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1st Live Tournament-update!!!!

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  • 1st Live Tournament-update!!!!

    I've been faffing around for ages trying to pluck up the courage to go and play a Live Tournament, but finally , made it to my Local Casino at Brighton Marina (UK ) for the Thursday night beginners £10 buy in Pot Limit Holdem.

    I cant describe how nervous I managed to get myself before going, but the desire to put into practice what I have learned here eventually overtook the nerves. At this point I might mention 3 players here who have assisted my play. Hurricane who provided me with some tournament strategy which has improved my game no end in the last few months. Serpico who gave me the benefit of his recent first experience ( invaluable ) and Pokermats yes believe it or not for inspiring confidence. Pokermats expects to win every time and during the Team Tourneys it rubbed off!

    Anyway I arrive at the Casino about 45minutes early and register for the tourney. Dave, the guy taking the names, immediately realizes I'm a complete fish out of water suggests I sit at the nearest card table and he'll run through a few hands with me before the Tournament starts, so I can get the hang of the self-dealing aspect. A few minutes later another first timer arrives and "buys in" at this practice game and then so do a few of the regulars - its almost a full table in the end. This from my point of view this was just fantastic and really helped ease the nerves.

    The tournament proper starts and its 1000T chips and a 90 re-buy period then freezout. It turns out that the other first timer is on my table and comments after about 20minutes that he "hadn't spotted the mug yet" lol funnily enough its just what I was thinking. I was really beginning to think I got my strategy all wrong. I mean it was a table of 8, and 5 of them where all -in several times with hands like Q7 when they only had second pair on the flop and then re-buying like crazy. After 45 minutes I still hadn't won a hand and had got to half my starting stack 475T chips so I got a re-buy. I was playing really badly and I'm sure I was getting bluffed out of pots, but I tried to stay cool and wait for a hand. After about an hour I get AQ under the gun and raise the pot. I get one caller and the high card on the flop is a Q. Great top pair so I raise the pot again and the caller folds. Maybe I should have bet less but just great to pull in the chips and believe me I was really starting to panic that I was going to be going home without winning a pot. I then managed to win a couple of small pots and before I knew it the rebuy period was over. I had the add-on and had about 3500T chips quite short but the blinds were still 50/50.

    After the rebuy period was over (& break) I noticed things tightened up quite considerably and a lot of the faster looser players were now waiting patiently for hands. Another 30 minutes passed and I found myself in a small pot with a quiet aggresive player to my left. There was 3 to a flush on the flop I had absolutely nothing so I checked and so did he. I then made the smallest bet possible ( as if trying generate a pot because I had a flush ) and he folded. Laughable I know, but I had just bluffed my first pot Live - whoo hoo!
    About now I noticed that players were getting busted and around this time I got moved to another table, which went well and I won a couple of small pots there to maintain my 3500T chips. The blinds were gradually creeping up and after the tournament was 3hrs old they were 300/300. The field looked to be slightly less than half the 40 odd who had started. There were by now a load of massive stacks around the 3 remaining tables and I felt that If I didnt double soon I was going to slowly 'bleed to death' so to speak!

    Right after this thought I'm under the gun with AK suited. Great just the sort of hand I was waiting for. I raised the pot and was re-raised by one of the blinds who had a slightly smaller stack than I had, everyone else passed. As far as I can recall this meant a 1.5k call to me, I called . There were rags on the flop 892 rainbow or similar. I then raised all in because I had a feeling that the other player had A high and was called ( I got 500 back at this point because he had less than my stack) We flipped our cards and he's got AQ. I'm doubling up! turn card 8, river Q, I just cant believe it down to 500t chips. I somehow croak out "nice hand" lol

    Very next hand I get AJ I go all in with my last 500 chip and there are about 3 callers, flop 8J6, cant remember the turn and river but the bb had j6 for two pair so I'm out.

    I left without thinking to check where I placed and how many had actually started but I think I was out roughly having survived half the starting field.

    Almost everyone was very helpfull and completely understanding of the fact that this was my first time and I made many mistakes, namely folding in the blinds when I should of checked, calling a bet when I meant to raise and continuously asking how much I could raise etc.

    In summary, I can only say that this was one of the best experiences I have had and I figure that in the short term I will become a regular of this beginners game as I wont now be able to stay away lol. To anyone out there like myself who is really nervous of taking the first step into the live game, I can only say again how unbelievably helpful most of the players were.

    Go for it!

    Marco 12345

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      I wasn't going to bore everyone with my 2nd live Tournament experience, but.......

      Made it to Final Table, came 9th, and finished in the money, not big money, but in the money.

      Whooooooo hoooooooo



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        Nice report, and congrats on the 9th in your 2nd live tourney.

        In regards to the tourney registration guy Dave, who helped you prior to the tourney: I hope you personally thanked him after the event. I encourage everyone to encourage this kind of behavior wherever you see it. With a personal thank-you, or a tip from your winnings, if you are so lucky.



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