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Good, Bad, & Lucky...part 2

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  • Good, Bad, & Lucky...part 2

    After about 5 hours of sleep my wife and I are awakened by our children calling to see how we are doing. They decided they would rather stay home and go to their friends Graduation Party then spend the weekend in Vegas with Mom and Dad.....better for us anyway :twisted: !

    We get cleaned up and head out for the day. We decide to go over to Binion's since I heard they have 3 tournies a day and that one starts at 2pm. I figured I'd take my chances and play at the world famous Binion's. It's pretty neat there if you make a final table of their tournies. They have a table that reminds me of the WPT final table that has a 6 inch wide section that lights up all around the table and the table is raised off the ground about 6 inches. I think that it would be cool to make the final table and be apart of their final table spectacle.

    The tourney starts and as the last one I was in, everyone is afforded one and only one rebuy. I win a couple blinds nothing major. the blinds are only 25/50 and UTG throws out a 100 chip. a couple of people fold and someone asks how much is it to go. The dealer says 50 and UTG says no I raised. The dealer tells him that he didn't declare raise and by throwing only one chip in that it is only a call. I look down in MP and find QQ. I should of paid better attention to this guy and listened to my gut. Nope I didn't and I raised to 300 to go. Everyone folds and he calls. Flop comes all under cards and he bets 50. Now that seemed odd in retrospect and I shoulda got a clue. I decide to raise and bet about 400 chips. He calls. I think sirens were going off but I didn't listen, probably in a cloud from last night and thinking I couldn't be beat. He bets out 50 on the turn. I'm not having any of that and boldly announce all-in. He calls and shows AA and I lose all but 200 chips. Yikes, feeling as small as an ant I rebuy for 1000 chips. Lose a few to blinds and win a few. Then I look down UTG+2 and see AK. Okay here's my chance to maybe double up and get back to a comfortable chip position. If nothing else I can get some blinds back and start from there. I have about 1300 in chips. I raise to 400 to go. Everyone folds to the SB who calls as does the BB. Flop comes QA6 rainbow and I'm liking it, check/check and I bet out 600, basically commiting myself to the pot. The SB grabs all of his chips and says 'ALL-IN'. My 1st thought is AQ and I'm feeling a little sick. I feel I have no real choice and call. I show my AK and he flips up Q6os. 'WHAT'....I said in my head. Turn and river come and he hits a full house 6's over Q's. I say nice hand mumble 'wow' as I turn and walk away.....1st one out I do believe. I really wasn't upset about his play, I want him at my table...I just wish I had more chips to take advantage of that. I knew that the other players at that table had their mouths watering at his play. I find my wife tell her of my short lived tourney and she quickly asks me if I'm going to play in some ring games. I turn to her with a sly smile and say, "I'm never playing poker again." She smiles back and I take a walk. My walk ends up over at the cardroom manager's desk and I ask if there are any seats in a 2/4 game. I buyin for 100 and sit and play. I lose $75 and see my wife looking for me. She says she's hungry as am I so we go and get something to eat.

    Well, so much for my much anticipated opportunity to play at the world famous Binion's Horseshoe Casino. I guess I'm saving my best peformance for the 2006 WSOP. :wink:

    We sit, eat, talk, laugh, and have a great time at dinner. We decide to try some more gambling and I head off to see if I can make the evening tourney at The Plaza. I get there at 6:55pm and the tourney starts at 7pm. I sign up and tell the manager to make it $100.

    The tourney starts and I win a few small pots nothing major. I get JT in MP FTA and throw in a raise. The button calls and the flop comes QTx. I bet out and he calls. Turn is a K and with the straight draw and pair I bet out again. He calls. River is a blank and I decide to check with the 2 overs on the board. He bets out 250 which I call and he shows QJ, yuck. A few hands later I look down FTA in MP with QQ and promptly raise to 200 to go. The SB(same guy from before) raises me the minimum to 400. I call and the flop comes down all under cards. He bets out about 2/3's of the pot and I go all-in and he quickly calls. He shows AA and I'm feeling the pain from earlier, not my day. I get my rebuy and relegate myself to play smart from here on out. I double up with my AK and I pretty much sneak into the final table as the short stack. There were only 22 players this time and they paid out 4 seats.

    At the final table UTG raises about 4x the BB and all fold to me. I look down and see AKos and reraise all-in. I had about 2.5x his bet and to call it would make him the short stack if he were to lose. He thought about it for a long time. He finally calls and shows A2os(??) I guess he thought I had a small pair or just high cards and took a chance. Neither of us improved and I doubled up + the blinds and antes. Maybe it's time for a comeback. Nope, I quickly am the short stack again and there's about 6 of us left. It's almost break time and UTG raises 3x the BB. I'm in the SB w/66 and it would be an all-in decision because I'd have about 1000 more chips if I call with blinds at 800/1600. The BB is in an all-in position because of her stack size so I would be up against 2 players. I think for a long time, I think I have a good chance against the raiser but the BB has me second guessing myself and finally I chose to fold. As I thought she calls and is all-in. He shows A4os and she has 92. Well, she paired her 2 and won. I think there is no worse feeling than being a short stack and realizing that you just lost a chance to triple up. Oh well, break time.

    Break is over and I really can't get it out of my head that I could of won that last hand. One player goes out and there are 5 of us left and again I'm the short stack. I get As6h in the cutoff and I feel it's time. I go all-in and the button quickly doubles my bet. Everyone folds and I know I'm way behind and announce it to everyone. Sure enough as I flip over my A6 he shows his AcKs. I quickly ask the dealer to put some spades out there for me. The flop comes with no help to either of us with 2 hearts. The turn is the K of hearts and since he paired his K I sink to the lowly feeling of bubble boy and turn to walk away with my head down and my tail between my legs. The dealer then announces loudly, "FLUSH, you win!" I turn and look and say "NO WAY!" I didn't even realize there was a flush possibility. I felt bad and excited at the same time to suckout like that but hey I'm still in the tourney. A few hands later in the BB UTG+1(the short stack) goes all-in. I look down and see QQ and quickly call saying I may actually be a favorite this time. He said you probably are and he showed QT and I won that hand and we made the money. My stack is okay but still not great, still the short stack. I'm blinded and anted to the point of 1.5BB's and ante left. UTG I get J8os and I think for a minute and I have to decide to go with this hand which is close enough of a connector to give me outs or try my luck with my next hand the BB. Either way I'm at the end of my rope. I decide to go for it and raise all in. The SB quickly goes all-in and again I know I'm behind. The BB folds and I ask the SB if he's paired, he looks up and says AK. Not great but better than a pair. Flop comes and I quickly see a 8. The flop is 789. Okay, I'm ahead....turn comes and it's a K...ouch! I say out loud JACK, TEN, or EIGHT!!!! The river comes and it's a.....dramatic pause....... J ........ WOW!!!!! I'm still in and I've cracked AK . The guy next to me gets all-in with his pp of 7's and is called by the chip leader with AK and the chip leader hits his A on the flop. Break time and there are 3 of us left.

    Break is over and I have the BB. Blinds are 2000/4000 w/500 ante. I have exactly 4000 left so I am all-in. I ask the dealer for a little help with this hand. He deals, UTG folds and the SB calls right away. He flips up QTos and I have AT. I double through. Whew! Next hand in the small blind I get Q8os and feeling a little froggy I leap and go all-in. The BB/Chip leader calls and again my heart sinks. He shows A6os. The flop comes and I spike a Q and he doesn't improve. Double up again! I lose a couple hands and some blinds and antes. I'm in the BB and the SB goes all-in. I look down and see AJ and call. He shows T8os and doesn't improve. Now I'm the chip leader by about 3000 chips but still I only have 28,000 with the BB at 6000 and about to go up. The other 2 players mention chop. Of course it's cause I'm on a roll and the chips are about even. I say let's play a couple more hands, so we deal another. They mention deal again, I look at the screen and realize that the blinds are about to go up to 4000/8000 and figure it's going to be a crap shoot with all-in hands. There was $1,265 in the prize pool. We figured an even chop of $420 apiece $5 to the dealer pool and then whatever we wanted to tip. It would be $210 for 3rd, $350 for 2nd, and $705 for 1st. I said that it was good with me, so we chopped. I couldn't help but think of a saying I've seen on here, I believe by HITMAN.....The harder I work on my game the luckier I get! Or something like that.

    I take my $420, tip the dealers, grab desert for me and my better half, and skip over to the hotel. It was about 11pm and time for bed. I had to get up at 5:30am to hit the road and open up shop today by 10am. The things we due for this little obsession that we all call POKER!!!!!!!!!!

    PS - For this weekend I paid $310 in tournament fees, won $1265 in prize pool for a net of $955. I lost $155 in ring games for a net/net of $800. Not too bad considering my last attempt.

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    Great report and congratulations on your fine tourney finishes!!!


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      Awesome report...and nice bottom line finish




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