as dead as I was, and I lasted about 3.5 hours, never having AK, AQ or a pair higher than 7's and busted out 92 out of 180 or so. Friday night did feature the encounter with my blond professional friend that I mentioned earlier, playing blackjack instead of sleeping like a smart guy would have done. I would have come closer to taking her offer if I had not been rooming with the other Bill, I just couldnt picture throwing him out into the hall and had no interest in sharing :lol:

    Hmmm. 2 pages in. I guess I should finally discuss the PSO live tour event. Tim Bill and I decide to swap 20% of each other, a deal I will always make with players so much better than me. I started at quite the tough table, AlanLeach (PSO'er) a poker writer (hawking his book, which I might add, I hadnt heard of) and a couple of calling stations who played most every hand along with at least one internet guy who had never played a live tourney before. Internet guy doubled me up 1/2 hour into the tourney, when he threw in a 100 dollar chip from 2nd position. He never announced raise until 3 other people had called the 25 (yes blinds started at 25/25). Then he tried to say that he had intended to raise, but the dealer (correctly) informed him that he had not announced the raise and that the oversized chip was merely a call. Another limper (4 total) and I was in the SB with 75 off. I tapped the table as did the BB and we saw my dream flop of a three suited 7 deuce 5. 100% certain that internet boy had an overpair I checked, he bet 100 into the 150 pot, called by one of the calling stations and raised by me to 500. Internet boy goes into the tank for a minute and calls. Calling station folds. Turn is a 7 and I curse inwardly, thinking that internet boy has me on a 7 for my check raise from the SB, and thinking that he will fold to my bet, but I bet 600 (enough to put him all-in, just in case he is really internet boy and would never fold an overpair) and to prevent giving him a free draw to his 2 outer. This time he thinks for 2 minutes, then calls and is gone when no king comes on the river

    Soon a young bling covered guy is moved to the table and he annouces to everyone he is playing in his first tourney. After about 10 minutes he loses half his stack when his QQ is snapped off by one of the calling stations who had called his preflop raise and flop bet with K7 sooted. Check on the turn and a rivered K. At about this point zeroth comes over and whispers to me that bling boy finished 2nd to Negraneau in Tunica. First tourney my buttocks. Interesting fact, which I use to my advantage later. Meanwhile the calling station snaps off a different player with QQ preflop when his KT rivers a flush leading to the trash talking championship of the world. Bling boy asks him in a friendly tone of voice ( ) whether he earns his living by beating pocket queens. Calling station goes into a tirade, saying that he shouldnt be talked to that, and telling bling boy to leave him alone. Bling boy says, and I quote, "I apologize. I didnt mean to offend you, he ll, toss me your keys and I will wax your car" Calling station raises his hand and yells for the floor, having somehow heard "Lets you and me go outside and I will kick your azz" It takes a minute or two, but the rest of the table manages to convince the floorman that the calling station completly misheard and all was forgiven, although bling boy and calling station were shall we say a little tilted. a few hands later, Bling boy put in a small raise and I came over the top all-in. (Understand I had 3 times his stack and twice the stack of anyone else at the table). He folds. A couple of hands after that, same thing. He looked at me and said "Why such a big raise? Again." I looked him straight in the eye and said " How can I outplay a pro like you after the flop?" He folds again. And doesnt make another preflop raise if I hadnt acted the rest of the hour he lasted before busting :lol:

    Less exhaustive detail for the rest of the time until the table broke, I kept doubling up calling station boy, who would lose 1/2 his stack to someone else at the table who I would then bust out, or at least get a bunch of chips from, then double up calling station boy and so on.....

    Table finally broke and I had about double the average stack for the tourney and was loving life.

    Card dead the entire 1.5 hours before the dinner break my stack slowly decreases, and when the dinner break finally arrives I am just barely below average with 80 some people left.

    I lose 1/3 of my stack right after the break and after playing big stack poker for the previous 6 hours, now have to adjust to small stack play. Its harder :lol: Luckily for me, the only mistakes I make are against even smaller stacks and the bubble approaches. At 19 players we start hand for hand. After one hand, the field decides to pay 19th place 500 bucks and we stop that nonsense. 19th busts out. 18th busts out. I double up to an almost average stack and, seeing Debonair in the bleachers I point out towards center field and call my shot, telling him that I am going to win the tourney. And then dump half my stack. I short stack my way to the final table with the second smallest stack, and still feel like it is my tourney to win. When we sat down I made a point of apologizing to the table for the bad beats I was about to apply to them and most of them laughed. Then the second hand came along and I put the bad beat to end all bad beats on one of them :lol: I raise from middle position with AsJh. the big stack button goes all-in and I go into the tank for a minute. I am getting 3-1 for a call and he doesnt have to have a hand that I am that big a dog to. I call and breath a huge sigh of relief when he turns over AcJs. Two hearts on the flop, a heart on the turn and a final heart on the river doubles me up and causes him to spend the rest of his tourney staring at me like he wanted my immediate death. Maybe I should have offered to wax his car :twisted: :twisted:

    Now with a median type stack I can play a little more aggressive than these folks have seen, and I proceed to steal far more than my share of the blinds and antes. Honestly I was the only remotely aggressive player at the table. However when we got down to 6 the button put in what looked and felt like a steal raise. In the SB I look down to see TT and in go all my chips. He called instantly with AK and the jack high flop made me very happy until the King turned and no ten came on the river :

    This left me with 8k chips and the blinds 1/2k folded to me on the buton and I have 66. In goes my stack and the big stacked BB had an easy call with K4. A six actually flopped, but so did 2 diamonds, and sure enough I lost to a runner runner flush. Karma wasted no time in catching me this time. :?

    So anyhow, I cashed for 3471 and the 2 good players who let me trade 20% with them got their entry fee back + about enough to buy dinner and drinks, which they did in fact buy me over the next couple of days :lol:

    A fun tourney, but I came within a coin flip of winning the whole thing. As the only aggressive player at the table I really think that with the big stack I could have rolled over the rest with 5 left. Oh well, I hope to get another chance, maybe at the PSO convention in July????


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    I have no idea what bill is talking about; I wasn't there and I didn't say that. But thanks for the 20% off your final table that was by the way about three hours of classic short stack play. You know if Debonair and I had pooled those winnings, we could have afforded two hours.


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      Great review of the fun you guys had in Reno and your play. Can't wait until the convention in LV when I have the pleasure of watching you play. Congrats on you finish.



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        It may have taken 2 trips to the forums to finish, but it was worth it! :lol: Great report and congratulations!


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          I was a witness to the outstanding play of Wild Bill. The initial table that Bill was at was a real tough one. Buncher, a tough PSO player, Vince Burgio, the old poker pro, who by the way had a bag full of his recent book that he was selling under the table, the bling boy from Tunica, the number three player in the player of the year contest at the Canterbury Fall Classic, and a couple of other pros. Those players, coupled with Wild Bill with an early big stack made for a tough table when you are getting no cards. But it was interesting to watch as I folded crappola cards for two hours.

          Bill, did an outstanding job in this event and should be congratulated as he represented PSO well.

          The highlight of my experience at Bill's table was when he made a large bet before the flop into Bling Boy. Bling Boy asked why the raise and Wild Bill responded by saying Well you are the damn pro and you sure as hell can outplay me after the flop. This got a great response at the table.

          Congrats Bill on a fine performance. Bill has a great presence at the table..

          My highlight was knocking out Aver Levy of a tournament and having him give me the you lucky donkey line.

          Reno is a fun tournament and I recommend it to everyone.



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            Ahhhhh! A WildBill trip report. It's been to long. But I see you haven't lost your touch.

            You know, Bill, I'm beginning to think you actually can play this game. Congrats buddy!

            Oil D'oh


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              Great report Bill! Was good to see you and all the PSO'ers again.

              We will meet again in Vegas...and beware because I am actually playing this time. (LOL)

              "Hey CC!"




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