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LiL_lisa_w Trip to WSOP CT at

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  • LiL_lisa_w Trip to WSOP CT at

    My trip report to Harrah’s AC wsop CT

    First of all let me start out by saying I am just glad to be back after six long months of being hospitalized. But enough about that let get on to the fun of tournament poker.

    I will start out by saying Harrah’s Atlantic city circuit tournaments this year was much more organized from where it was last year. They actually had directions on where to go and how to pay. Plus they had structures handouts on tables for players to pick up and read. Unlike last year when there were no handouts and half the staff did not even know what was going on. Only problem this year I found was the inexperience of some there dealers.

    I got to the WSOP CT on the second day I missed the first 500+60 on Tuesday. On Tuesday I believe there was over 400 participants.

    So now onto the pso stop on the circuit event, however I did not know it was to the middle of this thing. Well I started on table 20, it was a pretty mellow table, and I was one of 2 ladies at the table. It started out slow with no humongous raises or pot during the first round. I May have played 3 or 4 hands the first round, taking down each one with a bet after the flop even if I had nothing. Second round started like the first, and then got a little hairy. I was in then BB lady in first position went all in with about 570 in chip blinds were 25/50. Everyone folded to the big blind I am holding ace queen, small blind sit there thinking for about 5 minutes and I am just thinking to myself if he does not call I was definitely going to. But there was a problem even though I was thinking that to myself I accidentally said it out loud. Big no-no. The lady to my right went ballistic she said I screamed it how I and that I should be disqualified. She was nuts in the middle of her tirade she said that she had ace jack. I had here dominated. So the floor person came over and asked what I did I said it was an accident and everyone at the table said they never heard me say it. He just told me not to do it again. I appliaghed. But she would not let it go continuing to ridicule me and such. She went on to win that hand cause I decided to fold. The next hand came and I got king 4 in the SB and called the BB the lady was in the BB and went all in. I figured she was on tilt so I called. She had ace queen, the flop came king 4 8, she was just about drawing dead, the turn and river were blanks. So I won, she walk away irate, and then proceeded to tell every remaining table what I did and that I yelled out what I said, which was a lie. Everyone came up to me and said she is a nut don’t worry about it.

    So I continued to play till the end of the second round at this time I had 1800, we started with 1500. I was in bad shape at all with the way the blind structures worked.
    So the third round started the blinds were 50/100. So I started this round by being fairly aggressive, raising on the first three hands when we got back and was called on none, so quickly my stack was up to over 2000, so I felt pretty comfortable at that point. Towards the end of the third round I was on the button and had 10/10so I raised 3x the bb I was then called by the BB. Flop came 4/10/k I checked BB bet 400 I smooth called turn a 9 I bet out 800 he calls. So with the river card to come there is about 2800 in the pot and I have 1300 in front of me. The river card comes and it is a jack. This makes a possible straight out there so I immediately check. BB sits and thinks for a moment and also checks. We showdown and he has k10 so I take down the pot with trips. So now my stack is healthy at the end of the third round with over 4000. From there I pick my spots and pick up another 2k. Before the end of the 4th round.

    5th round starts and I stay on table 20 till it was broke down, right before the breakdown though, the guy in the one seat goes all in, I immediately look at my cads and have a feeling that I was going to win so I called, he shows king queen I have jack nine. Flop turn and river come and I spike the straight to knock him out now I am at a comfortable 8k five rounds in.

    So I get moved to another table where there are some large stacks. 12k 9k and 11k. So at first I am a bit timid, I overhear them saying this one guy is scared when raised overtop of. So the next hand I am dealt pocket threes so I raise 2k the guy calls flop come ace 8 10. The guy raised 1500 I go over top for another 4k he thinks then fold and I show my threes repeating what the table said that if he was raised overtop of he would fold. So at the dinner break I have 12k. Sitting pretty with about 95 players left.

    So after the dinner break I come out firing again. But this time I have hands to back it up. Second hand dealt after the break was q/q I raise 4k I get an all in from a short stack 5k. I call and go on to when that hand and no up to over 20k just three hands after dinner break. So I am ecstatic. After that I become timid and don’t play a pot for almost an hour. Then in the middle of the 7th round I get dealt pocket kings in the SB. I am happy. Guy in first position raises 4k I am thinking whoa what does this guy have, then it come to the guy on the button he thinks for a minute or to the counts all this chips out in stacks really slow then say all in. All the while I thinking I got kings. So I thought for a second then I folded pocket kings in the SB. The guy in first position went on to call. It turns out the guy on the button had pocket aces, just as expected. I was so happy, I never been so happy to fold kings before.

    So the round went on till we all made it to the money, yippee I cashed. I was very proud of myself. After I knew that I was going to get money back I became really aggressive knowing people would now just try to make it further and further. So I pick up pot after pot and when it got down to 3 tables I had over 30k among the chip leaders.

    Then it all fell apart, I got dealt decent hands and raised 5k whenever I got any but every time I did someone raised overtop for an all in. Those hands I had A/J off, K/Q and A/10 none of which I was going to risk all my chips on. I was just trying to take the pot down. So in about a span of four hands I went from among the chip leaders with 30k to a short stack with on 16k. From that point on I was not dealt anything decent but I mange to claw my way to 16th and was very happy. I ended up going all in with a 78 suited not bad, but also not good enough.

    For it being my first tourney since my hospital stay I was really happy with my performance. Even the next day I played and was nine positions away from cashing then but went out on a bad beat, but I won’t ramble on about that.

    So I hope u enjoyed my trip report.


    Lisa Weatherly

  • #2
    Congrats on the finish and thanks for the report. Folding the KK was a tough one, but showed you were on your game.



    • #3
      Excellent trip report. Thanks so much for taking us along on your great performance.

      I am so glad you are out of the hospital, and hope you continue to improve.

      Your poker game is very sound...GOOD JOB!!


      • #4
        Dont think no one reads your reports lisa. I honestly found it awesome! Anytime a psoer cashes an angel gets his wings!!!

        Really, sweet job! And i am glad you are feeling better.

        And that kk lay down is phenomenal. You have to share the secret for that one


        • #5
          WTG Lisa! Glad you are better and out of hospital.



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