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'05 World Poker Final Foxwoods

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  • '05 World Poker Final Foxwoods

    Alas...yet another big Foxwoods tournament, yet another uncerimonious early exit. I guess I should recount all the ups and down for you in graphic detail so I am ont the only one feeling my pain.

    First off, I live only a one hour drive from Foxwoods, so I was able to sleep in a little longer then I would on a work day...but probably should not have stayed out until 3 a.m. the night before to play in a local game. Anyway, back to that day. I got up at 6, got dressed, see photo later to understand the demonic side of me, and headed out the door. Got to the 'Woods at 7:15 and was registered by 7:30. I hung out for a little while waiting to grab breakfast with a friend of mine who was also on his way. Watched a little live game action while waiting for ChessSafari, the PSO event team leader to get set up at 9:00. Finally had breakfast, and 9:00 rolled around. Headed downstairs to the PSO check in area, and met the crew. I was surprised that we had only a handful of members considering the turnout for the tournament. Definitly had a good vibe from the group...little did I know yet that the day would prove me wrong.

    Well, time to head back upstairs to the poker room to play. I figure here I must explain a little for people whom have never been to Foxwoods. They have a by most casino standards (Commerce, The Bike, Rio during WSOP) a huge poker room. Just as an example, their regular "Tournament Area" is larger then Mandalay Bay's entire poker room. Foxwoods now operates on a regular basis 87 tables. Well, come tournament time, WPF(World Poker Finals) and NEPC(New England Poker Classic) that number just don't hack it. They casino adds 30 tables by turning the Sunset Ballroom into an ancillary poker room. For the sake of tournament play during the large tournaments, tables number 1-30 are in the ballroom, and any additional needed tables are run upstairs. Well, I was table 77 to start, which means I was upstairs to start. It turns out I was in a few tables walk of a few of our PSO contingant, so it was nice to be able to track their progress as we went. Well, as 10:00 approached and we were counting down to "shuffle up and deal" I tried to get in my most jedi-zen like state.

    9:55 - Announcment comes, button starts in the 2 seat...great I am in the 3 so, small blind to start.

    9:59 - All stacks passed out, we start with 1500, and 25/25 blind level. 50 minute levels.

    10:00 - "Shuffle up and deal." Two hands limp around to me. I take a peek and see rags. 8h 3s. Check. Big Blind raises 100. Folded around. I dump. Hey, at least I am not out first hand.

    10:01 - It is amazing that they anounce that they will be filling alternate spots as people get knocked out in the first round. They started with 110 tables, so the field was at least going to be 1100 people. I am still amazed that at 25/25 you will hear, "Seat open" that much when you start with 1500.

    10:12 - Funny that I mention "Seat open" only 11 minutes ago. I am UTG+4, and get one limp ahead from UTG+1. I peek and see Jh Jd. Raise. 100 to play. Folded to small blind who calls, as does UTG+1. Flop. Jc 8d 4c. Bingo. Love flopping a set, especially last to act...not happy with clubs, but can't change it just use it. Small blind bets out 125. UTG +1 raises makes it 450 to play. Now I flopped top set, and want to make the club drawers pay, so, only one way I can see to do it...All-in. Small bling folds. UTG+1 almost beat his money in with exposing his cards. I get a big breath of relief not begging for no club when I see 4h 4s. Set over set flop. Blank blank. "Seat open" I am quickly over 3000. Maybe it is a good day to play.

    10:37 - Up to 3700 on the strength of a raise with pocket bullets that got no play after a raise, and pocket ladies that got no play after a reraise. I should have realized it was too good to be true.

    11:03 - 25/50 I am in the big blind, and here comes the beginning of the end. I drop 450 on a battle of the blinds. 6s 9h. Flop...9d 4d Kh. 100, call. 10 s on turn. Check, check. 9c on river. 100, I raise to 300, call. I flip set, he flips over Qc Jc. turned straight.

    11:15 - Giving away chips again with a good hand. Ks Qs. On the button. I limp in. 4 way pot. Flop all red. Heart Diamond Heart...why am I happy though...K Q 9. Check to me. 125. One call from middle position, two blinds had dumped. Turn 8c. Check, I go 250, call. river 9c. Check, 500, call. Flip my top two pair. He shows A 9 off. At this point my vision blurred a little and I don't remeber the suits.

    11:40 - And we are now at our first 15 minute break...I have, through giving back chips on some good but not best hands, ended first two levels with 1525. Considering I was at 3700 I am obviously not happy.

    12:00 - I make it back from running downstairs, we had to give ChessSafari our chip count at each break, just in time to watch my hand be declared dead as I am running to my chair...oh well. The though of unknown possibility runs through my head.

    12:05 - 50/100 level and I drop another 525 on two pair over two pair. I am now starting to see red, and it is not because of my glasses. Tick Tock Tick Tock.

    12:09 - Does this seem too much like an episode of "24"?

    12:10 - Big blind. Folded to the button who calls. Small blind raises. He had only been raising all day with ace rag, and smooth calling his pairs. That made me feel like a move would be good when I saw my friends the jacks again. All-in 1000...hoping to take the 400. Button calls, raises dumps out. I flip my jacks, and the call from the button for 900 more flips As 6c. 900 more on ace six off? Ugh, I get that sinking feeling. Sure enough...Boom...ace on the flop. I can't improve. Day over.

    It amazes me that I had good starters and just couldn't win all day. Just as a final total recap, since I didn't share every the 1 hour 50 minutes of play time, I had aces once, queens twice, jacks twice(wish I hadn't gotten them the second time) tens once, sixes twice, and big slick thrice.

    Oh well, forget about the bad times and look on down the road...unfortunatly it is an extremely long road when you only had three hours of sleep, took bad beats all day, and stayed at the casino until 10pm.

    I hope my next report can end a little different, but until then, may you never ever find yourself on the wrong side of a beat, and may all your pots offer you 7 to 1 on your money.

    --- RedChrome

  • #2
    Nice report Red!
    This is the first year in awhile that I have missed this event, so I am very jealous :twisted: You are lucky just to have been there.
    The first year I played, which was not that long ago, there were barely 200 people max in most of the events.
    Sounds like you played well and you have a great attitude about the game.. I am sure a good victory for you is just around the corner.
    Thanks again for the report! 8)


    • #3
      You're a good player Chrome, and you will certainly fair better next year. The 1,500 starting chips enhances the luck factor in the early going.

      If they had give a "best dressed" prize, you would have won hands down! I'm glad I had the chance to meet you. Thanks for sharing some of the details of what must've been a frustrating day.

      1,245 players with alternates joining late is just nuts. There's not much at PSO, or in life, that prepares us for those odds.

      Best wishes,



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