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Al Spath ROCKS..

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  • Al Spath ROCKS..


    If you ever have a chance to play a little NL ring game, try to get in the game where Al SpAth is playing. He is remarkable to watch, and might I add, easy on the eyes. As always, I enjoyed my trip to LA, and spending a few hours with Al made it all the more memorable. I watched as he delicately extracted a large river bet from a kid who was simply unable to lay down pockets Kings to Al's flopped nines full. A thing of beauty!

    Usually, I have a great run of poker in LA. This time, I think I was my own worst enemy. All that aside, I would go back in a New York Minute. The day I spent with PSO members topped of a wonderful five days of poker action.

    The day I arrived, Joybell met me at the Commerce, and she and I managed to each drop a stack in the NL game before we headed over to a 4-8. I am not a huge fan of low limit hold'em these days, but spending time with Joybell made the losing more palatable. She even caught a woman marking cards, and later as we left, the woman was being escorted out. Leave it to Joybell to scoop a story like that! Notice to women with long fingernails: Dont' leave your polish on the card when you mark it.

    On Sunday, I headed over to the BIKE to welcome the PSO members to the live tour event. First thing I did was put my name on some lists, and walk around to see if I could spy some members. It was still early, so I was seated in Al's NL game. To make a long story short, he won, I didn't. And yes, Al, I saw the two queens on the board when I had JJ, but I was sure the guy who lead the betting didn't have one. Sure enough, he didn't. He had a small flush .

    I played a couple of satellites, busted with pocket pairs in each of those, then plunked myself down at the tourney registration tables so I could see folks as they arrived. Pretty soon, Bazonkers arrived. I recognized Bazonkers from his profile pic, and got a nice bear hug. He was accompanied by Johannes and Snoooooop with 6 o's. It was nice to meet you guys!! JCastle signed up, as did xxpiratexx. Five PSO members started in the field of 505.

    Not long before the tourney started, two more handsome guys walked up to the PSO table, and I knew right way who they were! AllinPaul and DiamondNick. Not long ago, we had been at the same table during a PSO tourney, and had discussed meeting at the BIKE. I gave them some PSO hats and card protectors. They had decided not to play the rebuy tourney, so I agreed to join them in the card room in a rather lively 4-8 game. It took about half hour for all three of us to wind up at the same table, but once we did, a great time was had. I watched my first rack dwindle to about 40 bucks, at which time I told them they are responsible to cover my losses since I normally dont play 4-8. They didn't agree LOL. After a while, I either got very lucky or played very well, but either way, I cashed out with a nice 209 profit. It was great fun being at the table with these two hotties, and we pretty much dominated the table and kept the play loose and lively. Thanks for coming by, meant alot to me.

    As the tourney progressed, our PSO friends dwindled until only JCastle and Bazonkers was left. JCastle busted around 8:40pm, and Bazonkers continued on finishing a fine 43rd.

    It is always fun to see old friends and make new ones, and this time was no exception!

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    "I would go back to LA in a New York minute." Besides a nice trip report, Jane, I think you have the makings of a good country and western song there.


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      "OH... the bridge washed out and my baby's on the other side, and I CAN'T swim."

      Jane, it's you and Sharla that trek all over the country to meet and greet all our great members who participate in these events.

      YOU are the real trooper!

      Now, back to that JJ against QQ on the board...hmmmm (I folded in the blind, my Q3) wink.


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        LOL Al...but lest we allow your lyrics to stand incorrectly for all time on the internet, let me correct you before it goes any further:

        Remember, I am a good ole country girl from way back..

        "The bridge washed out, and I can't swim..and my baby's on the other side".. ( with due respects to Warner Mack).

        And Mike, you are right about the country western song possibilities. If only I could find a way to include Mama, Trains, Rain, and a hound dog, I might be on to something!!


        • #5
          I waved at my mama, a sittin’ on the train
          Her dawg by her side
          There’s nothing under the porch now,
          So I laid down and cried.


          Oh, I’d go back to LA in a New York minute
          pack my bags now the other team’s got the pennant.....
          there’s nothin’ left for me...
          WooooHooooo WoooooHoooo
          [forlorn train whistle in a pounding rain. OK to substitute New Jane’s victory chant here]

          No dogs under the porch and no woman in the home
          LA’s got my baby.
          And my beer’s got no foam
          So I laid down and cried.



          ©Res Ipsa


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            I got the guitar out and picked out a little tune...wish you were here to whistle the harmony!!



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