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Tunica....and now what?

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  • Tunica....and now what?

    The whole experience was a blast.......!!

    After a 20 hour flight (including stop-overs) Katherine and I (together with ZAdvocate, who we met on the Tunica shuttle) arrived exhausted at the Goldstrike at approximately 21.30 on Tuesday night. We decided that the best thing for us to do was to try and get some sleep, preparatory to meeting everyone sometime on Wednesday. After what seemed about ten minutes (but was actually about 3-4 hours) I awoke and seeing that Katherine was still asleep I dressed and went looking for some action......................

    Wednesday morning, 01.30 - walked into the poker room and quickly picked up a seat in a game of 3/6 holdem. I saw that a rack of white, one dollar chips seemed about right and sat down with that amount. I played v steadily with a really nice bunch of guys who were obviously having a good time, dirnking hard and playing loose. One of their number "doc" had won the first $10k satellite (so good luck to him for the future). I hit the front quickly and with everyone around me raising and re-raising it was really only a matter of waiting for the right hands to come along when matters seemed to take care of themselves. It required no clever play on my behalf to retire gracefully from the game around 3 hours later winning approximately $300. That seemed quite a reasonable start to the weeks events.........

    Wednesday morning, 10.00 - Katherine and I were in the lobbly of the hotel and met up with Movingabout (Tony) and his wife Denise. The four of us spent the whole day shopping!! ('Nuff said?).

    From here on in, events get a little "blurred" so forgive me if some of the days/nights/times are a little hazy.........

    Wednesday night, Tony and I decided to play our first $500 satellites. We played at separate tables, Tony finshed third in his first sat and won his next one and I was lucky enough to win my first satellite at around the same time. When we were heads up I was about 3 to 1 chip leader and when askled, I declined to do a deal. Two hands later it was all over and I'd won my $500 dollar entry fee! (It was a real nice feeling to have that $500 chip safely tucked away and I'm not ashamed to say that I took a couple of photographs of it!)

    Later that evening it became apparent (from the noise and laughter of a gathering crowd) that something special was happening and sure enough all the members of PSOL were beginning to gather just outside the main hall. It was a real pleasure to meet everyone including: Freddieboy, the Muzzeys, WildBill, PokerGoddess, Win4Win, Astro, Cardster, AZHardballz (great meeting you), RonitF, That Marge, PonyGee, Poket Rocket, Astro, StevieRay, JBH5000, Spiegel, Seadog, New Jane, Be Lucky, Doc H, Mick16.............and many, many more. We all eventually moved down to the Poker Room where we were given our own table for a friendly game of 3/6 holdem. I can tell you that we were only asked to be quiet once and then I guess because the management realised that the "buzz" we were creating was in fact transmitting itself right round the room they decided to leave us alone..........I left a very happy cowd at at about midnight.

    Thursday morning, the DJ Express Futurity Golf Tournament - 10 weary-looking individuals gathered in the lobby and set off for Riverbend golf links. The weather started perfectly, sunny and about 55 degrees. Unfortunately some cold and wet weather later in the day forced an early finish and the tournament was calculated over 15 holes. The team event was won by "Class Act" and the individual prize was won by StevieRay, prizes were distributed at the seminar.

    Thursday night - Everyone was ready to play the PSO $100 dollar tournament, enough has already been said but I was really pleased with my 15th place not least of all because I'd been short stacked and on a survival mission for nearly 2 hours and resisted throwing my last $300 after my big and small blinds when I had no chance of winning! I eventually won a round of ante's with that $300 that kept me in the tourney for a short while and enabled me to finish where I did. That shows the value of retaing the chip and the chair! Congratulations to all those who made the final table, it was a great tournament and a great experience. Speigel's gesture after winning, to give nearly $700 to the dealers was a class move and showed that PSO members have some style!

    Friday - Gracelands! (Has to be seen to be believed, but a fab expereince we wouldn't have missed for the world) more shopping and then a couple of satellites (placed 4th and 5th).

    Saturday - The PSO seminar, a great day with excellent speakers. My thanks go to Donna, Nolan, Lou and Barry for keeping us entertained and educated. Also thanks to Mark for our surprise guest speaker, T J Cloutier who took time out of his schedule to undertake a lively Q&A session with us. No poker, I decided to try and stay fresh for the $500 game on Sunday.

    Sunday - feeling nervous and decided against playing before the tournmament started at noon as I didn't want any distractions. I played well right through to the first break (I was suprised how quickly the time passed) and had settled down. I called an opening bet with K, 10 suited and the flop came K, 10,o. I bet 1000 with one caller, there was no improvement on the turn, I bet 1000 again and was raised and put all in by the player left. I deliberated for a couple of minutes and decided I was strong and called, all-in. We turned the cards, my K, 10 looked good especially when he turned A, 10 but as you might guess, I was rivered when the dealer turned an A.

    So, that was me gone...never mind, there's always another time and if you want a real bad beat story, ask Movingabout what happened to him!!

    Monday and Tuesday - started winding down, played a couple of satellites finishing 3rd, 4th and 5th and a 3/6 holdem game where I I didn't do well and cashed in when I had $40 left from my original $100. Movingabout and Denise left on Monday and Katherine and I took it v easy.

    We all enjoyed some success throughout the week on the video poker machines and ended the week in profit when playing on them...v good fun.

    Left Tunica on Tuesday and am now looking forward to the next convention when I hope to meet up with y'all again.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Tony and Denise for their unfailing good humour and friendship while we were out there. To Mark and Tina for all the hard work and dealing with the logistics. To WstWst, JBH5000, Boggins, ZAdvocate, etc. etc. and all the other PSO players for their fantastic results in winning money and satellites. To PokerGoddess for her help in making us feel welcome to Tunica and to the management and staff at The Goldstrike for their cooperation in helping to make the convention such a success.

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    I just found this report today, Joe. Didnt look on this part of the forum!!

    Thanks and it was GREAT to meet you and the lovely Katherine.

    Can't wait til the next meeting.


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      great report!!!!!! i just noticed this one also......i must say, shoeless joe, you are one of the nicest people i have ever met. i am glad you enjoyed yourself in the states. i wanted to say thank you for the gifts in the golf outing, and i hope to one day be able to make it over to the other side of the pond. it truly was a pleasure meeting you and your wife, and i hope to see you at the next convention!!!!!!



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