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2005 WSOP Main Event report

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  • 2005 WSOP Main Event report

    This is my 2005 WSOP Trip report. I just have to say that I am very devastated in the way I performed in this event. This has to be one of my best and worst poker performances to date. Let me explain.

    I like to play a tight / aggressive poker game and mix it up a little in between. The Main Event of the WSOP took that away from me. It was impossible for me to play that way. Here is a list of premium hands that I saw all of day #1c (in 15 hours of poker):
    2 times (KK) – won both made hardly any money
    1 time (QQ) – had to fold after turn, lost pot
    1 time (AK) – Made huge all-in bluff after flop and was bet in to.
    1 time (JJ) – won hand pre-flop.
    That’s it all day…5 premium hands…in 15 hours of poker. If I played tight aggressive I would not have made any money.

    Next level hands I saw:

    3 or 4 times (AJ) won one with bluff, folded most, folded with top pair Aces to a re-raise.
    2 times (A 10) folded all to a tight raise in front of me
    3 times (KQ) in position missed flop and had to fold all
    1 time (10 10) lost a big pot…biggest mistake of the tournament
    2 times (9 9) lost one, one one

    Also, all day long I missed the flop with every starting hand I had except for the AJ which I folded anyway with the top pair, Aces. In that hand, I didn’t believe that my Jack kicker was good enough.

    So I totally loosened up my play and after I saw my chip stack go from $10,000 to $4500 I made a bunch of moves to get back to $9800. I then made more moves to reach $14,000 by 10pm. Just remember, I still have not hit any flops. Finally, I get to limp in with Q9c, check the flop blind. Flop hits J 10 6, BB bets $1000, next player calls so I call. Turn brings another 6, all check, river brings the King, I check, BB checks and the other player goes All-in. I call and win the pot with the straight. Now my chip stack is at $29,000. I make a huge bluff on the turn with 4 5 offsuit to move my stack to $37K when the biggest mistake of the tournament comes up.

    Tight early position player raises, I’m on the Button with pocket 10’s. I just call, which I feel is a mistake. The player that just raised had about $8500 in chips, if I re-raise to about $6000 he might fold. SB and BB folds and the flop is Q Q 5. The early position raiser acts like he missed the flop and then bets out $500. His raise pre-flop was to 3 times the BB at $1500. So the sirens started going off in my head and instead of listening to those sirens I decided to re-raise $2000 more. He slams the table and dances around like he doesn’t have anything and then says that he’s all-in. Now it’s $4500 more for me to call and here is my other mistake. If I felt that he had the trip Queens, which I did, I had absolutely not odds to call that all-in and I should have folded, but instead I call the all-in and he flips over A Q and I don’t catch and now am down to $29,000. I don’t have any clue why I called other than that fact that his acting weak was so bad that I actually thought he was weak. Lol. The other thing to was I missed every flop all day long, so how could somebody hit trips when I have not even hit medium pair. Just remember the cards don’t know who’s playing them, at least I hope not.

    So now I’m still missing flops and my bluffs are not working cause of showing the 4 5 offsuit hand and I drop down to $21,050 at the close of day 1c. I should have sat on my hands when I reached $37,000. It would have been better to have gone into day 2 with $35,000 or better than the $21,000 that I ended up with.

    Day 2 starts and I am put on a table where the majority of the players were over $40k in chips or all the low stacks were getting knocked out and new players coming to the table had over $40k in chips. Pocket Aces and Kings and Queens and 10’s were flying all over the table. Every other hand players were all in with their pocket pairs. And I was just sitting there with uneventful cards. Folded A 10s to a middle position raise and folded A J to a middle position raise within the hour that I was playing at this table. Then with the announcement of the break and the blinds going to go up I decided to call a raise from a middle position player with my AJ on the button. Flop missed again, middle position checks, I bet to $4000 and player goes over the top for $6000 more, of course I fold. Now down to $12,250, I make a UTG raise with AJ for $2200, everyone folds except the BB with $50k in chips. Flop hits K 9 3, BB checks and I move all-in for the remainder of my $10,050 in chips. BB thinks for a minute and then calls showing pocket 8’s and I get no help and am out of the tournament.

    I played my best poker from about 1pm to 11pm day one and after that it was all down hill from there. It would have helped if I could at least hit a half a dozen flops but I didn’t. I made one mistake and with the kind of cards and flops that I was getting that was enough to ruin my WSOP Dream. I should have played a little tighter on day 2, but the flops were much the same as what I saw on day one and the cards being dealt to me were much the same. I needed to be more mentally stronger than I was, to be able to deal with the card drought that I had. How do you mentally prepare? Keep thinking about the positives and do not dwell on the negative. There was so much negative that I kept dwelling on that I forgot about the positive. The negative was that I could not get cards or hit a flop and that I will never hit a flop in this tournament. The positive was that I built my stack to $37k with absolutely no cards or flops and I was in contention and made it to day 2 with $20k. That’s what I should have built myself on!!! Thank god they have a 2006 WSOP, cause I will make up for this lack of insight.

    Frank “The Force” Esposito

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    Nice report Frank! Wish you the best thru out the year & hope to see you at the final table WSOP 2006.
    2 Time Bracelet Winner



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