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RENO Live Tour Event

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  • RENO Live Tour Event

    PSO Live tour event ($550 NLHE) at the Reno Hilton! (Most of this taken from my live report during the event)

    Our entrants are:

    BC Buster
    Tutor Turtle

    Good luck to our PSO'ers! (I missed having you here NewJane and SailorMoe - Hope this finds you well)

    Our first casualty of war was Buncher.....his report was fairly simple:

    Out 10, Jacks against Queens, I stunk.

    #2 was 8baller - he offered no report.

    As they come to the table at the break, updates will come.

    Zeroth - 875....was up to 3,000 then got QQ v. AK.

    BCBuster - 4700.....I got lucky man! (I later find out his luck was raising with a premium hand and flopping the nutz!)

    Debonair - 2700....nothing notable

    Tutor Turtle - 2d to last hand before break....JJ and raises.....player behind moves in....CALL......JJ v. QQ...and the turtle is on his back. BUT NOT OUT.

    AlanLeach - 2200....I am at a nasty table. People talking trash and having to call the floor in order to restore order.

    WildBill41 - 2400....He is at the same nasty table as AlanLeach. Nothing to add.

    CAS12 - Did not report in at the break....status unknown.

    JDM - In the same black hole as CAS12.

    Break #2 report –

    I now heard from JDM - 2d hand after break he is out. Did not want to tell about it.....said, "Just got no cards".

    He is the 3d PSO'er out and finishes 8th out of 10.

    WE have 4 PSO'ers in that I can find. I am not sure if CAS12, AlanLeach, or Tutor Turtle are still in. I have seen or heard from them in 3 hours.

    Those still in are:

    WildBill41 - 5,000
    Debonair - 2,700
    BC Buster - 5,400


    Zeroth - 825

    Zeroth was at 825 at the last break...I am wondering if anyone told him the idea is to GATHER chips!

    1st hand after the break....Debonair goes out with 10-10 v. QJo. He limps along with 4 others, Flop was Q33, Debonair moves in, QJo calls, and the rest (and Debonair) are history.

    SECOND hand after the break.....Zeroth picks up AQ with his short stack...2 people are in before him....great price and he moves. Flop gives no help and he is gone.

    Down 2 two......Wildbill41 and BC Buster remain.

    With 6 tables remaining, the tournament director makes them 9 handed. We have 54 left.

    Wildbill41 has about 6,000 and BC Buster has about 5,000.

    We made a final PSO'er announcement to make sure no one has been missed.......we are officially down to our final two players.

    Hopefully they will both be in for another several hours and make the final table!

    I did not hear from Cab12 for four hours and assumed, as did other PSO'ers, he had been eliminated and did not check out.

    With 48 Players left.....WE found him!

    BC Buster got busted in 43d place...he finished #3 out of our 10 PSO'ers.

    His report follows – “I did well up until the 1st break, then went absolutely card dead. Did not even get any small pairs. Before the 1st break I got AKs, made a 3x BB raise to 600. Flop was 3 spades including a 6. Slow played the nuts and it works. 2 other players move al in with 666 and a str8. This got me to about 5500 in chips. Just went downhill from there”.

    The "new" final two are:

    Wildbill41 with about 6,000 in chips and CAB12 with about 3,000 in chips.

    We are down to 36 and CAB12's table just broke.

    He is at a whopping 14,500 in chips and is among the top 8 in the tournament at this point.

    Wildbill41 is still alive and is at about 6,500 in chips. This is the last 1/2 of round 6 and the break comes in about 20 min.

    Both our PSO'ers are in good shape with the blinds only being 150-300.

    We are at the dinner break with no significant changes.

    Players return in 60 minutes for the final 31 players to play down to the 18 paid spots......then to the 9 handed final table!

    Poker Pages will have the final table you will likely get the best coverage there.

    CAS12 busts out 18th...but IN THE MONEY!!! $992 pay back for the $550 invested.

    Wildbill41 is still alive and has won his seat in the Grand Finale! And soon makes the final table. He finishes 6th and takes down $3,471 for his $550 buy in!

    I am sure we will see a trip report from him....great play Bill

    All in all a good tournament.

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