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Canterbury Fall Classic

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  • Canterbury Fall Classic

    This trip report concerns my trip to the Canterbury Fall Classic in Minnesota.

    The trip started with a wonderful evening with PSOers at mike's (idoru) home tournament. There were 4 tables in this event, up substantially from last year. Mike and his lovely bride hosted this wonderful event in their poker room and even upstairs. A good time was had by all and I was bubble boy in coming in 11th and missing the final table. But I went out very early last year with a beating by Jordan(ocean pup). The culprit this year for knocking me out was Bill (Debonair). It was no disgrace either year going out at the hands of these two fine players. Bill received my knockout prize of $20 in chips at the Canterbury Card Club.

    The next day started my adventure in the Fall Classic. I must say that Canterbury Poker Room is one of the finest I have played in and is always enjoyable. I would recommend it to all PSOers.

    This was a $300 buyin limit tournament. The event went pretty boring for the first hour and a half for me. Then i took a beat and became short stacked. This was the start of a long period of playing a short stack. At about the two hour mark I was low chipped and decided it was time to MAKE MY STAND. I had pocket jacks and was allin against four others.

    Then is when I almost goofed up big time. My neighbor to my left , who I had developed a good rapport with, saw I was allin and asked me quitely if I had a chance. Then I showed only him the folded up cards revealing my JJ. At that time one of the players in the hand demanded that my hand be declared mucked as I had shown it to another player at the table. He loudly called for the floor person and asked that my hand be mucked, which would effectively eliminate me. The floor person listened to the question and decided that my hand was still alive but gave me a strict warning not to do that again. The agitated player called me several names I will not replay here.

    The result was that i won the hand and quadrupled up. That gave me new life in the tournament. Next I went on another long stretch of no cards and was getting blinded into a low stack situation. I managed to survive through every break being about the low stack in the tournament.

    After about 6 hours it was getting down to the bubble for the money. I had a great deal of assistance by New Jane, renowned author of poker books, as she was keeping track of the low stacks at the other tables. This tournament payed 27 and we came down to 28 at 3 tables. I was bound and determined to make the money as I did not want to spend 7 hours of battling and come up with nothing.

    As Jane was keeping me informed of the activity at the other two tables I was playing tight to get into the money. Unfortunately, the two players who had less chips than me went allin on consecutive hands and were called and both of them won. We were playing hand for hand at this time. Our table came up and I was in the big bind with A 10. All folded to the small blind who put me allin with A3 if I called. I did not have another round of blinds in my stack and I did not know if I could outlast the other low stacks so once again I MADE MY STAND. It so happened that I ended up with a full house and doubled up. This was enough for me to get in the money. On the very next hand another players went all in and was knocked out so I made the money. Then we broke for an hour dinner break. Without Jane's help I would not have made the money.

    While at the dinner table at the buffet, Jane and I discussed some strategy and I was talking with another player that was in the money. At this time I was still low stacked for the remaining players. After Jane left the player asked how I knew her and I explained that we were with Poker School Online. He did not know what PSO was but said "You must be doing real well in that school". This caused me to laugh. I was now determine since I made the money to press a little to finish as high as I could.

    With the players in the money it became more fast and furious. Unfortunately, I was still low chipped for the next two and a half hours. With some key strategy from Zeroth, it became quite clear that the money started getting "deep" when you reach the final table. Well, I caught some cards at the right time and made bets at the right time that were not called and allowed me to sneak into the final table.

    They broke the turney for a final table celebration and brought out wine , cheese and champagne. I opted only for water. They presented the final table contestants with a nice fleece jacket and a cap. When the final table play resumed, I looked up and saw a crowd in the stands of about 30 people. At least 15 of them were PSOers that were supporting me. I hope I do not miss any here, but Debonair and wife, New Jane, Zeroth, Mike, Brant, Hitman, Sailor Moe, Rowebote, Hazy , Ocean pup, BestFramer, Zeroth's brother and wife, the Muzzeys were in the stands. My cheering section was so big they even started the wave.

    I want to thank all of these people for their support as there is not a better feeling than to be at the table and look up and see so many friends. It made me bear down and it is why I started the final table with low stack and ended up finishing third. Along the way at the final table I was patient and let others "self destruct". It got down the final three and I had about a third of the chips of the other two. No one offered me a deal. The cards did not come in this situation and I was finally low and MADE MY STAND with JJ and got beat by A3 with an A coming on the river. At 11:30 pm I was history.

    The two other players did not strike a deal and I am told played heads up another 2 and a half hours before it was decided. I cashed out with just under $7,500, my largest cash to date.

    This was a very enjoyable but tiring day. I got very lucky and as I keep a count of bad beats received versus delivered. I was 5-2 in this category per my memory. I was allin about 6 times and won 5 of them. Obviously the last won was a defeat.

    Lessons learned include:

    Patience is definitely an asset in limit tournaments.
    Timing is extremely important in limit
    Luck plays a big part in advancing through large fields of players
    Know all of the rules of tournament poker, i.e. dont show cards and dont put chips in pockets, etc.
    Dont ever give up or concede.
    Having the crowd behind you does make a difference
    PSO competition gets you very prepared for whatever you come against in these other players
    Stay away from good but not great hands in the early stages of limit as it is not easy to raise people out of hands so you should be prepared to go with your hand if you stay in. Be more aggressive when the blinds make it more like no limit later in the tournament.
    Position seems to be of more importance in limit tournaments that even in no limit (arguable)

    In ending this rambling post, I want to congratulate other PSOers that cashed and played well in Canterbury. The ones I know of include Zeroth, JMuzzey, Hitman, Hazy One, Ocean Pup. I am sure I missed some as PSO was well represented there. Sailor Moe went out on the bubble in defending his no limit championship . Well done Leon.

    This was my most satisfying experience as a poker player and it wouldnt have happened with PSO and the support of the other players present. thank you again.


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    Great post alan. It is weird to read about it after it happened. I didnt know of your disagreement with another player. Lol, he is probably still crying about that :lol: You played a great short stack. I dont think anyone else could have played that well for so long. Hope this is the first of many more to come!!!


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      Thanks for the great report, my friend. I was more than happy to be your other set of eyes in the late stages of the tourney! You played SO good and we were so happy to stay and cheer for you. I have never seen such awesome short stack play!!

      IT was great seeing you and all my PSO friends.



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