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Hawaiian Gardens Trny

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  • Hawaiian Gardens Trny

    Hello Everyone,

    I promised myself that after I played my first live trny i'd come in here and post.

    I played in a $20 dollar + $10 multi rebuy trny last night at Hawaiian Gardens in CA. In this trny every $10 gave you 300 in chips with the add on of $20 giving you 1000 in chips. There were 291 entries and the total pize pool was about 20k with the rebuys and addons.

    The day started off in sort of shock, as this was my first trny and with multi rebuys during the first 3 rounds, it was just crazy. After having several premium hands busted during this period, I was now into the pool for my initial buyin, 4 $20 rebuys and one $20 add on, and I had less chips than my money paid for. Two hands before the break and the end of the rebuys, I had pocket Kings and went all in pre flop and had, count them 4 callers. My kings held up which put me at about 5k in chips starting the fourth round.

    I was the fourth table to get broken and they moved me to another table, wasnt' able to do much, kept myself even, blinds were now at $50 ante and 300/600. I won one hand which put me around 7k in chips. I went over the top to a raise with AQs and the origional raiser folded to me. Table broke again right before the second break.

    Going into the seventh round with the blinds around 500/1000 I was not looking very well, I won a big pot in the big blind with two small pair, then lost everything but 3k in the next hand with top two pair. Arg..

    At this point, I guess I kind of gave up, I went all in pre-flop with out looking at my cards. Kind of dumb I guess, but I flopped a queen and it held up, with put me at over 9k in chips with 2 callers.

    I'm not sure what happend next, I think I went on a rush, but I won the next 3 hands, beating pocket 8s in one, pocket J's in another, and then flopping the nut full house on the last hand. I'm at around 50k in chips when the table is breaks and they move me to another table.

    This time when i'm moved, I found out that I made the money, there were 27 people left, I had won 120 dollars.

    This table was not so nice to me, I lost a race with poket 9s to two over cards, luckly the person only had about 20k in chips so I'm at around 30k or so. I decided to change it up a little and became very agressive, this worked as I won several pots stealing the blinds and antes. Table breaks again, down to 18 people, now I'm in the second pool of money $170.

    From here, it all went really fast, I won several large hands and was sitting at around 130k in chips and found out I was the chip leader, now we are down to 10 people, I made the final table.

    The table agrees to take 170 out of the prize pool and give it to 10th place so they get 300 dollars.

    We played a few more hands, I never recieved any real cards for the next 20 mins or so, blinds are now up to 8000/16000 and I go over the top a few times and pick up the blinds and antes, I'm at around 140k in chips with 7 people left. The blinds go up to 10k/20k with 3k ante.

    The table agrees to stop and split the pot based on total number of chips per person.

    As the chip leader I had my picture taken and walked away with $3460 dollars.

    I want to thank everyone at PSO, I have learned alot over the past 8 months I have been a member. I was worried that my first post would be this is how I did, never thought I would have won my first trny. Alot of the day was fuzzy, so I dont have all the hand histories etc, but I will say that I really excited with the results. I now have an official poker bankroll.


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      Wonderful!!! Many congrats, and enjoy!!!!!


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        WTG! Congratulations!


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          WELL DONE :!:


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            What fun! Thank you for sharing and congrats....




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