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My 2 days with Daniel N

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  • My 2 days with Daniel N

    If pictures dont work you can see them all at

    Day 1

    Starting the day with a bang the alarm did not go off. My wife being the calm individual she is took her time getting ready for our flight. 90 miles an hour and all green lights (someone loves me) whew were 15 mins early at the airport. Needless to say upon entry past the security gate I hear on the loud speaker “Last call flight 690 Las Vegas Jason Bo”
    Smooth flight smooth landing “Welcome to Lubbock” is what I heard as I woke up upon landing. A was a bit worried about my direct flight in all the commotion did we get on the wrong plane?? Later confirmed with southwest direct means stops non-stop is none. One more hop and a great pilot who gave us an excellent view of the Grand Canyon.
    this is the shot I took when I woke up.

    Upon arrival we got a hold of our contact. I didn’t know what to expect. Of course he was stuck in downtown traffic so out into the warm errr… hot desert wind (if there was wind). Immediately my wife overjoyed scooped up her first playing card from the passenger pickup area. Queen of diamonds! It fits her well. Feeling lucky an antsy Chris arrived very well spoken an outgoing, tremendous dancer we will get into that later though. Off to The Wynn.
    I belive he was once a dancer for Janet Jackson. This is his im off to neverland pose.

    The Wynn impressive busy hustle bustle of the morning im guessing by my shorts an white shirt the bellman wasn’t seeing a tip out of me so he handed us our bags and pointed. Kind of funny I always keep a fiver folded up in my hand. Chris told us we weren’t the first to arrive that Chadwick had gotten in earlier. Walking in to meet Chadwick I just get the feeling of deja-vu after meeting him and his wonderful wife holly. After checking in thanks again Chris for taking the work out of everything making us feel like royalty, off to the rooms to see the view.
    Deja-Vu could it be?

    Room 1661……
    Walking in and seeing an amazing panorama of treasure island Venetian frontier just amazing an breathtaking view, You literally had to sit down with coffee and just marvel out the windows with the mountains in the backgrounds my mind seemed to drift off that I was going to meet Daniel in less then 10 hours. We made plans earlier of grabbing a bite to eat with Chadwick and Holly. And headed over to the fashion mall for some really good pizza. Thanks for the recommendation C&H. After some pizza and playing in the apple store on the Internet we decided to get some rest before the big game. In the bed we had you would lay down and sink 2 feet absolutely the softest bed ive ever felt. I know what your thinking but I don’t usually get up at 530am and I really only had 4 hours sleep the day earlier.

    Later that evening wake up had made plans to head over to a place Holly scoped out for some happy hour sushi and SAKI! If you ever go to RA in the fashion mall please tell me what is the growing trend with red Mohawks. After some good rolls and we think some bad salmon over for the big game. To this point id have yet to meet any of the others actually form last we heard I didn’t know if they were able to grab flights?
    Holly an Chadwick. Yes my photo skills own.

    Again were greeted by Chris shows us the t-shirts and hats (btw Chris don’t forget to mail the small for the wife J the design has been worked down and is really looking great. I get my first glimpse of Daniel in the office. The sound of the chips ruffling in this large poker room I was itching to play. Other players started showing up. DCSports, Govenator and his wife. Jeffgen and his wife, Sky PR for Daniel. Brian Daniels agent I believe Travis Daniels assistant and finally showing up straight from the cab with bag in hand Royal Tour. Daniel came out and talked for a while with everyone I think I was a bit awe struck at first. I mean you want to do a Las Vegas Vacation on him and say “ do you need a body guard Id die for ya!’ while chugging a flaming drink. We all drew for our seats unfortunately got table 2 and my wife also (I hate playing her but don't tell her) Daniel was over on table 1 forgive me I don’t have the seating orders im sure they will come out later.
    I belive this is Daniel posting Govenator sucks!

    After the first 40 mins or so I was chip lead at around 28000 I took out holly I think (sorry L ) and was feeling comfortable. Daniel shouted something about who is chip lead I tried to hide them but he caught me. Then the bad cards came. A lot of them and antes hit a lot of them. And I lost a big pot to Govenator with AK vs 44 he was short a bit at that point I had him covered, Then some one else short stacked im delt AQ then they hit trip 44's I hit 2 pair. Then im getting down now I get delt A10 on the button comes around with 5 limpers I raise 10k. Now at this point I didn’t have much change and like 4 5k chips and a few 500’s yes I should have raised 3 times the big blind + add for the limpers. but I bet 2 5k chips reading all the limpers as weak drawers. I get a call from Sky. Flop come 26Q and she checked I bet out I believe 15k leaving me trying to put her all in because something told me she didn’t hit her draw. I was right she didn’t hit she called the rest of her chips in and flips over 44. Amazing call sky J and im down to 1500. Needless to say I tried to stay not be the bubble I got lucky I was next to the bubble. Chadwick made the bubble. So I didn’t hit the final table. Stuff gets a little fuzzy form here so the pictures can talk more I was snapping pictures getting to know the others and trying to find out why I was put out by 44 (the now so called demon hand in my book). I was excited my wife had a good stack and made the final table. With Daniel. I did however watch the first hand after the short break. The wife on the button after a raise goes all in 77. Im not what read she had on (sorry cant remember who) But was absolutely wrong as he called and turned over AA. And flopped the ace. Yeah im bitter J
    who is that happy Canadian to the left

    I love the ambiances of sitting up there because if I was down on the floor I would be wondering the same thing. Who is that Daniel is playing with what are they playing for. Wow Jason Bo is a hell of a player. Well maybe not that but anyway im jabbering with DCS behind the rail and he points out Huckseed . I look over see a half balding guy in his 60’s and tell him he has been sniffing his shoes. He then tells me to turn around where he pointed and of course there he is. At this point im really digging this hanging out with Daniel Huck Seed coming by Paul Darden a little later rolls up. Daniel is very respected to these players you can see it when they talk to him.

    Hyped about the night the wife heads off to play blackjack after amazing beat Govenator put on everyone flopping his nuts around. Taking the win I hit up the fishpond for the 1-3 while waiting for the table I babble with Travis. Daniel, and others at this point I relies Daniel has made me comfortable around him being the everyday guy im out of the drooling mode. He is very down to earth say it as it means. No Bs unless your heads up J. I hit my table later to be joined by DCS an ROYAL. My table had exactly 3 people that could actually play poker and 7 fishes chasing straights flushes and miss and low pairs. It’s a happy day when you turn over trip nines and someone has called you with just hack, “ Just jacks do I look like some one who can be beaten with just jacks” up 300 in a little over 2 hours I was enjoying the WYNN DCS and Royal also with just a few hands were up just as much. So much so our table fell apart as they were leaving.

    Well 3 am off to find the wife and hit the bed big day coming tomorrow.

    Im not a great writer ill let my pictures speak more for me but so far on day one I’ve made some great friends.

    A lot more pictures to come im pacing myself

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    Day 2 Part 1

    Day 2 started out normal enough got up walked to the window. Pressed my butt up against it. Of course I was naked you would do it to don’t lie. I heard it form Chadwick anyway. So this time I didn’t let my wife take her time like the day before because I wasn’t going to be rushed. After hanging out downstairs in the casino for about 1 ½ it was time to head out and hit the limo. Rumor was a hummer limo not sure who started that rumor. But hell a limo is a limo. People started filtering down met up with Sky and she conducted the train to the, I think 30 ft white decked out excursion. This thing was huge but it looks like they just had dropped someone off because I noted footprints on the mirrored ceiling.
    Sky on right fearless PR leader thanks for everything sky making sure we got around

    You could really see the excitement build as we pulled up to the house (here I would have a picture of Daniels truck but that’s on the camera im getting fixed.
    We all piled out and headed for the door no one was taking the time to smell the flowers here. Daniel greeted us with a warm open smile that he always has and made us feel part of his family. Walking in past golden tee 2005, poker table and thru the kitchen to the beer well some went that way. My wife took the time out to grab the first small thing she could.

    Walls adorned with victory this place was the Daniel fans museum of dreams. (Again I apologize I don’t have pictures of the bracelets due to on the other camera.) I was in awe taking it all in and still pinching my self that I was actually here. Everyone seemed to be getting along so well it was like a big family reunion. So it was time to get to the money. For the limit game Chadwick tried to pick a ringer someone who has played Daniel before. So he selected the camera guy? Some people had their doubts about this choice but hey it’s his money and I think the camera guy got sucked out J

    Daniel held his own to win the limit challenge so we all headed to the pool for more talk on strategy, and getting to know one another better. This is one of the best groups of people I have ever met. No animosity no bickering it was very casual and great conversations. I was chatting with camera guy as the football contest began we had someone we both knew in common seems Al Spath was his enlisted superior in Somalia. He runs I’ve always been interested in reporting so I was interested in a lot he had to say.

    Any way Daniel I believe stomped the football competition 50 to 0 in game 1. So I practiced Golden tee with camera guy got a few more shots. There was a knock on the door and it was weird the whole room froze like who would it be at Daniels door. Finally someone opened it and it was……………. Daniels mailman to tell him his mailbox was full lol!!

    So back to chatting it was great because we all really had a chance to go an talk almost one on one with Daniel. We had tunes blasting on his computer food galore and Daniel even got Canadian beer for our Mounties. I think the favorite thing for the women was the magical fingers chair. I just kept seeing one after the other get in the chair an pass out.
    Chair Off
    Chair On

    So then there was the NBA game and I looked over and Daniel was getting spanked by this 90-year-old man with a cane. (Again I have pictures of these games but on the other camera.) Another knock on the door again an uncomfortable pause like police were going to bust everything up. It’s the limo driver just in time for the round 2 games. On to Erik’s for day 2 part deux.

    Limo #2


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      Day Deux Part Deux

      So were off to Erik’s now I had an insider tip from a friend of mine David that his house was off the hook. So I was excited about seeing this place. Every time our driver hit a bump everyone would say where is the hummer. Anyway this was one of my favorite parts of the trip because I got this picture.

      I know what your saying who is the devilish handsome man. Well that’s Daniel duh. This is my prized picture I will cherish until I die an make up stories about abduction beer an hookers. J/k there would be nothing about abduction. J

      Now when were not posing were just talking which is a cool thing. I actually had a lot in common with Daniel and we connected at the level
      That’s near beer people Daniel isn’t a alcoholic.

      Out of the limo and into Erik’s house the one thing that caught my eye is I love Seinfeld so when I saw this I was in awe I wanted to stuff it up my shirt an run to the limo. But Daniels bracelets got in the way J lol j/k

      Im just going to pull back here a little

      And show you why this place is off the hook


      So were getting settled in getting the coolers in opening the near beer
      And shooting some hoops for practice I can say im not as well as I once was. There is a rap on the door and guess who it was

      No its not Carlos but I saw someone hiding at the bar but got her out for a picture or 2

      I think DCS wet himself. He was so excited Jennifer is one of his favorite players. Now the party was getting started. Has anyone guessed who was in the first photo? ITS MARRRCOOO he is the friend of a friend of mine can you believe it. Small world. Also he is Jennifer’s Hubby.

      Well its after a few games of everyone getting to know each other through air hockey an pool it was outside for the horse competition. Now we thought we had a ringer JEFFGEN (my best Jason Kidd announcer voice) and all started getting excited. How could we not lose our ringer is like 6 2. And has magical over the backboard under the leg off the roof through the trees shot.
      Anyone know if Jennifer won?
      Daniel explaining his complicated don’t smoke the I mean step in the grass shot with ref Chris looking on.

      Now we had another advantage Daniel didn’t wear shorts (does he ever?) but this was a +1 and the game was going well Daniel struggled and was falling behind quickly. Bur our ringer while having Daniel to HORS started getting winded from beer sun specked pink elephants we still don’t know but Daniel did a huge come back and our ringer went to the wringer.

      Here is some highlights form the game
      Over the backboard nope in the pool though after this shot after it flew backward into the pool
      Ok don’t get on me Daniel but why do I keep thinking Peewee Herman
      Yeah he missed J
      Look at that form pro buddy pro

      Now Jeff did an amazing under the leg lay up that Kobe would be proud of. Cameraman was taking a break from the 105-degree weather so I believe im the only one who got the shot and it was a great shot.

      This photo I will treasure
      The wining shot.

      So all piled back into the ac. It was a scorcher. I still don’t see how Daniel can stand it with long sleeves and pants. I guess Canadians have ice in their veins. So a couple waters and a few photo ops and back to the games next on docket 8 ball 9 ball.

      I took a bit of a break got some shots of the 9-ball competition and it was very close indeed. Now I think that Chadwick wasn’t completely purvey to the rules of 9 ball that he could hit the 9 ball in at anytime off another ball that he was on Daniel did take advantage of that.

      And that ended Part 2 so we all piled back into the excursion #2 headed back to Daniels.


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        Day Two Part Three “Stacked”

        So we exit the limo an all head for the coolers no one is wanting this to end. Everyone just rambling about one more look at the bracelets and rings. DCS got, as Daniel would say big voluptuous velvety Balls and asked Jennifer to play heads up. She told him well we couldn’t play for nothing. DCS pondering how much he could go said “100 hundred dollar muhaahaa” (My best Doctor Evil) They agreed on $20 and the game was on. DCS really held his own and it came down to flush vs. flush. DCS lived his dream and was whooped on by Jen. J

        We all bid farewell to Jennifer and Marco and thanked them for stopping by to make our adventure so much more. Daniel had announcement I had to tear myself away from Golden Tee. Daniel had gotten a prelim copy of stacked! We got to see it first. Im actually very excited about this game. And cant wait to own Daniel in it. Actually as he was showing us Daniel was owning Daniel. Here is some behind the scenes. I wish I could have recorded the intro but I wont ruin it go buy it.
        Beware of the evil eyebrow! You will know when you buy it.

        No one seemed to notice that while we were watching intently we had guests. Actually it was a bit after but my wife fell in love. She thinks David is the bomb diggity but didn’t tell until I was on the plane back. David and Evelyn had not seen the stacked promo on the DVD or the game. They seemed to be excited about it. At this point every one is casual so we don’t run over them with questions. Well everyone except for me time for some more gratuitous promotion shots.
        I think im in trouble J
        Ever see the movie Twins I have a sequel in mind.

        The day is winding down everyone gets in there own areas and Chadwick gets some one on one time.

        Oh dam wait see I got so far ahead I left something out. Earlier DCS and my wife went heads up. DCS was dominating but when he went to the bathroom unknown to him we gave my wife a little extra training on how to play someone aggressive. He came back the game resumed she was down to a couple blinds. She piled drived him he didn’t know what was going on and couldn’t figure out how to handle her play and she came back to win AA 2 times in a row helped. CHA CHING 100 dolla.

        The heads up battle started it was the royal rumble of poker. Probably the best game ever played in the world. And my video camera died L. But I still had the digital cam. You could tell Daniel was sweating he was really staring to get stressed when Chadwick got a run of cards. Can you imagine really other then Govenator cause he knows he has Daniels number. But sitting across from Daniel trying to get a read on him while he is doing his Scotty impression (which had us all rolling on the floor. I gave Chadwick the nickname of Bandana Bonita you see why.
        Daniel doing Scotty

        Final hand both get all in after the flop

        Great game

        It was time to go we all needed showers so we piled into Limo #3
        This limo was thumpin

        Coming up day Two part Four


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          Day 2 part 4 “SAKI SAKI SAKI”

          We got back to the hotel and headed up for much needed shower. Changed into our best clothes and headed down to Wing Lei. I did not bring my camera for this I felt this was private time and it will be very casual conversation kind of a wind down to the days events. Boy was I ever wrong stupid, stupid, stupid me. I headed down of course like usual early. The wife and Holly went to Rio I was told for all you can eat seafood. I was informed that Chippendales are also there. I was surprised to see Daniel walking in ahead of me he must have a Jetson pipe to this place. The room a circle with inlayed like Jeannie bottle wholes in the walls with curved dragons. Like a place you would put a drunk and tell him to pee in the corner. Dragons adorned the inlays gold plates gold silverware gold chopsticks. The table had a second dolly like spinner I called it the big brother wheel, so you could share entrees on some meals. We used it for an entirely different purpose.

          We were all seated, well all but one of us who is always late. We did our drink orders Daniel picked a couple nice white and red wines. If he can post what they were because I cannot remember. Talking commenced and entered Chadwick stage left. As usual the last to arrive an make an entrance. Talk got started about what Chadwick did before has anyone guessed because im not going to post it. The waiter came back in and asked Chadwick what he would like and that’s when it went all down hill. HOT SAKI the down fall of society. Hot Saki seemed to raise a few eyebrows people wanted to know what this exotic drink was little Chinese shot glasses were brought in and the saki went on the wheel and around it went for a taste from everyone. So toasts started, I believe Daniels agent started all of this so we can blame him.

          Toasts for Daniel bringing us here on this event, for his wedding, for his graciousness, and a few others, which were very sincere. But at this point we were toasting with saki and it does strange things to ones mind. I left for a quick break and I hear a roar when I come back out of the room. But lets get this picture, extremely high-class resteraunt. Packed with people in a quiet atmosphere Im walking through and I hear SAKI! SAKI! SAKI! And what sounds to be the opening to the food networks Iron chef. I almost lose it laughing in the middle of the restraint. This is where the night started rockin. The food was magnificent. For appetizers we had hot and sour seafood soup. Very nice not to spicy. Followed up with a baked scallop on roasted tenderloin I believe. The main course this is wear it was a little fuzzy who knows why, fried fish with steak and not sure what else it was very delicious.

          Saki was flowing wine was flowing and the conversation was amazing. There was a plate of eggplant that wasn’t finished and Chris had an idea. He bet me 100 dollars that I wouldn’t eat it in 2 mins. While I was debating on 3 mins Daniel was pleading with me not to he didn’t want to see me throw up. So I declined, as soon as I did I see the plate wheeling over across the table Chadwick was not going to go he was here for the cash. 2 mins and the clock started. Chadwick was playing with the crowd 30 seconds passed he realized he was more then half done. Faking getting sick to make Daniel squirm. Hell I think it made all of us squirm. Picture this well maybe Chris will post the phone picture spinach and eggplant hanging 2 feet form mouth to plate shoveling it in. He took a little to much time and had 30 seconds left and wasn’t quite done. But he found a second stomach and plowed it home for the win.

          About this time desert was served I remember coconut ice cream but not much else. Put in front of me was a plate with six quarter size3 wasabi balls Chris quickly scooped it up grabbed a knife and went to work soon he had a McDonalds sized pate of wasbi. 100 dollars he shouted, I think we all cringed everyone was contemplating doing this but no one in their right mind would even think about it. Enter our poor waiter mike who I believe earlier was talked into a couple SAKI shots. Daniel grabbed on this opportunity the price grew to 200, mike wasn’t buying it so Daniel pushed in 500 dollars and laid it on the table in front of him. Half regretting his decision Mike nodded his head. The room cheered. 1 minute to eat I would guess half a pound of wasbi. The word go sounded and the green patty disappeared my god we were all stunned he did it within less then 30 seconds. I’m not saying he did it and was ok this boy was was in some serious hot flashes. His teammate brought in 2 big liters of water and he finished them both off but he had the prize and that’s what counted. Mike is a hero in my book it takes a man to take on wasabi like that. I heard later he was hating life in the bathroom but I think its just rumor. Dinner was a success and it was time to go we decided to hit Le Bete the club of the Wynn. A few people were wore out from the day so we parted ways with a few and the rest drove on to Le Bete.

          What can I say but first class all the way, if you have ever seen entourage where there in the club at the private table it was better? The room just watches you walk in shouts of Daniel would fill the air if you could hear but the music here was pumpin. We continued on till 5am bringing the house down. We all left and said our final goodbyes at the casino floor for an exciting 2 days that will last in our minds and hearts forever.

          This is my story I wont trade it for the world. In my opinion this is why Daniel is the best poker player in the world its not only about poker its about the fans who will step up for you. Daniel little brother thank you for the experience of a lifetime. I will treasure it and share with my kids so they can share with there’s and so on and so on. Immortality you have gained.

          Jason Bo


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            Thank for the trip report.. one word.. AWESOME


            • #7
              Wow Jason, it took me two days to read & see all the pictures. I can just imagine all the fun you had. Sounds like a great time!
              2 Time Bracelet Winner


              • #8
                Incredibly awesome report, Jason! I lived through every little detail reading it..thanks so much for taking the time to write and post the pics!! What an experience this must have been....


                • #9
                  maybe ill get post of the month. I just wanted everyone to be able to experience what i did really opened my eyes. couple things i didnt report i met huck seed and paul darden to


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                    That was well worth the 30 minute read during work hours.....Congratulations on the trip and the wonderful experieince. The experience of a lifetime! I can only imagine how it must of felt to be rubbing elbows with Daniel, Jennifer, David, & Evelyn. The pictures were great.....your photography does own.....NOT(a few were slightly blurry)! :lol: :lol:

                    Thank you for sharing. I'm sure we all wonder how these Pros we see on TV act in person, thanks for the insight!


                    • #11
                      Jason..thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us. YOUR WIFE IS ADORABLE

                      This is an awesome post and will I am sure stand out as one of my favorite all-time posts!


                      • #12
                        Great read! Thanks for sharing.



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                          Awesome trip report!

                          Thanks for putting so much effort into it.


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                            awesome post and fun to tag along vicariously!


                            • #15
                              Totally Awesome, Jason. Thanks.



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