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US Poker Championships

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  • US Poker Championships

    Does anyone know of a way to qualify for the US Poker Championships online?

    I seem to be a little short on my PSO sponsorship points for the buy in and the only other place I have seen is playing on ESPN, but the play there is a crapshoot at best (multiple all ins every hand).

    I would prefer playing somewhere with more than 1000 or 1500 starting chips and blinds that increase every 10 minutes (whatever happened to skill in poker?).

    Maybe there would even be some live events somewhere, although I would prefer a larger tournament since I am a small bankroll player.

    If anyone knows of a way to qualify, please post.



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    Super Sats every Fri., Sat., Sun., from now till the event. (200+25). Single table Sats. have been running since 7/5 and they begin once they fill up.


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      Are these live??


      Are the events you are talking about live events in Atlantic City or are there some Supersats online?

      Trying to find a way to keep costs down, as a one table sit n go would have a buy in of around 1000 dollars or more.

      If you have any further info or a link where I can go, much appreciated.



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        Hope it helps. I'm gonna play a few Super Sats as it gets closer.


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          Bill, aside from ESPN's poker room, no site is offering any supersats so far.

          But I'll bet once Stars is finished with their WCOOP, they might offer some. Maybe even Party.

          But if you're looking to build up a bankroll for the main event online, why not try a series of SNGs. Treat them like a multi-tiered supersatellite.

          That's of course if you cannot make it up to Atlantic City.


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            If we can get 10 of us that are going together we can play a few $50 sng's of our own the night before the PSO event. Losers of course get a piece of the winners action.



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              I am in Ed, if I get some kind of proof on contribution to deduct the $50 on my income tax return, not sure if you ever saw me play a "room game", but I am about as dead as dead money gets. Wonder if that would pass for a legitimate charitable organization. :lol:


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                Not sure if you are just interested in the US Poker Championships, or AC in general, but Full Tilt is running Super Satellites for the Borgata main event in September.


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                  I'm in Ed, like Kevin I'm a fish out of water too.



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                    I forgot that the Borgata event is in September as well. I've got to go find the dates for that! Man that will be a busy month.


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                      I am curious whether anyone knows the what type of structure will be used for the 500 dollar buy in event.

                      Ed was saying that they normally have about 1500 starting chips. Five hundred dollars would be a significant investment for me (since I am on a small bankroll) and if I buy my way in I want to at least be able to play for a while.

                      The daily tournaments at the Taj had 5k in starting chips but the blinds increased very quickly.

                      Does anyone know what the blinds start at, how quickly they increase, starting chips, etc. from their experience in the past?

                      I have played a few large buy in events in the past where the blinds incresaed every 12 minutes, and they play was just out of control.

                      Any comments here would be appreciated,



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                        If I remember correctly, the rounds were either 45 or 50 minutes long. Tournies were pretty good, my AA got cracked early, but I still had some time to see hands and push with a premium holding. Doubled up a couple of times before my AA got cracked again. :

                        The tournies have a pretty good structure(as you would expect from a $500 buyin), you may be able to get the structure off their website, if not, I am going out to the Taj in a few weeks to play some sats for the main event, I will get some info and post it here.


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                          Thanks a lot


                          Thank you very much. This is one of my big concerns, given the size of the buy in. I did some snooping on their website but could not find any concrete information out.

                          Even the Borgata has a weekly 300 + 40 event where the blinds go up relatively fast (25 minute rounds) and if I come up with the entry fee I would like to be guaranteed to play some poker before I am blinded out.

                          If you find anything out, please post.



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                            here's some info on the blind structure for the daily tournies at the Taj. For the 500$ and main event at the U.S Championship might be a little different but i believe it will be 20 minute rounds for these events.

                            Chris, Im on a tight budget too. I might skip Saturdays PSO event and try to earn my way into another event playing 3/6 and 5/10 limit. I know I can earn enough cash for a buy in into the 300$ and 200$ events.

                            Also they have super satellites every day to get into the championship. 110$ buy in winner gets an entry into the main event.

                            Good Luck,




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