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Weekend in Vegas Baybeeeeee!

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  • Weekend in Vegas Baybeeeeee!

    It wasnt the right weekend though. If I were a good player, I would have been there the weekend before, playing in the main event. Being a not so good player, I sneak into town for the day of the final table, and to play some much cheaper tournies.

    Sneak into town is operative though. Work had me in San Diego, cutting the travel distance to Loss Vegas by two-thirds. I dont want you all to think it has been too long since I made the hike Vegas-wards, but the last time I was there, Excaliber was the newest complex. Think the town has changed a little? Anyhow, I rescheduled a work related Friday morning meeting (what? you arent paying me to go play poker and hang with PSO'ers for the weekend? my bad) and hopped into the rental car for the trek across the desert. Arriving in San Diego on Wed, I begged the rental car company for a convertible, telling them it was my dream to reenact Hunter Thompson's journey in 'Fear and Loathing' but, sadly, the counter person must have read the book, and so I was stuck with a hardtop. Good A/C though. (He said, thinking positive about the 110+ degree weather)

    The oddest thing about the drive from San Diego was the road signs. Once one gets northwest of San Bernadino on I15, the distance markers only note two cities. Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. This forced me to spend many comptemplative moments thinking about the nature of opposites. Heaven/Hell, Black/White, Salt/Pepper, Penn/Teller The way I play poker/the correct way to play poker, etc.

    I arrive just in time to pick up zeroth at the airport. Let me rephrase, I arrive just when zeroth's flight does. We wait an hour for his baggage. Not that I am interested in trading jobs with the baggage handlers out there in the 120 degree heat, but geez, the bags flew from Detroit in 4 hours, it shouldnt take another full hour to go the last quarter mile.

    Arrive at the Orleans, meet Zipman, and head to the buffet. Unlike Tunica, it takes work (or actual serious play) to score comps in Vegas these days, but Tim bought so I guess I will save that rant for another day. Thanks for the dinner Tim

    I play a quick sat at the Orleans and bust out early. I let an asshat at the table get totally under my skin and go on power tilt, play like a donkey and bust 6th. Zipman and Zeroth were at this table and I think Zeroth made a chop at the end. The second hand was mighty interesting. We started with 600 chips and blinds of 10-15. Zeroth (UTG) makes it 30. The guy next to him makes it 100 to go. next seat folds, I fold, guy to my left goes all-in (?), fold fold call(???) fold fold zeroth calls, as does the other guy. Want to guess the hands?

    Zeroth (KK)
    Guy to his left (QQ)
    Guy who went all-in (99)
    Guy who called (pocket 8's)

    pretty aggressive play of middle pairs for early in a sat eh?

    Flop KQ9. Three sets. Not that it mattered since the money was already in. Turn J. The ten didnt hit the river (nor did the quads for the other guys) and zeroth scored the quick quadruple up.

    1st tourney of the trip. 7PM Second Chance tourney at Orleans. 125 gets you 700 chips, 100 rebuy for 1500 chips. Everyone at my table takes the rebuy immediatly, except me. I'll see if I can double up a time or two. Nope, I dont see a playable hand the first 1/2 hour, and when I play anyway, I dont hit anything on the flop. After 45 minutes, I have seen maybe 3 flops and am down to 500 chips (blinds are 25-50) someone in front makes it 150, and I go all-in with AK. He calls with 44 and I whiff the flop turn and river (this will be the recurring theme of the trip btw). I rebuy, continue my card deadness and bust out another 1.5 hours or so later. Losing 3 coin flips BTW.

    Debonair has arrived by now though and we quickly decide to head for the Plaza and their midnight tourney. It is a wierd rebuy/add-on structure, just trust me when I say spend the whole hundred up front, it gets you a couple of extra chips. Again, card dead, I never have an average stack, but the tight play this forced me into makes people fold on the rare instances when I enter a pot. I survive to the final table but bust out 10th (7 paid). Swing and a miss again. Why does it seem like I am I a 4-1 dog in coin flips?

    Its 3:30 AM, and we are in the neighborhood of the Horseshoe, so we decide to go see a little of the final table action at the WSOP. Who do we see sitting forlornly on a bench outside the tourney area? The Oil Doe Herself! Big hugs all around. No chance of getting into the spectator area, so I try stealing her media badge. A very large security guard noticed that I was not the good looking woman pictured on the badge, :wink: so we repair to the bar, where there is a video monitor, but no bartender. The other Bill volunteers to search for drinks and comes back with enough liquid refreshments to hold us a while. Amy has been in town for over 6 weeks, is exhausted (and ever so ready to fly home the next day, returning to the cats and a TLD) but manages to stay awake telling us stories until around 6 AM (yep, they were still playing. The final hand wasnt until almost 8 AM) Bill and I didnt last that long and snuck off for sleep.

    The Orleans event at noon is Limit Hold-em, so Debonair and I decide to wander the town looking for a no-limit tourney. What we thought was a noon tourney at the Plaza turned out to have started at 10AM. What we thought was a noon tourney at the Shoe wasnt until 4PM. So back to the Orleans to hang with the PSO’ers.

    I played another 60 dollar sat back at the Orleans, start off just as card dead as a human could be. This is a tighter table than my last one though and after over an hour AA and QQ allowed me to bust the 5th and 4th place guys. Down to 3 players, I offer a deal. I get 260 they each get 125 (I have 2850 chips they each have equal stacks of 1700). yes, I have just under 1/2 the chips, and want just over 1/2 the money, but what the heck, it was the first offer, neither makes a counter offer, they just want to keep playing. On the button I have 99 and raise. SB goes all-in BB folds and I call. His hand KJ and I manage to win the coin flip. Now I have over 2/3s the chips and offer the remaining player 150 bucks to just quit. (Again, not the most fair deal, but I was kind of hoping he would negotiate a little). He makes no counter offer and wants to play it out. So on his button he goes all-in and I see KQ. I call and he rolls over 44. A queen flops and I win the whole 510. Who was that guy whining about coin flips earlier anyway? :lol:

    PSO meet and greet. 20 people gather in the bar. Al Spath has scored plenty o' drink coupons, and after I have a Bass Ale, Debonair turns me on to the best drink ever. Malibu Coconut rum and Pineapple juice. Wow! Smooth as silk, yet with the dreaded delayed kick. Azhardballz, PocketRocket and I quickly decide to name it after him and soon train the bartender what to bring when we shout 'Debonair'

    Mark and Tina enter the room. Mark claimed he had already spent his WSOP winnings (WOOHOO and big congrats, though) and didnt seem interested in giving any of us 'loans' :lol: :lol: Just an aside, Tina gives good hug too.

    Played the 7PM tourney again. Under the influence of way too many Debonairs. And I am back to my old card dead, cant win a coin flip self. Never had even an average stack, doubled up Jacamore late in the tourney when his AJ outflopped my AQ (at least he went on to finish 5th and score some good cash). I busted 69th of 229.

    On to Sundays PSO event. 235 buy in 1000 chips, 10-15 blinds. The first 3 hands at my table, someone raises to 65, and everyone folds. The 4th hand I am UTG and find KK. I make it 65 and 4 (!!!!) people call (including the 2 blinds) flop comes 10 high rainbow, I bet 400 (!) and the two blinds call. Turn is an ace, SB goes all-in, BB calls and I muck. Wanna guess the hands? BB won with his A5. SB showed JT. Next hand I am in the BB with AJ. Folded to SB who makes it 65. I am a fool and challenge his big stack. I make it 150. He calls and goes all-in on the KQ5 flop. I am forced to fold and have less than 300 chips. Ahh the pleasure of short stack play again. I hold on until just before the second break but lose a coin flip and bust in the middle of the field.

    Off to Bellagio for some 4-8. Nice room. Comfy chairs. Debonair and I start at differnt tables, mine has 4 total fish (well 5 if you count me) after an hour, I step out for a smoke and tell the other Bill he wants a table change. 15 or so minutes later, we have 2 open seats, and neither of the folks who left was one of the fishees. I try to get Bill to come over, he says he is happy where he is. I tell him he will be happier at this table and he finally comes over. Of course from that moment on, I never win a hand (well I chopped one pot, and since one of the fish was involved with the two of us who had real hands, it wasnt a terrible one) but the other Bill wins a couple of racks. I ended up losing a little, mostly because I waste chips calling asshats after they suck out on the river. After making them pay full price to draw out it just seems such a shame to fold and deny them their 8 more chips :? But they just seem to never fail to trip up their bottom pair, or catch the runner runner they need to beat me.

    A few more Debonairs at the bar and it is time to sleep before heading back to work on Monday. Congrats to the folks who moneyed in the PSO Live Tour event. Sure wish I had hung around to cheer you on ops:

    Uneveventful drive back to San Diego and I arrive just in time for my noon meeting. Right back to the old grind and I am forced to start trying to count the days until next time. :x


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    Nice read. Sounds like you had a lot of fun I'll have to get to one of these events some day. BTW the Debonair is a little flowery drink did you have umbrellas in them too? :twisted:



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