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Angle Shooter in Action

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  • Angle Shooter in Action

    This is more of seeing an "Angle Shooter" in Action than a trip report, but I thought this would be interesting to pass on.

    I was in a live $1 $2 Blind NLHE game at a local cardroom. I was not involved in either hand, but was at the table.

    I don't remember the action up to the river, but the river card made a third heart with no pair on the board. The pot only had about $10 in it. An early postion player bet $10. All folded to the "Angle Shooter" on the button. Angle Shooter (AS) tossed out 3 red chips and said "Raise (mumble) Fifteen" Dealer announces "Raise 15". Another player at the table states "That's an illegal raise". Someone asked "Is that a raise TO 15? or a raise OF 15?" Then almost everyone at the table talks at once. Previous to this the AS had always clearly announced his calls, raises, etc, and had handled chips and acted as an experienced player. During the "confusion" the AS announced he made an illegal raise, but since he had announced raise he was entitled to raise whatever he wanted to and tossed out a $50 raise. The AS also announced that this was between him and the original bettor, and the rest of us should just Butt-Out. The dealer called for the floor, and the actions were explained to the floorman. The oringinal bettor stayed calm through this entire episode, did not say a word, and just waited. The AS kept trying to interrupt people and get his $50 raise in. The floorman got very "stern" with the AS, and told him to quit doing that crapt, and stated that he made a $15 raise. The original bettor went ahead and called the $15. The AS showed the nut flush and won.

    Angle #2.

    Same game. Same AS. Different dealer and different "victim" Same floorman.

    This action is on the flop. An early position player bet $10 at the pot. Previous to this the AS had always kept his chips neatly arranged in stacks of 10, but suddenly as the AS is decideing what to do, his chips are all in a "pile-o-chips". He has a lot of $1 chips and its hard to see how much he really has. He keeps stacking them in stacks of 8 or 9 or 11 and then knocking them down and mumbling to himself. Finally he acts flustered and says "I'm allin". I have seen this guy handle chips neatly and quickly, so I know this is an act. All fold to the original bettor who asks "How much to call?" The AS says "Looks like $41 (mumble-mumble)" The dealer announces "$41 total". The bettor states "$41 total" and slides out $31 more. The AS is still playing with his chips and acting confused. The dealer burns and puts out the turn card. Original bettor says "run-em" and AS is silent, still playing with his chips. The dealer burns, puts the river out, and says "Show me a winner". The AS still does not have his chips stacked up yet and shows pocket 10's for an over pair. The original bettor mucks his cards and says "You win". Suddenly the AS has his chips stacked up neatly, and has found some red chips at the bottom of the pile. He announces that his total is $84 (surprise-surprise) and the bettor called his allin bet. The table pretty much erupts at the AS. The AS tells everyone to SHUT-UP. The Original bettor tells the AS "You're full of sh*t" and calls the floorman. The floorman comes and listens to the events, then award the AS the $41 the original bettor but out plus the pot. At this point the floorman told the AS "This is the second time tonight you've tried to pull that crapt. Do it again and you are out of my cardroom for a week." The AS put on the "what are you talking about" act.

    I left shortly thereafter. No need to be at a table with an as$hole, and he really did upset the mood of the table.

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    Interesting how it only takes one like that to ruin an otherwise good game.

    I saw a similar AS at the Commerce playing a 2-3 blind, 100 buy in NLHE game. He kept his chips all neatly stacked, until at some point he colored up and had two $100 chips...which are supposed to be in plain sight so others know how much money is in play. Anyway, the two big denomination chips "accidently" got dirtied in his stack of $1 chips, and the poor fool who raised the AS all-in was surprised to see the AS had actually $200 more than the raiser thought he had.

    The floorman was called, and in my opinion made a poor decision when he said the $200 in big chips were not intentionally hidden. The whole table argued, but the raiser lost all his stack to the AS. It changed the whole complexion of the game, unfortunately.



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