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Lake Charles or bust

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  • Lake Charles or bust

    katfishstu and i decided to play the 3-6-12 hold em game at the isle of debris in lake charles la., this past saturday before we go see the rockets play that night in houston. we've been down there several times before and enjoy the loose play on the weekends.

    we left austin at 7 am saturday, and drove thru houston, cuz we had to drop off this little pomeranian dog. when we exited the highway, the fisch's euro van began smoking. we determine that the alternator belt is loose and ask a cab for a ride. the cabby says he'll take us the mile or so for$15 and work out a little extra for the dog. we laugh and say no thanks, so he says something i wont type here, and fisch...fisch curses him back a storm.....muttering what kind of cabby wont give us a ride.... i tell him that the dude he just cursed probably murdered the cabby last night and is sleeping off the high from the money he stole.houston, i tell him, isnt the kind of town where you curse strangers and live to tell the tale, unless u have a gun. we walk back to the van, watch the "cabby" drive off and get the hell outta there.

    so we cant drop the dog off cuz fisch's brother isnt home. so me and fisch are walking this little pomeranian (little fluffy dog) around one of houston's gayer neighborhoods, and getting the biggest smiles and from all we pass. it's pretty funny.
    we decide to take the dog to louisiana with us and head back in the van (which we hope will make it).
    we run into horrible traffic on I-10 and get to lake charles around 330pm.

    the list is long, but we get to sit about 5 minutes apart at the same table. it is loose and non-aggressive....just what we were looking for! the fisch plays fast and scoops a couple pots hes up 75 or so in a hurry. i bide my time, win a bb hand with 5 7 off when flop comes A 6 4 , then 3 on the turn. i check and call the turn but bet 6 when a J hits the river. i figure the lady betting out in late position will raise, cuz she has an ace, but she folds. i wait another 30 minutes or so, and draw the interest of the guys around me when i finally play another hand-- J 9 h. ( i won a giant pot in vegas once with this hand, building the pot with a preflop raise by mistake) flop comes black and elsewhere so i fold.
    next hand i get QJ and play em utg. flop Q 6 2 . i bet called by two. turn is 2. i check, lp bets and i call. river a Q. i bet 12 lp folds.

    fisch gets up and says hes gonna throw dice for 15 minutes then we have to leave to make it back to houston for the game. so i look at some more cards ( none good), fisch comes back and we leave. in the hour i sat , i played 4 hands ( i sat down to 55 on the button), won two of em, and never showed down a hand. i finish $25 up, the fisch is 40 up....just enough to cover gas from austin!

    we drive back to houston, drop off the dog, watch the rockets lose to the warriors by 2 in a sleeper. and then drive back to austin by 2 am. pretty long day.

    i noticed a phenomenon at the cardroom. we get there and there is this huge list. then we sit down and all of a sudden there are tons of seats open in the room. what gives????


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