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Tunica Trip Report Day 1 of 6

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  • Tunica Trip Report Day 1 of 6


    I get up early on Tuesday and the car is already loaded for the trip. I quickly take a shower and hit the road. After a 6:30 hour trip and 1 speeding ticket (going 83 in a 70 zone) I arrive at the Gold Strike Casino Resort. I stroll on in and proceed to check in. After checking in and unpacking I decide to go explore a little and look around. I walk through the casino and do not see a poker area. After a little searching I figure out that it must be up the escalators on the second floor. So I go up and I see a small poker room with about 10-15 tables. I quickly think to myself this cant be it. This is much too small for a major tournament. I proceed to ask the floorman if they are going to have any 1 table satts today? He responds that there wont be any at the Gold Strike today that they would start tommorrow in the tournament room at noon and he points down the hall. He also tells me that there is a rumor that the Horseshoe would be running a few today. So I decide to go check out the tournament room. I walk down the hall and open the door to the tourney room and it was like stepping into Poker Heaven. Just imagine your local convention center with nice carpet and 50+ perfect poker tables with the perfect green felt and 4 big screen projection TV's with sports on. Also there was another big screen that was used for putting up current tourney info such as current blinds and antes, time remaining in round, and payout information. I dont mean your average big screen I mean huge projection screens mounted on the walls. But anyway back to the poker. So I decide to walk over to the horseshoe to see if they are going to have any satts today. I walk in the horseshoe and see an average size poker area with about 15 tables. They were all full and there were railbirds everywhere. I proceed to ask about the satts and Im informed that the person running them is supposed to be ther in 30 minutes and the first one will start in about 45 minutes. So I put my name on her list I was #8 on the list and proceded to wait. Much to my surprise in about 15 minutes they made an announcement that the first one was about to start out in the pit and that they had seats for these players and they proceeded to call my name. So I ask where the pit is and I am pointed in the right direction. I find my table and sit down and there was a band playing live about 20 feet away along with slot machines ringing everywhere. Oh and someone hit a slot for $1,600,000 while I was there.(Must be nice) 8O

    I pay my buy-in $65 and the tourney starts with $200 in chips 5-10 blinds and 20 minute rounds. Right when the tourney starts the band starts playing Marvin Gaye Let's get it on and I thought how appropriate. The first few hands I see trash and just wait. Much to my suprise this was not a very aggressive table. There were alot of limpers. My first big blind I have A-Js and there is one limper and I check. The flop comes A-10-4 and I check the limper bets $20 at the pot and I move all in overtop of him. He quickly calls and shows J-Q. He only has 4 outs and his gutshot does not come and he is out and I double up. Nice start. Before the first round is over we are down to 6 players. Next a lady on the button is first in and limps on my big blind. I look down and see A-10 and push all-in and she folds. My next big blind she raises all in on a steal with j-8o and I look down to see 2 queens and I bust her out. This was by far the easiest sat I played the whole time. The rest of the sat was pretty uneventful as I had most of the chips and was able to mostly run over the table the rest of the way and cruise on in to my first sat win. This gave me a $500 tournament buy-in chip and $50 cash. After that sat I wanted to sit there and play them all day and asked if I could stay for the next one? The dealer replied you must go get on the list again and wait your turn. So I go check the list and see the it is 40 deep and im not gonna be able to play another for several hours as they only have one table running. So I decide to watch for a minute and strike up a conversation with the gentleman standing next to me. He proceeds to ask me if I play online any. I reply not much but some at pokerpages and he says are you part of the school? I answer that I am and he tells me he is too and his name is Astro. We start talking and I decide to stay and watch him play a sat and double up on the first hand. While standing there I thought I heard someone at the other end of the table mention PSO and I casually mention it and the gentleman says yes Im a PSO member it was Indy Bob and he then points out Ranger Rick in the same sat. We quickly talk it up and I tell them astro is in their sat also and we all get to know each other a little better. It comes down to RangerRick heads up vs another player who sucks out on him once but Rick stayed patient and worked his way back and won the thing. I then decide to go up to the room and take a break and get a bite too eat. Later on that evening I decide to play $3-6 hold-em at the Gold Strike and after $30 minutes I was bored with it. After all I got all the ring games I want at home. I came to play tourneys. So I get up cash out up like $12 and get a comp from the floorman. I decide to go watch the super sat for a while. The are down to 2 tables and pro Randy Jenson is still in and playing very aggressively. He is raising about every other hand. He pushes his whole stack in on the button when he was first in the pot and the BB thinks for a while and calls him the BB showa Ad-10d and Randy shows 3s-5s and the flop comes 9-9-5 and Randy let's out a big YESSSSSS! as the BB gets no help on the turn or river. They are now down to the final table and I see Astro again and we watch together and he introduces me to Todd21. Randy Jenson is at it again as he goes all-in under the gun with 2-2 and gets called by A-K and the A-K gets no help and he survives again. Next they are down to six players and he goes all in again under the gun with A-9o and his luck runs out when he is called by A-K again and neither improve. At this point it is Close to 2:00 am and I decide to get some sleep and go to the room.

    I will try to post 2 or 3 of these a day until all 6 days are posted. It only gets better. Feel free to PM me with any questions.

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    JBH it was a pleasure to meet you. I have no doubt that in the very near future your name will be well known in the tournament circuit. You play an outstanding game.


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      ty cockroach but I think everyone here can compete at that level.



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