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LA Poker Classic Trip Report

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  • LA Poker Classic Trip Report

    I don't have a lot to report. I showed up at commerce at about 2 and since I had no gear or PSO literature or anything to hand out I sat and waited for YWolff19 and xxPiratexx to call. About 2:30 YWolff19 called and we met up outside the tourney room, and chatted for a few before he went back to a side game he was in. I waited around for xxPiratexx to call but he never did.

    Since I didn't play in the tourney I will let YWolff19 and xxPiratexx describe their experiences playing, and I believe YWolff19 wins the PSO last man standing competition because I have no way of knowing when xxPiratexx finished.

    Sorry I don't have more to report but hopefully Ywolff19 and xxPiratexx will fill in the blanks for me.

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    Thanks for meeting up w/ us and for the intro Smitty...
    I'll add my trip report here.

    The tournament was huge! I was completely overwhelmed to look out at nearly 700 players and realize that there was over $300,000 in the prize pool. I was disappointed to hear that only 37 players were to get paid out of the 693, but figured that meant more money once I won it .

    We only started with $2,000 in chips, which led to some quick eliminations, even though the blinds started low at 25/25. My table was really tough! Some of them were tight and some of them were loose but all of them were extremely aggressive. This made for fast play and 4 players eliminated from my table by the 1st break. It seemed that most players had decided they needed to pick up a lot of chips early to have a chance.

    The very first hand I chose to play showed my live tournie inexperience. I said "raise" and threw a 100 chip into the pot. Everyone heard me, except I guess the dealer and the two players in the blinds. The guy to my left was talking to me, and in a 2nd show of inexperience I didn't notice that the BB had checked until the dealer threw me 75 chips and started dealing. The player next to me and I both started to object but he had already flipped over a Queen. They called the floor over and even though the 8 other players all said they heard me say "raise," the floorman ruled since the dealer didn't hear it it didn't count. One of the players told me not to be shy and I turned slightly red since my live tournie fish status had just been exposed! The dealer was very apologetic though but when it comes down to it it was my fault. (I bet after a KQQ flop gave me two pair and took down the tiny unraised pot).

    The second pot I entered was one of the few unraised pots at my table. I limped behind 4 players with AJ. I tried to steal the pot on the turn when everyone showed weakness but was called by two players, and had to fold on the river when they both hit their straights and split the pot. Just that hand took 1/5 of my stack, showing how little room there was to maneuver with such small starting stacks.

    However, my luck would soon change as I hit a small set and raised the BB's flop bet. He called and I hit a boat on the turn at the same time as he hit his straight. He bet and I raised all in and doubled up on him to around $3400.

    The friendly player to my left was eliminated and a new player came in, who was the first weak player I had seen so far in the tournie. He spent the first five minutes complaining about all the bad beats he always gets, then he reraised 2 players all in with A4. The other two players had AK and AJ, and a 4 came on the flop, tripling up the bad player. He still kept talking about all the bad beats he gets, barely realizing how lucky he just was. He also told me he likes to call all in bets with hands like 35 and 46 because they usually win! And he wasn't kidding, because I witnessed him playing those cards for a raise a few hands later.

    Anyway, the first hand that crippled me occurred in the 2nd round (rounds were 40 minutes long). I was feeling a little more comfortable with my play and my stack and my prospects, and looking back I might have made a mistake. A player UTG, who usually enters the pot with a raise limped in. That should have sent off warning bells right away but I was blinded by the two ladies I was dealt. I raised 3X the BB to 400 chips with my Q's. One player called me (all in) and the player UTG reraised all in for around 900 more. So the pot odds were really good and I figured that since both were short stacked I most likely had the best hand, but if I thought about it I probably could have and should have put the UTG player on Kings or Aces and folded. I don't see any other hand he could have played that way, since he was a pretty solid player. Well I called he flipped over rockets, knocking me down to around 1400 chips.

    Near the end of the beginning of the 4th level our table was broken up. A fair amount of the tables were already empty though I have no idea how many were gone. I had just had the BB and was moved to a seat where I was BB again in my first hand. I was angered at this but looked down at KQ unsuited which is a nice BB hand. 3 players limped in front of me and I decided it was time to either double up or go home. Figuring none of the players would call with the hands they limped with, I moved all in and waited. The player to my left thinks and groans for a few minutes and makes a really bad call w/ A10o and two bigger stacks left behind him to act. I think he has to either reraise or fold since the call took 2/3's of his stack. I'm still feeling fine about my double up chances, when suddenly another player thinks for almost 2 minutes before reraising all in! The player to my left moans and groans some more and calls himself an idiot and then calls for the rest of his stack. It's A10 vs AQ vs KQ. Flop Qxx, turn Q, river blank. AQ takes down a huge pot and we are both eliminated. I think if the player to my left reraises the AQ folds because he was really close to folding as it was, and then I would have doubled up and been back. I don't mind my play there because once those 2 Q's came I would have been all in anyway, and lost to the higher kicker, as it's hard to put a late position limper on AQ.

    Overall it was a really good experience and I learned a lot about big tournie play. While there are still some fish, I was very impressed with most of the players. I feel like I could have played better but also feel like I gave myself a chance to win and if a couple things went differently I could have gone much further.

    That's all for now...



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      Congrats on being the top PSO finisher and great report.

      New Jane will be wanting that interview now and photo... wtg!



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