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Gaylord Texan Hold'em Tourney

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  • Gaylord Texan Hold'em Tourney

    Does anyone know about the Texas Hold'em Tournament at the Gaylord Texan Resort?

    Next week I will be staying there and they hold a tournemant on Wednesday Evenings. It looks like I will play it! Any information you have would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Apparently this is under the auspices of the Amatuer Poker League. See,

    Does anyone know anything about this organization?

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    :lol: Given that the gun laws in Texas are very liberal, you might want to add a Smith & Wesson to your poker arsenal. :wink:


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      Well I have an hour to write Part 1 of this trip report: My second tourny starts in 50 minutes.

      The Gaylord Texan Resort is located in Grapevine, just outside of Dallas. For those of you that have been to Opryland in Nashville, the design of the hotel is very similar. It is a hotel somewhat remote from anything and you are captive without a car. It is pricey and really not that high of quality. If it were not for the conference that I was attending, I would not make this my preferred stop in Dallas.

      Apparently, this is the third week of this series. The tournies are run by Amateur Poker League. Many of the players live inthe Dallas area have have been to all three. (Four of the eight players at my initial table were "regulars.") There are no dealers. Therefore, the dealing at the tables is by individuals and can be irregular at times leading to disputes as to what to do.

      The first tourney started at 7:00 PM. There were 13 tables of 8 players (104 total). I went out with 24 players remaining. The tournies are free: there is a first prize of a chip set that is provided by the Hotel. Other wise, no other prizes. You should be there at 6:00 PM to register.

      The play in the first tournament resembled a free roll at Poker Pages. The play is extermely loose and overly aggressive. THe blinds are extremely fast and last only 15 minutes. THerefore luck is a big factor in the play.

      I had AA, QQ and JJ all busted by hands that I personally would never play except from the blinds with no preflop raises. My AA was busted by Q4o (He hit a straight!). Then my QQ was busted by K7o. (Beat by a pair of K's) And finally JJ by 67s (flush hit). I managed to stay in the tournament by not playing my favorite move (All In calls!). However, I did hot a full house when I was short stacked and also flopped an A high straight when I had AQ. So everything works out.

      All in all, it is for fun and certainly not professional play. I was playing a lot tighter than most players (and that is saying something as I have been known at PSO at times as a maniac!). If you want some light entertainment, these tournaments can provide that. The players are friendly and the play is mostly light hearted. However, if you get upset with loose play, stay away from these.

      Well so much for Part 1. Next tourney starts in 35 minutes.


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        Part 2:

        It was a late night! Two live tournaments in one night is bit much to take! I lasted this time until there were 18 players left. I had to play most of the time on a short stack as I had an AKo busted by an A8s in the first hour. But I had fun never the less.

        This time I was put on a table with several very good players. While tables were breaking up all around us, we only lost three of the original starting players during the complete time I was on this table who were replaced several times. In contrast to the earlier game, where I was on primarily loose and very aggressive tables, this table was tight and aggressive. I would find a different table if I was playing for money. The players here were all regulars and they knew the difference between an Ax-er and an AX-er. If it were not for the replacement players, there would not have been enough money to meet the aggressive blind structure.

        Playing an extended time with some very experienced players was a real treat. The fact that I lasted as long as I did (over 3 and a half hours) on essentially a short stack the whole time was in itself a miracle. I managed to win hands at the right times to build up chips to survive until the next hand. My M was never over 10. In fact a couple times, I nearly blinded out. Finally with an M=2, I was in the blind with Kh 9h and flop a flush. I limped from the blind hoping that some one would bet but nobody did. At the turn I went all in and got called. The guy calling me had Ah Th and that finished my night. But it was nearly 2 AM and I had to get up at 6:30 to catch my flight home.

        While I was clearly not impressed with the first tournament, the second one at 10 PM was totally outstanding and maybe the best live tournament that I have ever played in. Two Thumbs up on this one!


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          Thanks for the trip report--I enjoyed reading it. Now, did you really resist the urge to call the all-ins? :wink:


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            Originally posted by Finnsey

            Thanks for the trip report--I enjoyed reading it. Now, did you really resist the urge to call the all-ins? :wink:
            Well, Almost!



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