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Orleans Open - Vegas Trip

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  • Orleans Open - Vegas Trip

    Well this is my 1st trip report and I wish I had better news about my tourney play but here it goes.

    I didn't even realize that there was a PSO Live Tour Event this last weekend until someone mentioned it at a table last Friday. My wife and I had been looking for an excuse to go gamble so I called her and made her a proposition(which I believe are not legal in California but defiintely are in Nevada...J/K). We made our reservations and left late Saturday night. We got to the Orleans at 10:30pm and I darted straight to the poker room to sign up, I had played there once before so I knew exactly where I was going. I even parked close to the entrance so I could get there quickly to register, I was afraid it might sell out and I'd miss my chance to play. As soon as I got to the poker room I could tell something was was empty! I stood in disbelief for what felt like 5 mintues but was probably only 5 seconds. I then see a sign that says the poker room has been moved to the Mardi Gras room during their tournament schdule. Gez, what a dummy am I, I kept wondering how they would accomodate everything in there normal poker room. If this doesn't indicate me being a rookie to these events I don't know what does. Well guess what! Yup, the Mardi Gras room was all the way over on the other side of the casino. Oh well, so much for my planning skills. I get there, register, and then go to the room to relax......

    Tourney day:

    I get there at about 11:30am and the tourney starts at 12pm. I find Sharla and Al Spath and introduce myself. I am presented with my new fashionable PSO hat and a very nice pin and card capper. I'm already feeling like a winner. We all get pictures taken and I almost feel like I am I got to meet Jacamoore, Iduro, rggator, Zipman, and a few others that I don't remember their names...SORRY! Anyway, after meeting a few members I go to find my seat. I sit down at the table and the player on my right is a little older than me and very cordial. I ended up talking to him a little here and there throughout the tourney. He tells me he played in the main event at the WSOP and how his flopped flush all-in is called by a guy with a 4 flush holding the Ace and hits the 5th flush card. At the start of the tourney there are a few seats empty and we have to blind them out as we played. When we began I was the lucky one to start the tourney with the button and I commented to the dealer that I hope that's not all I win today....he chuckled but no one else found it much for breaking the ice, I should probably stick to my day job anyway.

    Well now the cards are in the air and we are playing poker. Let me say that I was extremely nervous. Other than my countless online tournies I had only played about half a dozen live tournaments and the biggest buyin was $50. I was a little out of my comfort zone there. I folded most hands, raised a few, won a couple of small pots. I was surprised, especially early in the tourney, how little action was given. We maybe saw 10-15% of the flops the 1st 2 rounds. One of the players that had been missing comes and sits down, a little older lady and the cordial guy whispers to me that the table just got a lot tougher. I said really? He said that she has been to more final tables in WSOP events than any other woman. Great, there goes my nerves right out the window. In the second round, I believe that the blinds were 10 - 20(but I could be wrong) I get dealt AA in early position. The very last hand the player on my left limped with AA and was busted when the player on my right(older cordial guy) flopped 2 pair Q's T's. So I say to myself, I'm not making that mistake so I raised to 60 to go FTA. Player on the button raises me 200, I think about it a few seconds and I go all-in. I think I had about 1500 in chips to start the hand. He thinks for a very long time and finally folds. Cool, nerves are settling a little.

    3rd round just before the break I get QTos in late position I have about 1250 in chips and cordial guy raises about 100 chips. I decide to call and everyone else folds. flop comes QT8 rainbow and cordial guy bets about 1/2 the pot. I raise him his bet with my 2 pair, he thinks a few seconds then announces all in. I think he's got AQ or KQ since he raised preflop and feel I'm in good shape so I call. He then says, "well, I flopped a straight." My heart sunk. I thought to myself, Roger you didn't even make the 1st break. What am I going to tell my wife? The turn comes a T and I hit the full house.....WHEW!!!! The guy was very CORDIAL about it and pays me off. Break comes I made it.

    Poker starts again:

    I promptly lose 1/3 of my chips before the next break. One hand I reraised an early position raise from middle position w/AQos and the player 2 to my left goes allin and he has me more than covered. I felt I was at best dominated by AK but maybe against a high PP so I fold. Probably should of called, I don't know. Later I get QTos again in late position and I think about raising, there were a couple of limpers. I decide to limp and the flop comes 8Q8. It's checked to me and I bet about half the pot. BB(WSOP Lady) raises me the minimum. I call. Turn comes and she bets a little more than the pot. I think a little and figure her for the 8 and fold. 2nd break comes and I feel pretty good that I made it. There's about 250 players left and we started with 570. I just think if I can get 1 double up I'd be right there.

    Break ends:

    About 5 hands into the next round I look down and find AKos in middle position. Player to my right raises to 600 and i have about 1200 in chips and I reraise all-in. Everyone folds and he says I don't really like to call but I'm already commited to the pot and he calls showing 99. I don't improve and he even hits the full house on the river. Talk about irony. Oh well, I estimate I went out around 245 give or take. No real way of knowing.

    Although I didn't make the money or even close it was a great experience. I have to admit that for about an hour after the tourney I didn't want to play poker ever again. Nothing a couple of beers couldn't cure though. It was pretty cool to meet Sharla and Al. Al was very nice and kept giving words of encouragement. We even talked a few times after the tourney when he came in to check on the PSOers still remaining in the tourney. I resigned myself to look at the tourney as a $230 lesson on poker. It helped me to see some weaknesses and resolve to change them.

    The highlight had to be when I felt like playing again and went upstairs to the Mardi Gras and put my name down on the 2/4 limit game. I ended up sitting at a table with Greg Raymer and even though I didn't talk to him I had a story to tell my family and friends. The best part is that I played for about 4 hours and came out $145 ahead, which I guess makes my $230 poker lesson only $85.

    Well, that's my 1st trip report. Sorry for being so long winded!

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    Great read Roger glad you had a good time. I'm sure this will help you for the future.


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      Great report, Roger!

      What an experience! I look forward to the day, when I can play live with fellow PSOers.


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        The pleasure was all mine.... you Rock! glad to meet you also.



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