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Monday night live tourney.

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  • Monday night live tourney.

    Friday afternoon, I walked into the casino to pay my buy-in for Monday night. I was feeling on top of the world; I'd been playing great poker all week. I was confident, ready for anything.

    Monday morning arrived, and all I could think about was tonight's tournament. Like it was a huge life important/changing event! My self esteem was pretty much in the toilet, and doubted everything about my game.

    vhampyre74 found me online, & gave me some great tips, as usual. I took an index card and wrote some key, game-oriented phrases on it, as well as a few ego boost phrases. I, also, made sure to listen to great music all day long, and topped the day off with a yummy latte. I continued listening to great music on my drive over, and was ready to play.

    Oh, again, this was a $35+$5 buy-in, max 67 entrants. Top 7 get paid.

    I arrived early, as usual. So I could scope out the competition, get my seat assignment, and kinda settle in. I found some guy sitting in my seat, but figured I wouldn't worry about it till it was closer to starting time. At some point, another guy comes over looking at the seats & finds that I'm in his seat. I tell him I'm just hanging here till the game starts, that this other guy is in my seat. *laughs*

    It was cool, but the guy I 'accused' was adamant that he was in his seat. (Hereinafter known as Buddy.) Apparently, last week, Buddy left his seat assignment card at his seat, when he stepped to the washroom. In the meantime, some guy had come in, made himself comfortable, and was playing in Buddy's place!

    Anyway, it turned out that while Buddy had been sitting there, one of the casino staff had slipped a chair in, now bumping him out of position. It was fine, and a great way to meet the player to my left.

    I've decided that the real way to do a tournament right, is to use my acting skills. Not to necessarily use them in a hand, (Though, that doesn't hurt.) but to use them to put others at ease. I'm just the overly friendly, semi-loud girl, at the table. This was imperative on Monday night, as I was not feeling overly friendly or overly outgoing.

    Soon, Buddy & I were comparing chip stacks, making silly predictions, joking with each other, accidentally reaching for the other's cards, etc. It was just simple & comfortable. The guy to my right, hereinafter known as Str8LacedRick, was quite friendly too.

    It was perfect! I was surrounded by 2 friendly guys that liked this kooky girl, enough, not to mess much with her. In fact, every time I got involved in a hand, they would repeatedly say I was playing 'power poker.' *grins mischievously* I just didn't give my foes odds to call; they rarely saw my cards. *winks*

    Before the game started, I decided that I needed to play/win roughly 1 hand per orbit, regardless of my cards or feelings on the issue.

    So, Str8LacedRick limped into a hand in mid position, which he was prone to do with A rag. I had something like J9os, and decided to raise & make him choose to get involved or get out. He called. The flop brought 3 spades, one of which was the A. I bet with nada, not even a spade. He hemmed & hawed, folded, and then told me he had the A with a weak kicker. I teased him saying, that I never believe poker players. He told me some anecdote to confirm that he was really telling the truth. After that, we were friendly enough that he started showing me his hands. *grins mischievously* This guy was so easy to read, so tight, so weak... so easy to outplay. Poor guy, he hadn't a clue what was happening.

    Nonetheless, I started building a healthy stack, without anyone catching a glimpse of my cards. Which, by the way, were crap. I couldn't catch a hand to save my life. (Ooh! I did catch AJos got a few calls pre-flop, then won it on the flop.)

    Another orbit with crap cards. Blinds were 300/600, when a very quiet & reserved young lady limped in, in early position. (I've seen her at several of these tourneys. She hardly says a word, and she's pretty tight - like her bro.) She's been folding everything, so I know she finally has a hand she likes. I want to know how much she likes it, so I raise to 2,400. (I should've known better & just folded. I've even used this tactic, before.) Everyone folds, and she pushes all-in for another 1,800. Pot odds say, call (Call 1800 to win the current pot of 3900.). I know I'm beat, but stupidly abide by pot odds. I have K9os & she has AKos. She takes a healthy pot, & I'm sitting with a bit smaller of a stack than I'd like.

    Gradually, I take a few small uncontested pots, and build back some of what I lost. Soon after, Buddy, Str8Laced Rick, and I are all shifted to new & different tables.

    This new table is fairly quiet, not much of the banter & friendly atmosphere. So, I figure that's gotta change. It wasn't as easy to do at this table, but slowly and surely they loosened up.

    Again, I'm getting crap. Everyone folds to me, and I'm in late position with A4os. I haven't played many hands here, so I decide to raise. All fold to the BB, who moves all-in. She plays innocent & scared and says, "I never do this!" Hereinafter known as LadyLuck. Again, with the pot odds; I should've just folded. Instead, I call. She has QQ and takes home a lovely pot. Ouch!

    I'm now short stacked. I wake up with a hand in late position, with no action before me. I have KsQs, & decide to move all-in. LadyLuck hems & haws, and says "well, after that last hand..." She decides to call, to be all-in. She has JTos. She catches a ten, and I'm severely crippled. All the guys behind me are telling each other what a bad call that was on her part, how she should never have done that, blah, blah, blah.

    Wouldn't you know, that over the course of the evening, LadyLuck gets QQ 3 times, AK 2 times, AQ 3 times, AJ 1 time, etc, etc. It was insane. Not only did she get the monsters, they won every time.

    Somewhere in the craziness, Str8LacedRick was moved to our table. Woohoo!! Easy money!

    I finally catch a hand, AKos. Everyone folds to me, and I move all-in. Everyone folds. *frowns*

    I'm getting desperate. LadyLuck folds in early position, and I decide it's time to make a stab at doubling up. I see K8os in my hand & push all-in. The guy in the BB thinks about it, then finally calls with K7os. The flop gave him a pair of 7s, the turn a K for two pair, and the river, gave me an 8 for the better 2 pair. (xx7K8) Wow, was there noise over that hand!

    Somewhere in here, I'm dealt KK in the BB. Everyone folds & the small blind decides to make a steal attempt. I hesitate, then move all-in. He folds immediately. *sticks tongue out* I get a hand, but no action.

    I'm still short stacked, but sitting a little more comfortably. Soon, I get 66. I move all-in & Str8LacedRick calls from the BB with AQos. My 6s stand, and Str8LacedRick is reservedly miffed. I've crippled him. He's still friendly and smiley, but he can't stop talking about the hand. "I knew you had a small pocket pair, but I had to call." Over & over. "You can't fold AQ, you just can't." We get to the final table, and he's still griping about it.

    I sit down and realize that my stack, although quite short is really not that bad. I'm gonna make it to the money! LadyLuck is 3 seats to my right tied for chip leader, with PokerStarWannabe who is sitting to my left. Str8LacedRick is at the opposite end of the table.

    Str8LacedRick decides to make his move and pushes all-in. When it's all over & no one pays him off, he throws his cards down on the table to show his pocket pair 7s. "That's for her!" as he points in my direction. Wow! Steamin'. Sweet!

    PokerStarWannabe is obnoxious. I've never met him before, but the first words out of his mouth "I took 2nd last week, and made the final table before that." He just doesn't stop. At one point, when several players are looking his way, he sits back to show that he's wearing a t-shirt, screaming loud as day that 'I play on the internet.'

    He has no class, no sportsmanship. He's brash. His eyes are vacant, and his mouth runs a mile a minute always talking about himself. I decided there was no need to make friends with the likes of this guy. Besides, give him an inch, he'll take a mile & not the kind of mile I want him taking.

    One by one, the shorter stacks are eliminated. I'm playing a little more reserved, trying to choose my battles carefully. As suspected, the only real competition are the two tied for chip leader. And as far as competition... PokerStarWannabe can't resist calling an all-in, no matter the odds, and LadyLuck is extremely card dependent & doesn't know what to do if she's not holding the monsters.

    Soon, it's down to the three of us. I tell LadyLuck that one of us ladies needs to win this thing, and wish her luck.

    So far, the two of them are playing very card dependent. Blinds are 3000/6000 and I have roughly 38,000 in chips. PokerStarWannabe has roughly 70,000 in chips and limps in. LadyLuck, in the SB, folds. I decide I'm going to play to win this thing. I know he's weak, as he didn't raise. I also know that he can't resist calling an all-in. So, instead, I raise to 24,000 trying to emphasize strength, & that I'm willing to put all of my chips into this pot. He sits & calculates how much of his stack would be needed to make this call. He takes a good chunk of time. I'm playin' it cool, like I ain't got a care in the world. He's close to folding, then decides he's going to gamble and calls.

    Flop = KQx I move all-in for another 14,000. Now, he has pot odds to call. He hesitates, then decides to call. He has J9os and I have A4os. I'm ahead, as I suspected. Turn brings a T, and the river, an A. He catches the straight, and I'm out in the 3rd place.

    Taking 3rd was fine, but I was frustrated because I knew I could outplay both of my opponents. I needed chips to do it, made a huge play, & lost. If I had won that hand, I woulda taken the tournament home. No doubt.

    Even though I didn't pull the index card out, the phrases ran through my mind repeatedly. Simply writing them down, helped to commit them to memory.

    I made some questionable plays, but overall I was pleased with how I managed this tournament. This time, it was more an exercise in playing people, than it was in playing the cards. I learned a lot, and I will use these tactics in the future.

    I made sure to introduce myself & make friends with some of the regulars. That was beneficial, even if it was late in the evening.

    *smiles* I love this game!

    I signed up for next week's tourney. *smiles* I'm ready to play.

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    Congrats Christina,

    Way to go!!!! 8)



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      Very nicely done Chris. And as always a great trip report. I love the names.



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        Well done.


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          Very nice report and a great read. Congrats on the finish and GL next week!


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            what were the phrases please?
            i need to use them in ac
            thansk and congrats


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              Originally posted by harrythepro
              what were the phrases please?
              i need to use them in ac
              thansk and congrats
              Tough question, but I'll do my best to oblige.

              I wrote down general phrases that were particular to my game, things I needed to remember.

              For instance:

              ~ Think! Then act.
              ~ Play smart poker!
              ~ Choose your battles carefully.
              ~ Determine & exploit weaknesses. (Every piece of info is helpful.)
              ~ You are better than your foe!
              ~ Patience.
              ~ Balance.
              ~ Have fun!

              Each day, each game is different. Sometimes, I write a different list each time.

              And, these general phrases encompass a whole whack load of ideas/concepts for me. So, they're a tickler more than anything.

              I guess to sum up... know yourself, know your enemy.



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